Treat for Us

After a long Shooping Journey with Jacq yesterday in Sungei Wang, we had a sweet treat for ourself in Häagen-Dazs Bintang Walk... So sweet, is with her, ice cream were just bonus.

Pretty good to pak toh in the shop, maybe just a little too tight if it's weekend or holiday as the shop is not more than 500sft. They do have a ffew table outside for smokers,but is not romatic to have Ice Cream with your love one beside the road right ? So I suggest you all go on weekdays.

I got myself a << ? ? ? ? ? >> ( forgot name again). Which has a scope of Belgium Chocolate and a scope on Chocolate Cookies flavored ice cream in it...OOhh.... so smoooooooooth so sweeeeeeet. Dun worry, they provide Sky Juice ( ais kosong ) for free too, if you found the ice cream too sweet, or you love one.

Jacq had a Something-Something mixed of 6 balls of flavored ice cream, a touch of nuts and caramel for extra RM2. I try and I love the Cookies and Cream the most. OOooOOo .. So Sweeeeeeet so niceeeeeee .

My dad sure gonna kill me if he see this post.. "Wah Lao, siao ah you? RM50 for 2 SMALL plates of ice cream ??? Any idea how many boxes of Magnolia or King's can buy ah ??? " .... Aiya, true also lah that the Häagen-Dazs are very expesive. But I really think the Ice Cream worth the price on the Menu. The Ice Cream is ... so ..... very the .... we were speechless for a few seconds after the first spoon of the Ice Cream... oooOOOooo .... so nice ...... But seriously cannot eat everyday ler, else you get fatter everyday and your wallet get thinner every treat ...

ShortNote:$#@%$#@^&#$@*%* !!!!!! SO EXPENSIVE!!! #@$%#@$%@#5....

It was on saturday. After fetching my gf from work and have nothing better to do. I brought my Gundam to Starbucks and waster some time there. Playing my model and ask my gf to model for me also ~ Long time didnt tak picture for her already ler ~ hhmmm......

When doing this kind of things. You need soft and gentle fingers, just like mine. You too need super-extra-maximum-concentration, just like me ...

-_-''' Jah 9 dou ..... Letting your half done model lying around is not a good idea ler, might scare the kids.

What do you think ? hehehehehhe. For the Pro:

  • Repaint of the whole model, including nails.

  • Additional colors to bring life to the model.

  • Re-work of unperfect area. Exp: Damage edges, unbalance fingers

  • Get a Glass/Plactic box to fram it up.

And these are for the pro, which I am not one ...


Invited for the company Xmas luncheon at Banker's Club, zheng ah... No talking, just a few pictures of Good food to share with ...

Picture 12.jpg

Picture 13.jpg

Picture 14.jpg

Picture 15.jpg

過冬wow ~ Got family dinner ah ? Me I dun have ler, family in Sabah mah ...... haih. Anyway, tonight maybe going SS2 for 汤圆, see how lah, if the traffic not too bad and got mood then I go.

<<Last Year's Post>>

A million thanks to Wennie and now .... last.... AhTak.BlogSpot.Com has an new logo and it's the Official Logo !!! YEAH !!!! HOU LENG AH !!! TengKiu Wennie !!! wooo ~~~ So from now on, this logo will be the official logo for this blog and the official watermark for my pictures as well... Again... Teng Kiu Wennie !!! Dor jeh Sai !!! Starbucks Ngo Geh !!!!

And while we were looking at different designs of the logo, I name this picture:


We Wish you a Merry Xmas ~We Wish you a Merry Xmas ~,
We Wish you a Merry Xmas ~And a HAppy New Year ~

Picture 11.jpg

~Thanks Wennie for the picture~

Moody Tuesday

Picture 1.jpg

Just came back from lunch and have a few minutes to spent blogging. Yo ~~~~ Sorry for the delay of posting up 'My Weekend', coz I really really really really really the busy these few days. How's the picture? I think all of you need some Green to get a way from the air-con, lousy chair in the office huh ? Today dunno why very the sian and no mood ler ... hhmm.... Workload ? Sleeping late ? Waking up early ? Donno what to have for dinner ? Or .... I miss you too much ?

favorite picture over the weekends, you like it?

