Yup, if you are a Malaysian and you had a chance to get on a plane before, you should know where I am now. KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur) yeah ~~~ Thanks to Edward who made all the effort to send me all the way from Petalling Jaya to KLIA. The whole trip took around 1 hour, and it's very boring along the trip, since both of us are tired and sleepy already. Thanks to Edward. And as reaward, he got a set of Value Meal for free.

Well. I am damm bored here in the airport. How i wish some international chick will drop by and have a nice chat with me now.

Maybe I really miss home so much... it's only another 4 hours to get on the plane, but it's feels like 4 more years before I can have a nice breakfast back home. Actually I just been home few months ago, but there will not be "enough"...

Just for all of you guy's information. I originally was born in Lahad Datu, small little town that dun even have a name in Google World, what a pity. My hometown is the best place to be after retirement. Why retirement you will ask. Coz everything was so slow and relax over there. No one runs, virtually no traffic jam if you compare to KL, no polution, and for me myself, the best part of my life is there...

I never like KL, serious. But it's not the people here. Almost every KL people i knew here treat me so good. Like Cindy, my ex-manager for my first-till-now-job, Ah Fai, Edward, Keneth, Edward, Ah Boy, Ah Beh.... then recently Kok Yuen, Steven, Ah Wai....more recently everyone in PhotoKaki like Eric, Adrian, PCLong, AndyGoh, AndyWong, Ah Wong, Melvin, Keeny, jtkl, and Suenz .... Sorry if I missed out anyone, and please comment if i did missed you out from the list. hehehehe. Getting old already loh....

Thanks for all the taking care of AhTak all the while ... but you guys gonna miss me so much which i wont be around for 8 days... heheheheh. I hope that I did somehow brought some fun when I was around ~

Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all of you guys ~~~





Will be flying off from KLIA back to Tawau in another 14HOURS .....
So miss my home,
so miss my family,
I just want to go home now...

HHmm.... Dun think so lo....

Last night me and Ah Lei, and Hon Zhai (Jimz) and Xiao Mei (Jowie) went to Avenue K and take pictures ~ modeling shoot this time.. Bring everything I've got and they cost me almost 10KG... Damm...

I'm lost ....

Guidance... Faith... Destiny...

Seen It, Been There, Thought That, Snap It !

Dare not to say that I am a photographer, since my pictures are not any better than anyone else's. I seen pictures that's million's time better. People telling me that they've been around the world so many times.

Here I just want to share what I have seen...
Where I have been to....
What's my thought for it....
I snap it down and share with you all ....
Hope you guys enjoy the stay here........

When everything is frozen in time,
when we went into the deepest sorrow,
when others might be having fun,
when you say the last good bye.....

Beat This !!!

All the while I have the best Photographer as my friend and I dont know. See the guy in the picture ?
He is handholding a camera at the following setting... ( What we can see in the tiny LCD on the camera)

-Shutter at 1/10
-iso at 400 maybe
click here if you are not sure what these are

My understanding is .... no one can handheld and camera set at shutter speed at 1/40 or less... and this guy is doing it at 1/10...

It's always great to have bunch of idiot friends shitting around, beers laying around, and fighting for what songs we should play for the night... I love Jazz music, or maybe lounge, Ah Lei anything will do, Edward have no sense to music at all, so don't bother, and Khin will like that Top10 in FM98.8. HHhmmm..... Different people will have totally different taste. Different taste then come differet opinion which lead to argument and maybe fighiting at the end, if you don't know where to stop, you got what I mean ?

Friendship doen's comes easy,
And not easy to keep too........

iPhoto is good.. for simple editing and management only. If you think you are PRO or REALLY THAT GOOD, please stop reading, this article may cause serious damage to your "Love for Windows"... or some call it "Love for IBM Compatible"... Or some call it "Normal Computer"... WTF, what does "Normal Computer" means ah ???? I am not an English Teacher nor Language Specialist... but the term "Normal Computer" ( which they refer to Windows Platform Computer) really make me sick and panas....
Anyway ....

