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Today we are going to have an interview with the beloved AhTak, the guy known to Love Photography so much that he can lay down on the floor anytime for a picture. Today is his last day in his current office, where he will be starting his new job as a Technical Support in his new office...

X: AhTak.BlogSpot.Com

A: AhTak himself

X: So... How's your breakfast ?

A: I just reach office lah, you want join me for breakfast now?

X: Why not ? On me !

A: Well thanks dude !!!

And the 2 idiots went breakfast and return after 1 and a half hour ~

A: Shall we start ?

X: We should have been started 1 hour ago.... duh ..

A: HAHAHAH, ok loh.. what you want to know ?

X: Hmm... what do you think about life ? not more 500 words.

A: What lah you, I can make it less than 5 ! It's 3E. Economy, Enjoy, Enough. HEHEHEHE.

X: Too short wei ~ Explain abit lah

A: Diu .. short want complain, long want complain.... 3E, with the minimal amount of money to Enjoy as much as everyone can and I think that's Enough. Like have a YamCha session with friends and laugh your ass out loud all night long, and that to me is great. Like...having dinner at home with the love ones, share more time together, rather than stucked in the jam or queue for the table and get frustrated and end up an unpleasent dinner, waste time waste money waste mood. Life can be simple and happy, and that depends how how you look at your own life and how would you want to live, no?

X: And ... Anything else ? I mean takkan you life happy happy everyday right? What about when you have your bad time?
A: Hhmm... Bad times, actually I hardly have bad times. I think I am a optimistic guy ler, won't get into moody or bad time easily, as no matter what is the situation, I will try to think of the good side. It won't be any good if you think of that bad anyway, why not just think of the good and wish for the best ? Life is short, I am just trying to squeeze everysingle happiness possible.

X: Interesting... And what about...

A: okok ... time's up. Got to go serve customer, we make another appointment ok ? hehehe, thanks for the interview and breakfast ~

X: eehh.... ok then. Good Luck to you in your new job and future, pleasure to meet you.

A: Pleasure is mine, I have been a great fan of AhTak.Blogspot.Com. Keep up the Good work !

So ... You guys have any idea how important is a Saturday Evening ? I bet you all don't know coz you have never missed any Saturday Evening due to work... Well, yesterday I spent a great evening with Jacq and her friend (Claudia&Jeffery). First I was sitting alone in Starbucks Blogging after work at 4PM while Jacq was meeting up with Claudia for some girls talk ( talk bad things about boy friends lah ofcoz ... hehehe ), to update some news among them gua ... Then after that we quick quick go home to drop my LapTop and get the LaoC Canon Ixus60, and OFF WE GO !!! Fun Fair !! hohohoh...

Grabbed some pictures right at the entrance before I scream my lungs out, hohohoh. Saw some photographers shooting out around the Fun Fair with their SLR, and too bad I didnt brought mine ler ... Thought of borrowing from them, but all Canon. :(

This one REALLY KICK ASS that you can easily pee/vomit anytime if you jsut had your dinner. SpinSpinSpin RoundRoundRound ... Actually not that bad if compared with the TimeSquare one. But still, Looking at the flood from 2~3 storey and then go down all the way down faster than the Monorail !!! WAH !!!! GAO MENG AH !!!!

RoundRoundRound ~~~~ Vomit till your GallBladder also can come out. I think, most of the machines in the FunFair were build is 2 basic/main principle: Spin Till You Vomit and Go So High Till Pee Come Out, it's either one.

One of my Favorite, what do you think ? I think the picture would be alot better if I were using my SLR for the better Dynamic Range so I can get more details in the pictures, and the spot light at the back, dont you think it's very the distracting ?~

Ampang ...

Last night I went to Ampang for 九皇爺誕 held in Ampang, which is an event held ever 9th of the 9th month in Lunar Canlerder. Is a very big event/celebration/activity here in West Malaysia, that I havent heard of it when I was back in Sabah. So, my gf want to have a visit there and as my friends and colleugues are telling me that I should go for some pictures, and I went.

