See the guy wearing White t-Shirt in the picture, name is Wah Chai, or Lau Wah we call him.

Remember I told you guys that he would be going to UK soon. Yes, depature around 12PM today (14/09/05). After succesfuly got a visa to stay in UK for 9months. He will be flying today and reaching UK 12hours after in post this blog.

I knew this guy for hell a long time already but we get more closer recently. As we participated in most of the activities. Thanks this guy for killing my time on my off-days, yeah right....hahahahaha.It's a revenge ! I am so sure about that, no argument, the end ! hahahaha.

Anyway, I am not going to write a novel for this guy here.

Brother, no matter where you go, UK kah, USJ kah, just bring up your MSN and will see us.


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