Months ago, I left a box of Cigarette at the Kopitiam opposite my office where I usually go for Coffee and Smoke. Didn't bothered to go back that time coz I remember only about 4~5 sticks left in the box. The next morning, as usual when I visit the, the girl at the counter pass me RM0.50 change along with the box of cigarette I left there the day before. I took the cigarette and left the RM0.50 for tips.

Today, as usual I had coffee and smoke break at the Kopitiam, then I left the box of cigarette again. But this time I made a U-Turn coz the box of cigarette is BrandNew, well 1 stick I had along with the coffee. When I return to the shop, I saw a guy look at me while having his hand in is pocket with a cigarette box - look - alike object . So I thought:" Damm, got to get another box .... " . But what surprised me is that the Girl at the counter screw that guy and ask him to return the box of cigarette to me. Unwillingly the guy took out the box of cigarette from the right pocket of his apron, and another 2 sticks from his mate standing beside him. I took the box, left the '2 sticks' for them, and will never go back to the shop again.

Got this from another blog ...

Girl in tears :" Why am I different from others .... ? "
Old man : "Why do you have to be like others ? "

Think about it guys.


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