Last went to swim since I finished at 8PM for the whole week.... and dun feel like staying home, so i went swimming.
I remember the last time i went swimming is with Edward. He had 75m and i had 175m. 4 months ago.
And the lasssssst time i seriously go swimming with Steve i can go as far as 1800m. 3 years ago.
What the ..... hahahahaha

And so ... last night. AhTak went swimming again, Pelangi Damansara.
Almost cramp, in the middle of the pool. No one around to save me, cannot make phone calls since I am in the middle of the pool. Yeah, and luckily I managed to smartly put my right leg (the one almost cramp) to relax mode.

Really need to be more serious with this exercise and diet things... YES I MEAN IT.

Look at this ladies and gentlemen.!!!

Yes !! No kidding !!!


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