-_- ...... Still blur lah, last night reach home around 3:++AM ... Aduhai, have to work 10 to 10 today somemore. Don't want to get stucked in KL or Bangsa or Hartamas or where ever there will be trafiic jam or people jam. So we decide to go Bay Watch, Dataran Prima. Well, at least it's near to everyone's house.

RM270 for a bottle of Chiva, and there are 6 of us. RM270/6=RM45 each, cheap what!~ The bottle of alcohol last for a couple of hours. And don know what's wrong with stupid Sen Wah and Ah Jel, keep on filling up our cups with acohol.
But still ...... Human are greedy, will never have enough for anything.


Guys are having fun, and the left over woman got nothing to do. So she start giving us riddles... stupid riddles

Here goes:
One day, 小明 went to the kedai runcit over the other side of the river to buy something for his mom. RIght after he crossed the river, a river flood come from dunno where crushed the bridge. So what do you think 小明 should buy from the kedai runcit, in order to cross the river and go home?

Answer is: Milo !!! O_o !!!! Why ??? Since.... 'Minum milo anda jadi Sihat Dan Kuat', also ' We Can swim like Dolphin!' .... This woman is genius.....

And more stupid riddles goes on and go on and go on and go on.......................


these guys can really play snooker....

And For the first time in my life... i Played this last night !!! ..... FUN !!! We simulate all the FootBall star's move and tactics ! hahaha...

Result, Team Sen Wah& Tak lost to Team Jel&Edward, cause they

163 hours of Battery life, means:

: 163 DVDs.
: 217 episodes of Drama.
: Non-stop chatting on MSN for 6.7 Days
: 32 round trips on MAS from KL to Tawau
: 81 round trips from Genting to PJ
: Listen to 3260 songs Non-Stop
: Smoke 1956 sticks of Marlboro
: Surf the internet till you blind

Some serious topic to talk about today. Car. Anyone of you guys my age haven't own a car yet ?~ Please let me know if you don't, so we can make a club or something.

Talked to my dad about this ffor so long. Since all the time before I come to KL i drive. Used to share with my dad, so i can only drive to baasketball court after he return home. Or sometimes drive out to drink if he is not using the car at night. Anyway, life got better after my dad bought my sister a car when we moved to Tawau(a gift for getting all A's in her SPM,something i wil never be able to do).

But how a car would be useful for me in KL ? HHmmm...... My dad throw this question to me. I really can't think of any 'useful' reasons.

1. To go out drink with friends. ( ALL of my friends owns a car.)
2. Fetch Leng Lui ??? ( Please dun agree with me for this one)
3. Drive to work. ( i can walk to office in 15mins)
4. Go here and there ? ( Where to be exact ? )
5. To own a car. ( ..... more on ego,面子問題 )
See !~ I dont even have a proper reason to own a car ! And somemore based on my pay it's not easy to own 1. But anyhow, they all are so kean on persuading me to get a car. For: .....

1. To go out drink with friends. ( Sometimes they are so malas to fetch me.)
2. Fetch Leng Lui ??? ( Would be alot more easy to go dating.)
3. Drive to work. ( if rain how? If people to time to send me home how? )
4. Go here and there ? ( No need to depends on my friends to send me )
5. To own a car. ( ......... still more on ego,面子問題)

Well, It's all up to me anyway. Wont be asking any help from my dad loh ....Coz i think he wouldn't be happy if i ask him to buy me a car for Reason No2. I am looking at this:

Its affordable.... Somehow I've been able to 'tell myself' the car look nice.....
AnyWay... this will have to see how is my savings by next year..... Haih ............

Tak's HomePage

Ok folks. Actually I took around 400 pictures in the Genting Trip with Ah Fai and Renee and Ah Siang, 400 is before minus those with bad color, handshake and bad lightings. But the things is, it would maybe take me weeks to put descriptions on all the pictures i take and put them all down here.

So I put them in my .Mac account. For more storage space and easier of hosting pictures, as In easier for you all the navigate.

