Was there kind of early ( 8.30am ) but there are people even earlier coz when I reached the place all the roadside already parked with Illegal Pakers ! Ouch ! Got money to buy expensive dogs, expensive accessories, expensive dog food but no money to pay for parking? Shame on you ...

" Eh, can walk faster or not ah ?! "

Met Liucas and his mom while having my super over-priced breakfast. He is cute, cut somehow he nad BattZhai just cant stop sniffing each other... -_-''' . We walk around the park that's full of dogs and dog, some games we did enjoy abit of it and guess what, Titoki and GiGi was there too !

With so many doggies around some cute and nice, some HUGE. I'm having hard time to decide which to take, so at the end, didnt take any !!! hahahaahah.

And I Batt Zhai found her long lost sister wei ~ The Color and shape are ALMOST ALIKE !!!

Was kind of busy last Saturday attending my friend's ROM ( Register on Marriage ) and Jocelyn's wedding dinner.

Wish you guys all the best !!!

Yeah ~~~ Just added 3Eggs's Wedding and Henry's Wedding pictures in my gallery. Feel free to have a look ~~


For RM200 less, and you hired another photographer with low picture quality, no Post Processing, no slideshow, no 100 4Rs, no 3Pcs 8Rs ?

I am disappointed as my skills and hard-work are not appreciated. And I got to choose between Attitude:Friend . Will you give me half price if I buy a car from you ?

Saw FireFox have released their latest version FireFox3, so fast fast download lah ~ Coz I always wanted to use browsers other than Safari, which so far I haven't seen anything better yet.

Did a quick look at surfed a few Blogs and sites. So far so good, the speed are as fast as FireFox claimed. The rendering and Image Loading/Display are split second faster than Safari, but please bare in mind that I have FiberOptic connection in the office. So if you guys out there are using Streamyx/Maxis Broadband, I don't think you'll notice anything different. Coz the slowness on surfing the net are mostly caused by slow internet connection from our local internet service provider, so no matter what browser you use and you'll still get slow browsing.

Anyway ...

After a quick test with the FireFox, I found out that :

1. I cant use the 3 Finger-Scroll for page navigation.
2. I cant use Ctrl+Arrow to jump between Tabs.
3. I cant use drag and drop on file uploading
4. The interface are still not my liking.
5. It's still very the Windows

I will stick to Safari ...

Passion:Ego ?

For so many times I tried to ask :

Are you enjoying Photography or enjoying buying more gears ?

Are enjoying others stated that you have nice pictures ? Or you enjoy more when others envy the expensive gears you have ? Or izzit me that's envy everyone else that have better gears than me ?

Lately I'm having problem sorting and editing large amount of pictures ( we are talking about 1000+++ pictures ... ) on my 15" Screen MBP, resolution at 1440 x 900. I've found that I am continuously squinting my eyes alot more than normal ... So I think it's time to get a bigger screen with Higher resolution to relieve my eyes abit

First choice ofcoz is the Apple Cinena Display lah ...

Priced at RM2499 for a 20" With 1680x1050. I will buy 2 if I am charging RM5k for a Wedding Job. But too bad, I am not. Well got to look for other alternatives, that fits my need and budget. Before this I have a very bad experience in The Curve and Cineleisure ( more story here ... ), then ofcoz I've not that stupid to go back there again lah. I head to Digital Mall this time, smart, I thought ...

Due to lack of budget, I need to get a LCD by using 0% Installment Plan that you can see everywhere ~ That's what I thought and you'll found out why later in the story...

So I was in the Top Floor looking for a ViewSonic vx1962wm, 1 of the few that have 1680x1050 on a 19". But bad news is that the shop can only offer me the 0% Installment Plan if my purchase is more than RM1000, and on top of that, they will charge me 5% on top of the final price before they put into the installment plan. Abit confused ? Nvm, I explain to you ...

Say you but a LCD at RM1000 and want to have a 0% installment Plan, that will be:

RM1000 + 5% = RM1050 , then RM1050 ÷ 12 months

Why is that ? I dunno. But since the bank so nice offer me to pay back the amount within 12 months time. Ok loh. I look for a higher end LCD that cost more than RM1k loh. You might say, " Why dun get the LCD with something else that will cost total Rm1K ?", coz I can't think of what else I wanted ... So ... 24" LCD ~ Which I can use utilize it for watching Movies also, not bad lah ~ But you know what ? The shop so big there, only have some Samsung 24" LCD, the rest are all 22" !!! WTF ?!?!? And all the 22" are less than RM1K !!! KNS ... waste my time ! So walk out of the shop pissed off, try to see if any other shop have any ViewSonic or LG or BenQ 24" .... And Surprisingly the WHOLE DIGITAL MALL dun sell ViewSonic or LG 24" ! Great !!! Digital Mall, my foot !

Just before I decided to walk out of that lousy place to LowYat, there's small shop at the corner that have a BenQ 24" on display , so bet my luck before I leave. But guess what.. " Sorry sir, everything here can be 0% Installment planned , but not LCD "

KNN !!! TNS !!! MFH !!!

Fast fast walk out Digital Mall before I'm too pissed and burn then place ... nia sing ...

