At least 45~50 days I think, my previous haircut. So when i go down for haircut kena diao by the 'Stylist'.....
Stylist :"Aiyo Leng Chai, why so long time no come oh ?! See, you hair 走咗樣囉. "
AhTak:"Aiya, no time lah .. so busy in the shop (watching drama and blogging) . "
Stylist :"Aiyo, no say like that one mah, no time also must maintain handsome mah~"
Ahtak :"ZZZzzzZZZzzz " ( malas want to layan, you know the auntie style lah ......)
Stylist :"..................... "

Then come out the style exactly the same with the one i had 2 months ago. I think it's time for me to do some changes to my hair lah. I had this style for almost 4 years already. Little bit of a something boring already.......

PS: Getting ready for tomolo, cause tomolo will be a big day for me. I will the doing the biggest dicision in these few months. So viewers, Wish Me Good Luck ok ?! Thank you and ありがとう.


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