Know where was I over the weekend ? Not exactly hehehehehe..... Later I come back with more pictures and reply comments when I more free ok? Today, very busy ....

Miss playing guitar so much ...

So how's your plan for the weekend ? sleep ah ? Aiyer, call somemore and go have fun lah !!! How can sleep at home everyday one ? If want sleep, sleep at someone's bed ok ?~ heheheh. Tonight gonna meet up +Wennie and Titoki for a Yam Cha session, and I wonder how much fun we are gonna have... And tomolo and Sunday I wont be around, go somewhere to visit and take pictures ~ hehehe. Gonna miss you all.

From this morning till now I am receiving Video and pictures in my mail and reading alot blogs with this:

Dont click on it because it's not a link, just picture ~ hehehehe. Cannot blog lah, later kena saman or my Dad scold me or GF kill me. Yumiko was doing some stunt on a a TV Show and dunno how, her pants just got off...Ouch...Anyway. I think it's not much to be malu loh, take it as a joke lah. Now a days alot of swimware are more 'less cloth' than that what, even models on magazines also wear less than that lah~~~ Cheer Up ! ( Actually I kind of like Yumiko, I support her ! )

And i found something more funny...

Can see the guy's expression??? HAHAHAHHAHA. Lucky bastard !!!

How do you guys like my new layout ? Personally I think I want to change the Profile picture .... The Menu Borders and maybe a little bit more graphics ( small pictures ) here and there ..... when I am free.

Not having enuff of my handsome pictures ( from years back ) ? Here We Go Again !!!

How I wish can turn back time ler, those crazy days I had with all my goods friends playing music, basketball, clubbings and many many more... So much of fun ~ Last week I've show you guys some pictures of my friends shop and bluff you all I can play Bass Guitar right ? Now, this week I show you evidence, else you all say I tokkok chui sui bluff 9 you all .. hehehe...

Yup. My band Bidax version 3.3, which is also the final before I come to KL. From left:Alex the Vocalist and guitarist who have to be in the band becoz he handsome, damm ... 2nd from Left: BoBo, The dummer who has been playing with me for a very long time, and he is good. Middle:AhKiet , just a passerby ... Alex's band punya Basist. 2ndRight: AhTak, most talented and handsome basist in the world. HAHAHAHAHHA. I wish !!! Last: AhPang, good for nothing but his voice and guitar skill are pretty good, and his passion to music.

Pictures taken during performance. Small place with very little space for me to move around, see I even have to kangkang my legs so wide. For 2 sessions within 4 hours we have to stuck ourself in that small area and perform, so cham. But I still manage to find time for beer and ciggi, sometimes we even chit chat, and look at Leng Lui ... hehehehe

See ~ we even have pictures with Celebs ler ( if you know who are they ). Ofcoz not just stand there have pictures lah, you think La La Zai meh ? We play some of thier songs LIVE when 1 of them celebrate birthday in the Cafe we are performing. They ask us to play one of thier songs from thier album but we found out the songs are kind of .... boring and .... LaLa. So we change from POP to Rock ofcoz, and I think it's better than their original compose. Well.... I think they like it too ~ Coz after that we sing some other songs together before the leave.

Alright, how was the pictures ? I think is bad. Taken by whom I forgot using my camera. And thanks to Window's 2000 which kena Virus, the original pictures were gone together with the WesternDigital 40GB ATA HardDrive. So I have to post these lo quality copies that I mail to my friends years ago.

Anyway. Rememer AhPang that's good for nothing but his Passion for music? Below here I posted on of his song. You see nice or not and please comment, he too read my blog. So I think he is gonna appreciate comments and go futher from there.

Please support local music and please bare in mind: Rock Band ARE NOT ALL BAD BOYS !! OKAY ?!!!! Yeah !!! Let's Rock !! ZHENG ZHENG ZHENG ( D with BOSS- DS-2 )~~~~!!!!