Thank you all viewers and readers. For making the number. As you all can see at the bottem left of the picture, that's the number of visitors visiting my blog. Thanks ah , really thank you !~

To thank you all, I will have more stuff to put in my Blog !

Sorry ah ~ Need so much time to write blog. All because I have alot to do with the pictures. First, I didnt set the white balance correctly, so all the pictures come out no good, that I have to Edit. And also for the ease of viewing the pictures, i partly join them into one. Save some space on the blog and server too...

Ok Ok, the trip was insane ... totally mad, i think part of becasue i was in the trip too.

Me and Fai had the idea of going to Genting for like 2~3 months ago! Now only we made it happened. Guest was Renee Chin From Sabah and Ah Shiang initially from Sabah, also 2 friends of Ah Shiang.

We start off the trip around 1:~~ PM, WHAT ??? yaloh.. it's abit late loh. But it's just the beginnig. (Renee had called me 7 times from morning till we reached her place). Because Ah Fai have was stucked in the jam for 45mins before he can reach my place, and 30mins jam before we can reach Renee's place. After everyone was in the car .....
Still have to jam ......... WHAT THE XXXX ..... IF no jam i think we have already reached Genting by the time i take the pictures.
Jam Somemore in Batu Caves......
What happened to all the PEOPLE ??? No need to work one meh ?? It's weekday and it around 3pm. So much time to come out from work and make trafic jam ! Go back to work lah ! No work ? Stay at home and dun come out, make yourself useful by not causing trafic JAM......

Anyway... after all the stupid trafic jam, everything was soooooo nice (despite auntie Yee San have to call and remind us no to drive so fast, took her 10 mins to say all that.....). Also it was raining abit that day, not the perfect day to be on Genting but... We insist. All the way we have a lot stupid jokes and stupid act. I challenged Ah Fai if he can sleep and drive till Genting...... but we dun want to end up the journey in hell, and we forget about it.


Top left:Some buldings in the Temple. Top Middle: The Statue on a Buddha. Top Middle left. Some Flora found all around the Temple. Top left: Mahkota in the temple. Background: Front Door entrance.

The Temple !!! We reach the Temple !!!!!!!!!!! Yeah !!!!!!! Half Way Of Genting Hignland ... : (.
But the view in the temple is really the supper khau khau ultimate beautify extreme blast to the max ! The air so clean, no car hon, no Jiao Bet Chai with Golden Hair around. HHHmmm..... I really love nature. So we spend some time waking aroud the temple. We saw Buddha statue so big, then walk to inner hall of the temple with more statues. Then Ah Fai bring us the a pond with alot... i mean ALOT of turtle (or tortoise?). And for the first I know a turtle can run so fast ! It's when I try to walk close the a more handsome one .... then suddently .... WWwooooooSSSSSshhhhh.... The turtle ran disappear before my EyeS !

And we met this cute fella on the road.


Genting We Are Here !!! Yo yO ~~ HHAHAhaaha ~~~~

Then I saw the most disgusting colored building in my life.
Ta Ta ~~~~~~

??? have you seen anything worse then this ???? Send me a mail if you do.

Then i am sooooo happy the see this shop here ~ hehehe. Sure I will have 1. So the first thing we did after parking the car in a very very scarry car park.... STARBUCKS !! YEAH !!!

Then there is one place you definitely want to go before the casino... Ripley's Believe Or Not !(力貝咧,相信不相信)
So many many unbelievable things. Got scarry, got weird, got funy, got funny, got alot lah ~ Just pay RM18 and go in see yourself ~

See ... alot of weird things. Top left: Painting made of toasts. Bottom Left: Chick with 2 heads. Middle: Chicken With Horns. Left 2in1 Kancil.

Humans sure are really unhuman in the old age. Full of torturing devices. And in Focus, Bottom left: Vampire Killing Kit.

Me and Fai acting stupid.... Haih...... hopeless lah this 2.

Make sure you visit the Ripley's Believe Or Not !(力貝咧,相信不相信) next time you visit Genting. No casino ok, but no Ripley's Believe Or Not !(力貝咧,相信不相信) no ok !


