Was a very tiring weeked end, how's yours ?

Had basketball session with Maxx and friends in Huylu Kelang on friday night, after ... I also dunno how long already. So as usual loh, here pain there pain after the game, I guess I am really getting old liao nad better be-careful with what I can and can't do. But who cares, life's short ~~!!!

After the tiring game and reached home around 1:30AM, get to sleep after watching Bourne Identity ( thats 2:30AM), and prepare myself for the shoot with Cassie on the following day.

So I woke up around 6AM, the pick up Cassie in SUNGAI LONG and reached Putrajaya around 745AM, yes, it's THAT early. Less talking, more pictures ...

more pictures coming soon with other location and outfit. Thanks to Lurker and Max and Cassie for making the shoot happens !

Yup ~ After so long didn't shoot any portraits, last weekend finally got the chance toe refresh my skills and learn more skills. At least I know how he vy is the Reflector now.

At first it was just me and Lurker wanted to go Gabai for some landscape and slowshutter training. End up with a nice models and forgot about the landscape liao .. heheheh.. In total of 10 photographers and 1 models shooting furiously and laughters all around. Can't wait till the next outing ...

Sorry for the nose blood on your table ... hehehehe


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