ShortNote:It's not where to go or what to do, it's who we go with and who to do it together with.

Finally have the chance to DRIVE up to Genting. I don't go Casino coz I don't gamble, I dun go Theme Park coz I think my heart cannot tahan, I dun really enjoy the cool air coz I can have better than that back in Kundasang, Sabah. Then why go Genting if you not enojy much there? Well, Malaysian mah, must go support abit lah, at least a look look see see mah. Like when a French tell you he/she never been to Eiffel Tower sure you say:"Wah, you sure you French ah ?", ngam mou? heheheheh. Just for the sake of going there and enjoy the weekend with GF ler, main reason ~ hehehehe

Breakfast @ Ikea before the journey starts. The crowd was insane I tell you. You will never see such crowd if thier Nasi Lemak and the Bread+Half Boiled Eggs was not selling @ RM2, and the unlimited refill of coffee, no way. At least I wont go lo. But I go there for the cheap breakfast also lah , heheheheheh.

Xmas Tree and deco in The Curve. Not bad hor ? Better than 1U I think. I like the blue tone, rather than the classic 'Red + Gold + Green'. And hope that I would have a chance to see a 'White Christmas' at least once in my life.

WooHoo !!! See the sky so blue and the clouds are just sooooo nice~ Great weather to have an outing hor ? Looking at the shy I thought I am somewhere not Malaysia ler, Hokaido lah, New Zealand lah, Taiwan lah, it's hard to see just nice weather now adays in KL.

Almost there, we're almost there. Eh, why the sky turning dark one? Aiyo, what are those clouds doing there ??? The weather was not that good already when were half way going up hill. Haih...... They said :" Woman's mood are like weather, sometimes worse", is that right ah ?

The Theme Park that I took a picture from the bridge. I find it... abit messy. I mean the placement of the machines and the pool and the rest. Not really nice to show on a picture, what do you think ? Last time anyone can just go in without paying the entrance fee, you just pay if you want to play. But now they change the rules that you will have to pay for certain amount of money doesn't matter you are playing the machines inide or not, don't care lah. Want go in ? Pay first talk later. No fun loh. Old people like me maybe just want to have a walk inside and look at the people there have fun, or maybe a few pictures to share here, but too bad...

A new machine just arrived months ago in Genting, sure scare the shit out of you one. Dun believe? GO try yourself. Me too old for that already.

Kids are having fun in the Water Theme Park. Brother: ui ! Go away lah ! Go far far dun come kacau lah ~", Sister:" ......... I just want to play with Gor Gor mah...... "

Deco on the First World Hotel Lobby's ceiling, ok hor ? All I saw yesterday in the lobby area are Heads. mountain of head spreading the whole are that I have difficulties taking pictures aroudn. Maybe it's school holiday loh.

1 of the 'Building' you'll find in the Indoor Theme Park area. They also have Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Towel, KLCC as you see in the picture, and much more. But it would alot nicer is they have also the Pyramid,The Great Wall and the Stonehenge. hhmm....

Then after a minum session in Starbucks and gets kind of boring, we went downhill to makan samewhere in the middle of the hill... somewhere in the hill near somewhere Genting?? ... hhmm.... Please forgive my Good Skill of Giving Direction.

Fried Thin Slice of Pork in Some dunno what sauce. Damm nice I tell you. Never tried anything like this before. But I think ladies might find it abit too fat and oily. but somehow must try 1 small piece ok? seriously very the nice.

One of the easiest way to have TouFu served. TouFu topped with Deep Drive shrimps couple with some Oyster Sauce and Fried Garlic. Zheng ah .....