Hi All ~ This is me lo~ (Dedicate to seetmui also, hehehe)

Remember that I have talked about iPhoto in 1 of my ealier blog ? Apple came out a new one few days back. Is the iPhoto06, 1 of the software bundled together in the iLife 06 software suit, for Mac Only. But today I will just talk about iPhoto, and maybe later for the rest of the softwares in iLife06. No time mah, me busy man mah, have to take alot of pictures to keep you viewers stay in ahtak.blogspot.com mah.. hehehe
I think alot of Windows users will either use the Windows XP built-in picture viewing features or some will use ACDsee as the picture viewer and to manage thier picture files too, where I also use ACDsee back in the Windows time. Pretty powerfull and easy to use I think, but that's before AhPang (Zero5phh) show me iPhoto on his PowerBook.

A good thing bout iPhoto is that it's the combination of ACDsee ( to allow fast viewing of picture files), and the traditional pictures management, where user have to determine where and how to store thier files using folders and hell alot of sub-folders. That sounds ok if you 1 or 2 hundred pictures. what if you are like me or L B ?
see the clear area on the top left hand corner in the picture? This is how easy you can have all of the pictures be sort as how ever you want. Theve a master library to store all the pictures there, and when you want to have a copy of that picture in anyof the album, iPhoto will asign a shortcut of the original file and put that in the album. No double copy of files!!! Yeah ~~~~ So that I can have 1 master copy and few "shadow files" in different folder. Some of you might say:" Ceh, i can do the same in Windows lah, just make a shortcut only mah, my nenek also know how to do lah~", yes, I agree that maybe anyone in this world will already know how to make short cut of files. But say, if you want to copy or burn or email the whole folder of pictures where there are some "shortcuts" to your friends ? Nah, see, the Windows is still not smart enough ler, the stupid computer will copy the shortcut only, not the original file. And when your friend open that up is his computer, the "shortcut" will not be able to go back to the original file which is still in your computer. Got that ? If you think you already lost here, please email me and let me know, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
But the iPhoto very smart ler. When ever "shortcuts" in anyof the albums in iPhoto are being copy, the iPhoto will automatically retrieve the "original" file and let you copy that.hehehehe.

Above is one of the new features in iPhoto, Full screen editing. Yeah ~~~ But please, all my beloved viewers. iPhoto is only got a little bit of touch up only, If you cant merge pictures here, you cant change people's faces to anothere here also, cannot do frames also, no noise reduction, no lighting effects, if you NEED all this ( I hope you know the difference between WANT and NEED) go buy Adobe Photoshop CS2 (RM3xxx) or PhotoShop Elements for half the features(RM 3XX). Wah !!! What? Expensive ah ? Ofcoz ! you want PRO mah, want change people's head to other mah, pay loh ~ Dun want pay ah? Dun use loh ~ hahahaha, simple. ( Damm, I can feel my LanC-iness already, hehehehe)
note to L B: everthing in the iPhoto06 is at least 2 times faster than the iPhoto05

But iPhoto does let to do color corrections, contrast controt, exposure, leveling, curves, red-eye reduction, color temperature, tilting, and cropping, and resizing for email ( direct send to Mail). Not good enuff ah ? Then I think you should come to me and ask for a quotation for Adobe PhotoShop CS2... No I am serious (hahahahahaha).
Here is a sample I play with iPhoto:


I did a Crop, Leveling, push a little of Contrast, tuned the White Balance, and Saturation also... Better ? Good enuff to do a 4R print and put in on my desk already lah ~~~

Do let me know if you want to know more bout iPhoto or Mac...

Some idiots happened to be in Avenue K KL last night ....

Sorry ah all viewers, take sooooo long to make some pictures for you guys.. hehehe

This is one of the picture taken last night. I went to KLCC with Edward and Lei around 12AM last night, yes, midnight. Since Edward just got his D70s, which is "a little better" than my D70. Me and Lei decided to bring him out for a ride ~ YEah Ha ~! And his outcome .... I havent see it yet.

its "3333" already !!!

Thanks to all of my readers around the world to spend so much of the effort to visit my blog and leaving some cooments which already inspired me alot... and ofcoz to take this number to me .... Thanks......

It seems that it's exactly what I am... Is that good or bad ah ?

Was so boring in the office today... and so I make myself stupid. I key in "ahtak" in google and see if it will come out something stupid..... and yes it did.

...it show me ahtak.blogspot.com...

AntA:"Ui brother you sure want to go in there ah ??? No thing one lah ~~ come back lah ~!!!"

AntB:"You go in before meh ??? never try never know what ~~, luckily you are not Christopher Columbus, or else people will still think that the Earth is square..."..

If you no mood today, this is for you .... look at the creation of god, and you'll see everyone have got his/her own path in live. Things do get fucked up somethimes, but hey, get up and walk on, believe that you are here somehow for a reason, maybe just that you havent noticed. Be tough till the time comes.

