December 2008 Schedule:

: Andrew's Wedding in the Morning.
: Kenny's Company at Night.

: Reaching Singapore at 1PM.

: Eric's Wedding. Whole day.

: Andrew's Wedding Dinner.

: Photokaki 4th Anniversary gathering

: Alvin's Wedding. Whole Day.

: Xmas !!! Dinner With my Love one.

: Maybe some Model shoots.

Busy .....

Shopping list:
. 1TB HDD, getting this afternoon.
. Ikea office Table and Chair, before December.
. Nikkor 70-200VR, right after collect pending payment.
. New phone, if I have left over from payment...

Maybe a Credit Card ... Maybe ... Those things of the shelf are just toooooo tempting ... kekekeke

Had a great chat with a friend over MSN days ago, about "Shooting what we want and shooting what the clients want".

Sometimes I get compliments on pictures, but at the same time the picture might not fit other's taste ... If can be very extreme such as .. " Wow !!! Great Job AhTak !!! I love the shoot !! " or " Hmm ... the picture not nice ler, just my 2cent " ....

But ofcoz all the comments means alot to me, coz from there I know what I should keep and what I should pay extra attention to. So guys, keep my comments area filled up ~~~ !!!

PS: Had a shoot last night, enjoy ~~~

Oh ~

Oh, so busy ...
Oh, so tired ...
Oh, so filled ...
Oh, so happy ...
Oh, so can't wait already ...

Been really bust for the passed since I last update, soon will be more busy in Dec, will be going around where and there for wedding jobs and some event jobs ... wish me luck on Xmas present for myself ~

Rising Sun

Picture taken when I as on the way to Sepang last Sunday, 7AM. A fun job to take as I have the chance to look at so many 'Expensive' cars and have the opportunity to have a Lap in Sepang, with a Pro racer driving an E230 Avangrade.

Ofcoz enjoyed myself while standing under the hot hot sun to document the event ... and some Panning Shoot.


Looks cool ~~~ Hasn't been 'using' anything other than Mac for years ... let's see ....

Was shooting for Elaine's Charity Concert in Genting last Sunday. First time shooting concert with a super heavy lens ( Thanks my friend for the lens, a AF-S 300mm f2.8 ), so .....

And her name is Elain Kang, not Kong as put in the picture, got the PS Action wrong and forgot to update ... Please forgive my stupid mistake.

Really enjoyed the show both shooting and the songs. I even almost forgot to take picture while she is singing '一樣的月光‘!


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