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Updated my website with a few Gallery, with Weddings that I attended passed weeks to months ago ...

2 more Weddings to shoot before going back Sabah for CNY ... and another ROM iin Lahad Datu 3 days before CNY. Gam Ba Teh !!!

New Gallery:UP

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With New Toy under heavy usage and testing, totally fall into it ... what's next ? D700 ? 85mm f1.4 ?

Previous Job, in Serdang ... Share share with you guys ...

Ching Yen & Yet Li from ahtak on Vimeo.

The Wedding was documented with the latest toy. Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VR. Surprisingly I have the VR ( Vibration Reduction ) off at most time, maybe I dun like the noisy lens shift which function is to counter handshake, but anyway ... The range is just fine for me to work with, long range tele for places/situation I can't go near, some bokeh effects, low light condition, even still life/wedding details shoot. Totally amazed by the image quality, sharpness and the contrast by the lens. No joke, will not be buying any third party lens, after using the second Nikkor f2.8 zoom lens, worth every $$$ spend on it ...


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