But on the way back it wasnt very pleasant loh. Traffic Jam from Genting Hotel front Door till the Toll. Aiyer ... School Holiday + Raining + Ultimate Cautions = Terrific Taffic Jam. Just a reminder to all drivers. Please move yourself to the slow lane if you want to drive slow. Or if you see car behind you very close, please move to the slow lane also. You might think you are driving very fast already @ 60KMH on the HiWay, but infact you are blocking everyone behind you and causes traffic jam, because the car on the slow lane also @ 60 KHM," Ikut Kiri Jika Tidak memotong", got watch TV ornot ? Another scene. A new BMW 5 series was driving down also and I was enjoying myself looking at the nice car, suddently a Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cup flyout from the car and landed on the road with atleast half a scope on ice cream in it. OMG !!! Imagine the cup hit the car at the back and the Ice cream blocked the whole windscreen, and it's not funny when you are driving downhill from Genting.

Last last week, last week I had Korean Cuisine with my gf in some small restourant somewhere Desa Sri Hartamas. Actually I never fancy about korean Food, at least I won't go dine in any on my own will. First I don't eat spicy food, which is a NO to KimChi, and I don't eat vege which Korean Food will have alot of vege as side dishes that I will show you later, also I don't like to use metal chopsticks. Not to say Korean Food are not good, just not to my taste ler. Like I love Japanese Food not all of you too, right ? hehehe. Anyway. The restourant that gf bought me to changed my ming about korean food ( not totally, I still hate KimChi and Vege ). The BBQ Meat....

Standard Layout of Korean Cuisine in any Korean Restourant. Hell alot of side dishes that you may refill as much as you want. Dishes are served differently everyday. You might have the same side dish on the next visit. That day we are served KimChi, KimChi fry with Vege, Fried Vege, Fresh Uncook Vege, Preserved Vege, Vege Salad, Clams, Preserved Egg, and Fried Touke. Can see the amount of vege? Now you know why I dun like Korean Food ?

BBQ Pork ribs. Marinated in some really good tasted self-made sauce to extreme. Marinated as is meat are soaked in the sauce for a good amount of time so the taste of the sauce will blend into the meat and hence give the meat some extra flavor or to enhance the flavor of the meat. The idea of doing that is to maintain the flavor even if the sauce went away while you BBQ it. If the meat are not marinated nicely, the meat will be tasteless and hard, like eating rubber.

Good Charco also plays a very important role. Normal/Standard/Cheap/not ignited well Charo will not have the heat hot enuff to cook the meat in a short amount or time, let the meat be heated on the pan for too long means the lost of juice and flavor, which also means the meat will be very old ( chewy ), that you might spent up whole night chewing the same piece of meat.

Waitress are well-trained that they know how to follow the speed of yours. They will know when is the time to put in the meat and cut into small peices so you dont need to wait too long in between 'chews', they will keep you chewing from the moment the side dishes are served till desert. It's a pain in the ass looking at the meat but have to wait till they are cook right ? I have to say thier timing is perfect. Becasue everyone have a different 'timing' on eating. Some damm fast like rushing for Wedding, some so slow like snail liddat, so it's very important for the chef/waitress to estimate the 'timing'. Any experiance of waiting too long for the dishes to arrive on the table and you want do turn around the table? ? Or the dishes are served too fast that it all went cold when you eat when you finish the first and want to go for the next? Timing ....

KimChi Toufu served in Hot Pot. Well, can't say much since I dun like it. But my gf tell me that. You can tell if the korean Restourant are good by thier KimChi, which I find very true. KimChi is the national food that Korean will have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner supper, as snack. So if a Korean Restaurant can have a good taste on KimChi, what would you expect on other food ?

Weekend Ahead

Found this in my mail this morning .... go laugh out loud in the toilet if you cannot laugh in the office...

Focus on the Background Dancer

ShortNote: First time using FireFox to blog and .... kind of cool with all the buttons that Safari doesn't support. If I can tahan the ugly and complicated interface and the sluggishness compare to Safari, I will stick to FireFox.

Saw this ad in some blog yesterday... " Vaio, The PC that's not exactly a PC" ~ Huh ? What does that mean ler???

Let me see::

From Wikipedia:
IBM-compatible is a historical term since IBM no longer manufactures personal computers. It is still a short-hand way of designating, especially during the period 1981–1997, a computer generally similar to the original IBM PC, XT and AT. Pragmatically, the operational definition of "compatible personal computer" is now "capable of running the current edition of Microsoft Windows".