If you good mood today, this is for you... Remember to appreciate whoever and whatever you have now. They are the ones the bring happiness and cherish your everyday life, and I don't think you came for free. Work out and and sure you'll enjoy what came after deep shits... This i truely believe !

If you bad mood today... This is for you also. Download the pictures and make it your wallpaper. Look at the pictures untill you can find some words out of it. The idea is that you don't call anyone out to share your bad mood and make everyone in the world bad mood also. hahahaha. Nah, just kidding lah, cheer up ler ~ Good mood also want to eat, bad mood also want to eat, why don't eat in a good mood ? hahahaha !

Expecting this new software suite from Apple .... Looks good and looks easy for me do blog......

More Info bout iLife 06

As usual lah... when i reached office early in the morning, and go to Apple's Site...

....... What The ...... !!! I thought i just got a new PowerBook 2 months ago, and now..... DAMM !!! Aiyo... die lah like this... all money gone.... haih....

Anyway. This is the first ever Apple Machine that runs on Intel processer, which personally I hate it. Had some really bad experience with it ...How ever...

Thing is that Mac/Apple have finally shift to Intel, after telling the world that Intel sucks... Then now they shift.
And Apple claim that the new machine are.....
What to do ? Save some good money and buy new one lo ~~~ It's the Computer edge what, as soon you paid at the counter, the product is consider obsolete. Dun blame, is your own problem. I seen some customer that goes...:" I wait first, the Apple coming out something 2 months later" Then when the new product came, the same customer will tell you. :" See told you they are coming out something new, how I wait another 4 months for the new one ~~"...and end up didnt bought anything for years...

More info for the new MacBook Pro

Yeah ~~~ Picture come out already ~~~

Since it was raining almost eveyday non-stop after i bought the new gears, so I have decide to take pictures for the flowers INDOOR !

So last night after a short nap till 12:40am in the middle of the night. I took out the flash with full charged batts and snap on the camera, head to the park in the Condo. Windy, chilly and little bit lonely. Look at the little flowers standing tall in the wind, and I found what I am looking for.
Having some hard time thou, since there got no roof to bouce the flash !!! So how ?? Die loh, ta pao and go home ??? no ... twist the brain abit and walk around the small taman...I found some tiang lampu and walls that seperates the planting aread... which i can use them to bounce, smart Ass ! hehehehe. And the result come out exactly how i want it to be, with a little bit of focus. Try to focus the tip of the flower bud in total darkness, you go and try lah ~

Then when can feel the rain coming, i plucked 2 buds back home to shoot. Ok ok , my bad, not suppose to do that I know. Now next time loh ~~~

This one using bounce flash from top, camera angle around 10degree and flower facing camera. Cant imagine ?.. eeh... Steady the flower with a clip, bend it down till it is facing the camera, then tilt the flash facing the ceiling, and say cheeeesses~ Don't ask me about the ant there, I have no idea where the hell it come from. I just saw it only when I open up picture in PhotoShop, it was not in the LCD when I do playback.

This one senang ler ~ Tilt the flower up-right to face the ceiling Twist the flash facing the fall benhind the flower. Then sure you'll get an under-exposed shoot. Coz the bounced back flash can only reach the back part of the flower. You can either set the flash to higher power or... PhotoShop is our best friend ~~ hehehe

Just for your information... pictures in this entry only went in PhotoShop for frames and some level ajustment.

Sorry about the delay of pictures posting ler..... and also haven't master out the new lens and flashes too. Hopefully can get lot better when i reach Sabah in CNY....

Too bad I don't have this button built in within me....
How nice if I can have this function. I have too much of "files (things or peoples or events or incidents)" that I wanted to delete from my "HardDrive(my brain)".

Too many names that been thru my life, which they used to meant alot to me, used to say it loud after "I Love ....". Exactly 1 year, didnt say any names after "I Love....".

I knew that I could do better by then, but I didn't.
I knew that I'll regret for the rest of my life, yes I do.
I knew that life would be different, yes it is.
I knew that it won't be easy to carry on, no it wasn't.

Effort is not helping at all, it got worse.
I tried everthing I can trying to forget this name.
The name that occupy most of my SMS,
the name that I call out most,
the name I used to missed everynight,
the name ..... reminder of sweet memories,
that I still can't forget...