The entrance to the temple. The amount of people there last night was "alot", that "alot" that I have to move inch by inch from the main entrance to the inner hall where I took this picture. Also I have waited about 5 mins to wait for the moment where less people will be infront of my camera... And alot of sweat.

A kind of incense sticks. For the chinese, there's variaty of shapes and sizes for the incense sticks. And that in the picture, cost me RM10 to wish me and my family good luck and health and wealth. The red paper will be written with my name on it so the recipient will know who to bless.

Another kind of Good Luck Wishing tools. In chinese, there are many ways/tools/believes that can bring good luck and wealth. I am not a Buddist nor Christian, but as a Chinese I have learn some tradition Chinese Belives like, Dont look back if anyone say your name out in the middle of the night, don't say it out if you smell anything at night, don't simply shh shh anywhere you like (this I kena before, and been sick for weeks/months ), don't wistle at night, dont open umbrella inside the house, and alot more ... 寧可信其有 ( Rather To Believe There Is ).

I think the people who make these cakes are very the Sai Lei ! Comes in varies of shapes and sizes. Normally they will have the shapes of some 'Holly Animals' like Turtles lah, Fishes lah, Pigs lah, and others, too bad that I am in a rush so I can't take pictures for all of them, but maybe in the future ok? hehehe. I am just wondering if these cakes still taste good after all the heavy coloring and those gold color paint on them.

菊花( Chrysanthemum Plants ). A very popular kind of flowers you'll see in Chinese. You'll see them in Yeo's can drinks, you'll see them in Flower Rings in funerals, you'll see them in grave yards, you'll see them in paintings and maybe gardens. They too have alot of colors ler, I've seen yellow, white, blue and purple. Lovely flowers they are ...

YO !!! All Mac users and Mac user wannabes and Mar users soo to be ~ Good news for all ! Apple have just released new models for the MacBook Pro where all the MacBook Pro now will be using new Intel Core 2 Duo processors and with some new spec upgrades !!!

Some new features will be:

.New processors, Core2Duo 2.16Ghz for 15" and 2.33Ghz for 17"
.New RAM slots, as you can go till 3GB now !!! Ouch !!!
.New 6x double-layer-burning SuperDrive !!!
.New Hard Drives, 120GB ? 160GB ? or ...200GB at max !!!
.New ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB !!!

Go here for full specs, while I go work my ass out for some cash ~

Why Mac ?

Picture taken with my PowerBook Keyboard Back-Lit on. So far ... Havent seen anything like this on and PC yet, which the Mac has this since 2003 .. hohohooho. What are the designers in PCs doing huh ???

Dunno ler, after switching from Windows to Mac for so long, I 'still' love using the Mac, Infact I don't see any reason for me to switch back to a PC ( 'IBM-compatible', 'Window-Based', 'Normal COmputer', 'Standard Computer', any other names you all can think of?).

For softwares...

  • .I can use Microsoft Office to do quotations, documents, and see PowerPoints ( Which I prefer to use Keynote to creation presentations, and Page to do documents and Layouts)

  • I can use iPhoto/iViewMedia to view and manage my picture files. While creating a webpage from all the pictures I've got is jsut a few clicks, more clicks ofcoz if you are more creative.

  • .iTunes to organize and play my songs. To rip MP3 and to burn Audio CD. And Album Art is so cool ...Winamp ??? What is that ? Windows Media ?? Give me a break...

  • .Quicktime that support WMA, MPEGs , DIVX to view all my videos ... and Real Player ofcoz of thier 'Special' File format.

  • .AdiumX that allows MSN ,Yahoo and ICQ (for those who still live in caves) all together under 1 software. And not forgeting Skype that can support Video.

  • .Safari for surfing and blogging ler. Some users prefer FireFox for some reasons. That's up to the user's like like. I love using Safari for the user interface that's simple and clean, and the speed also, fast ...

  • And what else ? Dun tell me about 3D software that you might use it only twice in a life time, accounting softwares or engineering software that you 'just feel like' having it in your computer, so some other sofftware that you don't even know what's the purpose/usage. Be fair, what kind of software one will use in a computer? Generally....