Crystal cleared that computer running an Windows are called PC. So what does it means "PC but not exactly a PC" leh ???aybe is like those LaLa Zhai. You seen those WiraLutions or EvolutionWannabe ? A Wira But not a Wira !?

Yes. The Proton WiraLution. No matter how you tune or change engine or change rims also, the name on the car card will still be " Proton Wira Tahun 2001". Still don't get it ?

Computer that's running on Windows System are still ... PC. Just like the car shown above. Changing better outlook or put in more powerful Intels or Hard Drive doesn't mean muchl ler. you'll still be a PC.Which means Virus attack, Spams, pop-ups, sluggish forever, defragmenting, Scan Virus every morning and before go home, hang whenever it wants..... and so on.


A Windows Attemp ...

Lady: Hi Wong, can you fix this for me ? My computer is not connecting to the projector.

Me : I check for you ....

After laying my fingers on an Acer TravelMate (eeewww .... PC, Acer somemore, yuks ), looking at the settings lah, display lah...... and suddently a Light Bulb his my head, " Just restart the Computer if anything goes wrong" , which I learned years back will I am still using PC. And it works ~ Wonderful ~ After so many years the same trick still work ler ~ meaning the Windows have not been improving for so many years ? hhmm.....

ShortNote:Sorry about the picture quality and the color of the pictures in this post. All pictures taken with my old Sony P2 or my plal Steves Ixus 400 in Low res, 3~4 years ago. Also back then I dunno how to take picture mah ......

I found out from SiteMeter that there are some readers from Sabah, and make me have the urge to dig out all the old pictures and share with you all.This entry is specially dedicated to all me friends back in Sabah, I really miss you guys so much. So I feel like digging out some old pictures from my ext hard drive and maybe post some pictures, since I spend so much time/effort to take all these pictures and never show anyone before.... well... Enjoy. Specially you, Kenny ! hehehehe

Some of you may not know I work in a Musical Instruments Shop before, back in Sabah. When I first started college in KK, a college mate bring me to a guitar owned by his friend since we both love music so much and we jam together sometimes. And the shop is actually 10 mins walking distance from my place. So everyday after class or before class or time that I have no class, I will go lepak in this shop owned by Steve, a very good friend of mine who thought me Bass. As days goes by, I became a 'part time' in his shop but not getting any salary, which I dont really mind since I have nothing bettter to do what. As helping him out made me learnt alot too. I learn how to play bass guitar, I learn that is the difference between a Guitar Amp and a Bass Amp, I learnt the different tone between a Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster, I learnt the different tone between a Fender Jazz Bass and a Yamaha 5 String Active Bass, I learnt how to tune a guitar without tuner .... and alot more about musical instruments and sounds effects and mixers, and speakers .......

Guitar shop sure have alot of guitar right ? hehehe. I spent time trying to learn the difference between brands and models. As there will be customer asking :"Boss, the RM 300 and RM3000 same sound ah ? Why that one so expensive ah ? " I got to make sure I know how to answer these kind of questions. Other than that, I too have pratice my skill and tune a guitar without a Tuner. Most of the time customer will request a Demo before he decide on the purchase. But we dont want the customer to try by themself, since the sweat on thier hands will make the guitar strings rusty. So we will do the demo for them, and that's why me must be more sai lei then them so they wont laugh at you when you do Demo. We too provide a free tuning service for the customer, imagine when there's 5~6 or more people buying guitar at the same time, we have to be really fast and accurate on the tuning so the customers don't need to wait so long.

Sometimes we have friendly friends to come over and chui sui yam cha with us. So 1 day can have 5~6 Yam cha session coz all of them come at different time. Now you guys know my I can have my Teh Tarik so long life ler. 1 cup on Teh Ice can last me 2~3 hours one ler, so I don't order drink on every Yam Cha session ler, save money and maintain fitness.