Lowyat !!! Best Place for to get your Digital Gadget ! I should have go there earlier lah ~ So happily look around with my GF and try to search for some 24" LCD, they do have alot on display and available stock ready for cash and carry, CASH AND CARRY ~ Yeah ~~~ No installment plan available for those who are selling LCD, and those not selling LCD all have 0% Installment Plan sticker big big at the door ~

Pissed enuff ? Not yet ... If you dun want to be entertain by some stupid salesman and want to have all information about the product you are interested, where you go ?

Smart ~~~ Why bother going all the way to for maximum Jam and super overpriced car park right ?? Dell lah ~ Just a few click on your computer screen and you will get your order delivered to you door step ! That's the way of shopping lah ~ kekeke. So i order the lower end DellTM E248WFP 24" .

5 mins after I clicked the confirm button, I got a email from Dell , saying my order accepted, will get another email to inform me ones the order is confirmed. Huh ??? Order accepted but not confirm, got to wait for confirmed ? hhmm .... But somehow they stated on the email saying " Delivery is estimated to take place between 5-7* working days (Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore) and 8-12* working days (East Malaysia) " ... wait loh ... what to do ?


Then the Next Day got the next mail from Dell saying my order has been accepted ( .. -_-''' ), but got wait for another 2~3 working days for the bank to settle the 0% Installment Plan, but I thought that's just 2~3 mins thing if done in the shop ? ... nvm lah ... I wait ... So thats 2~3 working days + 5~7 days = 7 ~10 days till I get the LCD, Now, mark the date, it's 12 June 2008.

And today, 17 June 2008. I got another email from Dell saying the payment have been settled, and will get another email for esimated arrival date of the LCD to my door step. Nice ...

But out out curiosity, I go and check my order status from Dell's website, and ...

Found out that the LCD will arrive on my door step on 23 June 2008. Which is Next monday... And according to the Order Status: " Kindly Note that the Estimated Delivery Date is subject to chance without notice ". In another words, " You will get your LCD if you see it on your doorstep on the estimated arrival date, if you don't see it, means it's not there yet, you can complain to us but you still won't get your LCD is you dun see it on your door step on the estimated arrival date. "

So I am telling myself. Work hard, get more jobs, and no more 0% Installment Plan anymore ....

What's better than getting a call from Singapore and heard that over the phone ?

Was in SG documenting a MSN/Blog friend's wedding, Sandy and Chris Wedding. Lovely couples there are I am well treated by them and all their friends and family. Everyone reminds me to go shopping in Orchard Road after then knew that it's my first time in SG ... -_-''' . How I wish I get the payment in SGD after hearing that ... hahahahaha.

Documenting their Actual day was so much the fun as this couple I tell you, Cute and Funny to the Max ! their friends also ... Funny to the max. And guess who I met during the Wedding ? CarCar ! Which is kind of expected also lah, coz CarCar introduce Sandy to me, then interested in my pictures, then booked me to be the Wedding Photographer ~

It's not just that payment after a Wedding Job that make me happy. Every touching moments, every kisses made, every tears of happiness from their parents, all the new friends I met, all the care ( " Tak, remember to eat yah !" ) is more that money can buy...

Happy Birthday to you ~~~
Happy Birthday to you ~~~

Happy Birthday to BB ~~~~
Happy Birthday to you ~~~~~~~~

I will remember the time that we've gone thru, storing all the pictures when I go out for shoot, working your best to keep all the pictures in you. Thanks for serving me so well, you did you best. Rest in Peace ....

So how ? Tomolo is going to SIngapore liao and I am still here blogging...Infact I will be on the bus another 5 hours from now...

Nothing much to worry about that I told myself, since

.I have Google Earth in my MBP
. Singapore MRT Map printed.
. Bus Ticket confirmation Pirnted
. Passport Readied 2 months ago
. Hotel Reservation by client printed out
. Camera Gears Checked
. 2 DVD sleeved for the Client's slideshow
. iPod and PSP fully charged and loaded with entertainments
. Exchanged Singapore Dollar ( Why Ringgit so the small now ah ? )
. HardDrive space free to store and process the job's picture in Singpore
. Name Card printed
. Fully loaded Malrboro ( Heard I can only bring 19 sticks pass the Custom )

What else ah ???

Now my most worry is to find a place to smoke in Singapore...

June is my girlfriend and My Birthday month! Yay ! To celebrate this auspicious occasion, le-moments.com is having a special promotion for all its faithful readers, friends, and supporters.Any couple that books and reserve an ‘Actual Wedding Day’ photography package in June 2008 will be entitled to enjoy a special offer from le-moments.com.

Fast fast come get the promotion rate and fast fast go tell your friends/relatives/neighbors/classmates/colleague that are going to get married soon ~~~

Nikkor 85mm f1.4. Got the chance to use the lens during a wedding assignment yesterday ( 3rd June, also my birthday ), I think I like the lens ...

Image unedited, straight out from camera, just resized and put my watermark on it.

Image view at 100%, original size on my screen ...

I think image can be better if i set the ISO to 100 instead of 640. Well, as usual lah, anyone kind enuff to make any sponsorship to me for new gears recruitment ? kekekekeke


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