    ShortNote: I think I want to continue the Hardware part and other some other day .... too long and kind of busy lately ...

    In a City that's not so big ... Not as big as I thought ...

    Picture 2

    When I was a kid, I used to have a thought that, leaving my hometown and cari makan in a Big City like those shown on TV is something really cool. Wearing nice suits lah, leather shoes lah, nect tie lah, everyday go to work like James Bond liddat, wasn't it something damm cool ~ Yes ~ If you are earning big money and have 24 days of annual leave that you can ask for anytime of the year you want, and also you earn so much that can get a BMW 7 series and a banglo somewhere far away from your office. And that's life we are talking about.

    But somehow, TV only tell truths in NEWS. I almost felt cheated by those TVB Drama and those movies ler ~ I thought KL is a place so cool that I can easily get a RM6k salary job anywhere, or maybe I can buy my dream car after working for 3 years here ler. And the fact, I just have a PowerBook15" and a Nikon D70s and a few lens and a iPod nano after working for 3 years here. Hard work I believe.
    Started off being a small little salesman selling Mac in LowYat, and that isn't easy job to do.

  • . 12 working hours everyday.

  • . WakeUp around 0810 and prepare, so not to miss the bus.

  • . 1 1/2 hours for travelling from home to office .

  • . No such thing as OT and coming in late means deduct salary.

  • . Reach home around 2230~2300, and go sleep terus.

  • . RM1500 per month, to settle everything.

  • . No off days in Public Holiday and Weekends.

  • . No dating, coz no time and no money and no car.

  • . No Starbucks, too expensive.

  • . No watching movie, no time.

  • . No Photography, no time.

  • . No shopping, no time no money .

  • But Luckily boss told me that it will be temp only, and all the Mac people will move down to a Mac Shop in Ikano ( the 1 i am in now ). So we all are so happy and cant wait for the day to come, where there will be only Mac computers in the shop, and I presume you guys know how much I hate Windows ...Yucks ...

    Well, after moved to the new place we all have a raise in salary, I am not sure about others but I have a RM 150 raise, which last till now and that's after 3 years of working. And also company provide a House for us to live, that's 14 minutes walking distance from the shop ! COOL !!! Which means I can wake up around 0945 and get prepared and reach office sharp-sharp 1000 !!! hohoho ~~~ Lovely ~ Everything looks alot better compared to before, and that's what I thought ler, raise in gaji, company provide rumah... what else you expect ??? Right ?~ hehehehe.

    Things goes ok since, but not for long ... It seems that I have a super long working hours compared to most of my friends, and having a Yam Cha session with them are so hard, due to my late afterwork hour and the odd off days. Normally my off days falls on weekdays, where everybody else are working and have no time to entertain me. " Soli lah, got to work tomolo ler, cant go out late.. ", " You siao ah ? No need to work meh, I still in the office ler." ... then I will return them the same answer then they ask me to go out on the weekends, sad. Hence friends visit me less, less activities, even I have no time to entertain my family when they come visit me in KL. Maybe an overnight in the hotel with them and got to rush back to work early morning the next day...

    At least I thought that work this hard should earn more money...But in fact not ..

    I don't about others. But I do have a passion over Mac, that's why I come all the way to KL and try to share my fun and joy using a Mac, to let others know that it's easier to have things done on a Mac and it's REALLY possible to use Microsoft Office and MSN messenger on a Mac... It's a pain to hear:" OOhh... really ah ? Mac have Microsoft Office meh? " " OOhh... the Mac can do MSN ah? I never know ler ". Now I dont have the same passion anymore, maybe it's because of the surrounding, I dunno.