But other than Yam Cha we also have better things to do one ler. Like here, we all sit down and talk about Notes and Scales. Dunno what is that ? Dun worry, I dun know also ... HAHAHA. have been playing music for so long and still dunno how to read notes and scales, shame on me. But anyway, I don't like to look at those ler, I prefer playing live. As we all will decide that cords we want for the songs, then start palying. We have developed understanding among ourselfs, we roughly know when we will be into the chorus hence need to change chords, we know what notes/chords to do the fill-in, we roughly know what style to play so it match the song. It's so much fun playing music that way. But ofcoz we too play some band's song like Beyond ( play untill we hear also want to vomit ), and Mayday... We spent our free time in the shop to look for the song's chord and then call our Vocalist and Drummer to go for a jamming session when we're done. And most of the time, we need only 1~2 practices to make the song we play being smooth. Since we all do our part by listening to the songs and practice our part at home. LIke me, I will listen to the song and find the bass line the practice in the shop before going the the band room. By this we save alot of time and money renting a band room...

Once again proven. Music is for all kind of people from any field. If you think you work in the office 9~5 with the stupid tie hanging around your neck means you are no good in music ? You are wrong .... This dude in the picture got a Degree in some business sutdy and earning 4~5K per month in KK. He is playing some Metalica here in the picture. But he is actually a drummer for our band ler, who can never follow the beat ngam one....

These are Marshall Amps, a very famous brand among Rockers. Why ? Deep and Solid distortion sound. You can see in almost every Rockers recording studio or concerts and the monitor. Damm cun the sound AitelU.... In the picture got 2 models. 1 standard and 1 stack. Standard ones have the Amp and Speakers molded together in a box, good enuff for small studios or small concert as the monitor. While Rack, they have a Amp and Speakers seperated to fit even bigger and powerful Amps and speaker, which means REALLY LOUD !!! Hah ?!?!? CANT HEAR YOU !~~~~~ LOUDER PLEASE ~~~!!!

From left to right. Yamaha 5 String with Active Pickup, Ibanez that I forgot the model, Ibanez also forgot model,Ibanez GSR 4 String. Started of with the GSR Bass, very good for beginners and it has a warm and solid sound and the action on the board are just nice too, not too high not too hard, also plenty of space for the fingers to move around. Then I moved on to the Yahama 5 String. That's when Steve started to teach me to do some 'solo'. Learn the chords that I can play on the bass, more notes that I can play, no need to drop key when I play hardcore songs. Also it has an Active Pickup so I can play around with more sound setting and and more control to fine tune the sound I wanted.

These are the Amps that I use. Peavy TNT and TKO. TKO is the smaller version with smaller output, that I use to pratice alot in the shop coz it wont be too loud. And TNT the monster, more power hence louder and with a Active/Passive input so I can have better control over the sound when I use the Yamaha TRB6 with an Active Pick-up. Warm Low and a sweet Hi ....

Pictures we took after a performing. We have musicians, guli, organizer, helpers, friends come to watch, owners, all good friends. We share so much of fun, so many lunches, so many suppers, so many boring afternoon, so many jamming, so many yam cha.... I miss you guys.

This would be the favorite pass time of all, Computer Game ! But dunno why I just can't put my hands on it. Everytime they start playing games I will just sit there and chit chat with those who are not playing or just walk around play guitar or take pictures...

We did spent time and alot of effort to pratice one ah. Like this fella Jackson. Another bassist from another band. They play different kind of music from ours, they play hardcore like Deftones. Sometimes when Jack not around I wll take his place and jam with the band, hence I am influenced and start to play Deftones, and I am loving it. But normally me and Steve will play some Fusion Jazz or try to learn Jazz. That's after he introduce Casiopea to me.

Sometimes we do have Celebs to come over and Lan C abit ler. This guy in the picture is one of the very famous celeb in Sabah. Damm sai lei one, everytime when audience see him sure laugh one.... maybe his signature hair style..

You can tell how bored are we in the shop ? So bored that all the sohai posing for group picture....


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