FireWorks. Beautiful, and it sure reminds me alot of things passed me by. Most of them were good, but I can only remember those which is Bad.

Mei Mei, do you remeber we used to watch FireWorks together? First time is when In the first New Year we celebrate, and was In your house. Supposingly we are to watch FireWorks in town for better view, but then .... i stomach ache and have to rush back, I still can remember the dissapointment on your face. So sorry have to spoil the mood.
Then as I remember the last time we watch fireworks together is before you come to KL before me. With Ah Pang... Then I look so stupid in those clown hat.

What about New Year 2004/2005 ? Sorry viewers, we break up in New Year.
Was in my room, were on a fight, she actually wanted to break up with me long ago, yet she tried to not. Tomorrow is her birthday, Happy Birthday Mei Mei.

These fireworks are taken on 23/07/05 at the Launching of Malaysia Sales Carnival.
I was alone, wondering around to take some pictures of the celebs, and fireworks. The crowd are mad about the artist who were performing on stage. All of them are equiped withe digital cameras, phones with camera functions, those without all these hi-tech stuff would try to copy every image they saw and stamp in thier brains.

Suddently i felt the loneliness pouring out from myself. It's been a while that I thought was "OK" after break-up with her. Well, i am bloody hell sure that I am not "OK"....

Hey, get thru it, get a life, get real, get some girls !!!

PS: FYI, there is actually no much girls in my social circle. Even if i do ...... well, you know what would happen if you know who is AhTAk

Miss Amber Chia....
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Hi Amber, if you can see this. Really proud of you girl ! As, I am also a Sabahan ! Considering living in Tawau now, born in Lahad Datu.

Yesterday was in 1Utama taking pictures of models doing catwalks for some fashion shows. Look at you, are really different from other girls that's the the state (despite Chui Leng, She is cute too). Emm.. You eyes are even brighter that those Flash Guns.

This picture is what I can to contribe something as a support and wish you all best! Cool, Amber Chia !

I was at a bridal fashion show yesterday (15/0705), held in 1 Utama. Featuring Amber Chia, and some other models.hehehe. Any way, i was late for the show, i didnt really have alot of good shoots out of the event. But i think the guys organizing the events are great. As you see, the actually provide a small table/stage thing for the photographers to taking great pictures of the models doing the cat walk. For those who are late sorry for the limited "seat". And many of the "photographers" are just passerbys trying to catch a look of Amber and the others using "Digital Cameras", handphones, PDA, or what so ever that can record pictures. Great !!! love to see that !~

The Fishermans

The Fishermans
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Was taken few months back when i went back LD for Chinese Year ... (That's long long long ago la !). On the way from Ld to Tawau, half the members of the Wong family decided to have lunch in Semporna.And we did.

So when i finish and the rest were still eating, i walk around with my camera hoping for some 'nice ones'. And till i saw this these men on the boat. I am wondering what kind of work were they dealing with actually. Under the hot sun, you have no idea hot the Sun was. And the working hours, the enviorment. My God, i don't think i can last for 1 day, serious. So i quickly frame it out.Cik Ciak~. Done.

And i come back KL and start re-touching my pictures i found this. What a great difference. In 24hours air-coned office. Ikea chair, Starbucks, Powerbook somemore. I dun think they can even affort a washing machine. And still want to complain this lah, that lah...

Look people, if you still want to complain your life or work. Complain them to these fishermans, they will show you what is WORK !

Staircase To the Castle
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Almost Sunset.

Almost Sunset.
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Around 5 ~ 6 pm at the lake, behide the streets in "Old Papan"...


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