    Days are gettng more and more difficult. As I am appointed to 'train' some of the juniors to make sure they know the Macs as much as I do, so the shop can have more 'knowledgeable' staffs to answer the customer's questions. Also now I will have to in-charge of all the Mac stock level, deciding what to bring in to sell, handling customers that have questions to ask software/hardware/anything bout Mac( coz news staffs cant answer them ), keep myself updated with Mac news, and at the same time, do sales. That come worse when everyone then to presume that I can handle everything and they will just have to concentrate on doing sales, where all the the shit like fuzzy customers or technical questions will be passed to me to handle. Work flow up, responsibility up, salary maintain, commision down. I think in thier mind is that, why sohuld they learn so many think as AhTak can handle all the shit already what, why don't just act as an idiot that dunno anything so can have more time to do sales for more commision? Then I was thinking:" Why the hell I have to take care of them and pass all the sales/commision to them as I am getting the same amount of gaji as they do ?" So, I start ignoring them as I don't help them to answer questions anymore, I don't handle/entertain customers that didn't get the machines from me, don't even bother teaching them things they need to know about Mac, since they don't even bother, why should I be ? So after not long, I get the same complain that my customers complain to other Mac shops, " The salesperson are so LanC and know nothing " " Staffs are so not knowledgeable that seems they don't even know what they are selling" "They guy trying to promote a Mac to me but he himself is not even using a Mac.". It's not just telling customers info that can be found on the flyers, not just telling customers you are selling Mac ( and you don't know anything bout it ), not just giving free gifts to customers. The most important thing is to let the customer know, that you KNOW what you are selling, you know what are you talking about and you have confidence in your products. How do you expect a customer to buy things that even the Salesperson don't trust. Sample:

    Customer: Are you using a Mac yourself?

    Sales: No, why ?

    Customer: After so many good things you told me about Mac but you are not using a Mac?

    Sales: Oh .. expensive mah .. no money to buy..

    Customer: But you told me it's almost the same price compare to other PC what.

    Sales: oohh... Coz I am not really familiar with Mac system mah ...

    Customer: But you told me it's easy to use wow....

    Sales:Ohh.... Coz there are some software that can be use in the Mac.

    Customer: But you told me most of the software compatible already ?

    Sales: oohh..... coz..... ( continue with more ' coz ' )

    Will you still buy if you are the customer ? I won't ....

    As a Apple Salesperson wearing a T-Shirt with an Apple on it means that I am a representative of Apple and I should know what am I selling and have confidence and familiar with the system, I should be able to answer most of the questions about Mac, at least I know more than the customer do. I really cant take it if I cant answer the customer's questions. For achieving that, I have to surf the Mac sites everyday to make sure I am uptodate, download and try softwares that might be useful to the customers so I can recommend to them or I will know how to use when the customers ask me. Aren't those the basics ? Sometimes 'they' can come out questions like " Can this use with the Mac ah ? ", how the hell would I know ?! Just plug the thing into the Mac and try lah ! My ex-Manager use to answer this kind of questions a very cool way, " You think I am your library ah ? Go and check on the internet or read the manual lah" Which is ... damm cool ~ hehehehe.

    To be continue .... soon

    Wish me Luck

    Waiting for the news tomorrow, it's very important for me. A turning point. Please wish me luck...

    How nice would it be. I say, if everything would have a RECIPE to follow, like baking cakes liddat. Will never get wrong right ? Just it will either taste good or bad ~ Wont be any WRONG Cakes right ?

    Another 1 month gone, and it's been 2 months already ...

    Things are getting better, understand better and communicate better...

    Only Complain ? Time never Enough ....

    ShortNote: I am soooooooooo sorry for leaving you guys these few days~ Been really super the busy and got NoMood Disorder, which according to some Doctor, it takes time to heal ....

    Just for you information, things goes really smooth and good back in Ipoh last weekend, she meet my parents, my parents meet her, things goes just fine and ... hhmm... Good ~ hehehehe

    But I think I share the pictures of Ipoh first , later only write more ok mou ? Since you guys come here for pictures ONLY anyway .. hehehe, just kidding ok !!! Please do come back and visit more often, I will try to have more entries when I hve more time ok ?~ I promise.

    Beautiful Sunset from the Bus on the Highway to iPoh. Amazing ... Suffered alot from the haze in Kl, and these ... At least to clear abit and calm down abit. I think every sunset has it's own story to tell, just like everyone of us. It may represent how was the day? Maybe ?