Can I just DELETE it ? .. no... hell no....
I wish I could just ......

This is from my colleague...happened 10 mins ago...

C = Customer
K = My colleague

It goes like this .....

C: Is that the iPod cheaper in Japan ?
K: Eh, maybe ... but I am not sure.
C: oh.....
K: .........
C: And ah.... the new BMW support iPod right ?
K: Yah, the new BMW comes with connection kit.
K: What car are you driving ? A BMW ?
C: no no no , hehehe , I am driving a Proton Wira.

Then you ask for what ??? for fun ah ???

What the .......... make some sense lah !!!

WOW !!!!

Before I call it a day ... something which means alot to me, and I want to share with you guys.

Being the winner of Best of December in Photokaki.com..Click on the link to see other winners.... All damm good.

Best Of December 2005

Now ... I must start taking more good pictures ... hehehehehe

Yah, where are the pictures ??? Shit you lah AhTak !! Liar !!! No pictures ?!??!

Well, just got everything that are suppose to be in my camera but they wasn't there and which I can finally get them packed into my camera bag!!!

1. Tamron SP90 Di Macro 1:1 ... see the " 1:1 " at the back? That means 1:1 ration, what ever the size of the object that you are taking will be the same ration appear on the film.

2. Nikon SB-600 SppedLite. Yeah, really practically usefull for my kind of photography. But since I wll be going back to Lahad Datu for Chinese New Year, every relatives I have will be expecting alot of portrait shoots of them from me...Since I have the "largest" camera (bigger than my dad's film SLR) in the family. So this flash will be very usefull then, to bounce the flash off the ceiling and have a more balanced flash of the "model"... also i can set the Flash as a off-camera remote flash. Which is to get more flexible and creative lighting on my macro and abstract pictures.... hmmm hmm hmmm...

3. Some rechargeble batts.

4. New Backpack to fit:

1 X Nikon D70
1 X Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm
1 X Tamron 70-300mm
1 X Tamron SP90mm Macro
1 X Nikon SB-600 SpeedLite
1 X EL-M charger
1 X GP 4 Piece AA chager
4 X GP AA 2500 Batt
1 X Apple PowerBook 15"
1 X 65W Charger for PowerBook
1 X iPod Nano
2 X East Touch Mags
1 X Nike T-shirt
1 X House Key

Total cost: almost 10KG


Sorry about the picture ah .... no time oh....... and was raining thise morning....

Wait for 1 more day please... cause tomolo I am getting some new gears for my camera.... I am expecting some better pictures from there....

cant wait already... so gan chiong.... hehehehheh

Forget bout the bad things, the sad things, the unhappy things....

here are some pictures I really hope all my readers will like them.......enjoy.

First thing in the morning....

A girl came in the shop and ask me the number for Apple Malaysia, and i asked why...She told me some stupid guy from some other shop ask her to call Apple Malaysia, for her lost iBook.
So being a nice guy and helpfull salesperson, I told her what she can do other that calling the wrong PLACE and get wrong answers.

1, Make a Police report, eventhou they wont do much, I mean don't, no I mean cant...
2, Call up Apple Care to let them know you lost the ibook. This is to hold all service parts from being send to the stolen iBook, if the thieve is stupid enuff to send it back to any Apple Store.
3, Get some money to get a new one.

Sounds Lan C do I ? Or you tell me what can I do, I lost 2 POWERBOOK, POWERBOOK AH !!!, 2 POWERBOOK last year, and what do I get from there? Lan C by the Police, everyone telling me that I am so fucking stupid to let 2 PowerBooks run away from me. Please dun say I have no heart, as I see no mercy when I lost my PowerBook too... Dont'a blame me, blame the society, blame the thieve, blame to the stupid you....

Then later in the afternoon:

A girl came in with her mom and a Green iPod mini in her hand.
She handed over the iPod mini and told me that she drop it nto some river...
I saw some water droplets on inside the LCD screen already and some little scratches on the casing..bad

She ask if she can have it fixed or repaired and I told her no to be honest, since Apple wont approved that, it's the user who drop in into the river, not the iPod went into it. Damm.... I saw her eyes are getting reddish when i told her how much to repair it, and even worse she was already crying when I told her that Apple are not making anymore of the mini. I really can understand how bad she feels, but , I think it will be fine after a while. Yes I know she saved up for 2 years to get it, but what can I do lah ??? No one kasihan me when my PowerBooks kena stolen also what !~


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