    Folks ~ AhTak is going Ipoh again ~~~~ hehehehe. Suppose to be yesterday one, to celebrate Tang Loong Festival. But I have someone important to bring back along, and she is not free till today ... anyway .. wish me luck that everything goes smooth ok ?~ hehehehe, and also I have picture to share and hopefully grab some back from Ipoh too ... hehehehe

    Desicions, something we'll have to meet and make everyday. How you make decsion ? Based on what ? What should be in consideration ? What might be the outcome ? Do you actually think when making dicision ? ... Have you decided to make a comment and share ?

    Nice ~~~

    Got this Sleeve free from 1 of my friend ler ~ hehehehe, who's a designer working for Huzzk ... That make Computer Sleeves special for Mac, yes ... Mac only ~ hehehehe

    Nice ler ~ Actually I am the only 1 in Malaysia using it ~ hehehehe. I like the way that it looks like Tire and infact the Rubber is really the Thick !!! Provide damm good protection for my PowerBook, and ability of water resistant is also very good. Just ... a little bit too heavy loh, but can forgive as it provides really good protection. Price is around RM169 when it come out to the market anytime this month. But you'll see "PenSkin" instead of "Huzzk" on the Label. So .... I am the ONLY 1 having it in MALAYISA ! ~ Wwoo ~~~ Thanks Jeff ~

    Picture taken in 1Utama, the pond area ... saw a girl feeding the fishes and I just cant resist pressing the shutter ...

    I am writting this for a friend of mine, actually both of them that I know personally and, hope they already got over it...I hope everyone can finish this entry and please comment and tell me what you think, I won't know when is the next time I will be writting another as long and as serious.

    It took so long for 2 to get along, chit chat, try to read each others mind, and try to seek the common things that both have, share some thoughts and some jokes and sad storys, and the 'click' happened. Both decided to take the chance from there, to see if there's a possibility to make some Romance. The sweet smile when they meet, the joy when answering phone calls that he/she said miss you... Nothing will go wrong here, everything is so sweet and so romantic that nothing and no one can come in to mess things out, as the fire of romance will burn everything into ashes. Money is not an issue, since the guy will spend every single penny for her ( man's egoism ), and the girls, ofcoz will enjoy spending each moment of love and every single word of sweetness. Time is never enough for being together, hour passes like seconds and days passes like hour, just cant miss any chance of meeting up or calls of saying ' I miss you ' .... Everything is so perfect, everything will be just fine, both thought...

    As time goes by, both will however have to face the reality of life. Family, friends, colleagues, time/schedule, things that can never go along well with Relationship, no ? Family might not like him/her whom you bring home for family dinner, friends might not like him/her too or complain that you have less to accompany them after dating, colleagues that's jealous and did some trick at the back trying to break the relationship, so little time to get along and chit chat/communicate, and .... lots more. I bet those I said above are things that every couple will have to go thru, eventually. Hence make me really curios and want to know how, they manage to go thru all that and get in the Churh and Ring-Exchange. King's Wife ah, Cocka ah, Wingz ah, Zara'sMaMa ah, BookWorm ah, can share abit mou ?

    Imagine that someone have come into your life, someone that you love and you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone might have alot in comman with you, but, that person might have things that you just can't live with ? Maybe he/she love to go out in weekends but you rather stay at home and rest, or maybe he/she have so much friends to entertain and left little time for you ? Some think:" Maybe I should just left it go, I am not the one for him/her, maybe we will be more happy after we let go...". I think, should sit down and talk about it, let him/her know what's in you mind, how you feel and find a way to solve the problem/worries together, there's no dead end in a relationship, and that's what I believe. Unless you made one.

    I think this entry abit messy right? Like too many points or thought in 1 entry and make it looks like Ju Zap Juk.hehehe, soli ler, Sunday mah, have to serve customer then blog then half way serve customer then blog.hehehe, PaiSeh.Please leave you comment and let me know what you guys think. Sometime AhTak.blogspot.com should take things serious too, right ?~ hehehe. Anyway, want to share this too with you all ....

    "Choose the one you love, and love the one you choosed".


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