Then we spend some time walking around here and there... then dinner. Ok, this is something I dun want to spend my brain cell on. The foods are ....... dunno lah, sicne we all eat Ramen, maybe the other ok ler ~


Devil: D
Fai : F

D : Come lah ~~~ Put more lah ~
F : No lah.... no money to bet liao loh ...
D : No lah ... you still have some what ~~~ One more Bet !
F : Shit lah, that is bus money.
D : No worries, after can even buy the bus lah ! No worries ~~
F : .......... Die Die lah...!

............ So Fai made the last bet with the last bus ticket money......

This is what will happen if you listen to the DEVIL

Everthing's gone.... All money gone ..... Busticket money gone...... Marlboro money gone...... Makan money gone......


Anyway, after all done in Genting we thought of having supper in USJ (that' after Yee San made the 5th ~6th call of the day.

Big FREAKING Roti Tissue as Supper !!!!
BIG FREAKING Roti Tiuuse .....
Big FREAKING Roti ..........
BiG FreaKING........

Yup ! No Blog for today ... taking a rest ! Been writting so many things lately. So, today I will be taking a rest.......

Tomorrow lah, I will be editing all the pictures taken in Genting on Friday .... Sorry for the latency.

Had a cake baking session with Ah Lei last night loh. All the others 放飛机. So it's all me and Ah Lei,only.... Baking cake only sounds a bit too boring, so I have a special guest for last night(25/08/2005). Bake Chicken !!! Yeah...

Ok, since I have no idea what the hell is 'Baking'. So I will talk about mine first, The Bake Chicken.

1. Chicken
2. Soya Sauce
3. Pepper
4. Garlic

1. Marinate the bloody chicken with some little bit of soya sauce and some powder.
2. Wrap the whole thing with foil.
3. Put in the oven
4. around 200 Degree Celsius for 25mins.
5. Done !

Should look like how it's shown in the picture below.

I call this... Garlic-Chicken-Wrapped-inDa-Foil

Wasn't that easy?! I always love to cook with simple ingredients and simple methods. Save some time and some money. Hehehehe.

Mean While..... On The Cake side .....

According to MR Ray Chiew, baking is very simple. Just follow exactly what the recipe says and you will have a cake, and we did. Struggling with Lei for about 5 mins on which cake should we bake for the open ceremony for his new-bought electonic-micro-oven over MSN. And and the winner is ~~~~~~~~~Devil's Cake, Yeah ~~~ Sounds Cool Eh ~

So Lei will be fully in-charge of the cake. Me? Sit and wait for makan loh ~
These what I saw on the table ....
1. Baking Flour
2. Hell alot of butter.
3. 1 bar of cooking Chocolate
4. Some Eggs
5. Soda powder

Duuno.... I just see Ah Lei put everything in and mix everything together, put put it in some baking bowl or whatever.... then melt the stupid chocolate. Then put the cake in the oven and bake. Done...

But I will show some pictures to show you guys how the cake are baked.
(sorry viewers, really dunno how to deal with 'rotating' the pictures here, rotating your head as heartily co-opperation)

Part of the ingredients. 'Chocolate' went out for dinner
with 'Eggs', so you dun seethem here

Yup ! All the ingredients,in the mixer.. LEi, do I call that machine Mixer?
Sound so DJ to me.

Lei StandingBy .... (really dunno how to rotate the stupid picture)

AhTak helping Ah Lei out....Filtering the powerder.

Putting in the Chcolate mixture of choco powerder and milk, i think.

Lei 'mixing' the ingredients.

Baked ! The cake don't look nice, i know. But taste GOOD ! really !!!
Trust Me !! Serious one !! No Joke !!
After this we will have to 'pad' the cake with some mixture
of melt chocolate and wiped cread and sugar.

Lei doing decoration on the cake, obviously he is
not good in art, so do I.

He is happy with the decoration. Actually jst 'pad' the mixture of
melt choco and some wiped cream.

Done !!!! Do we look like gay or something? NO !!! We Love girls !

According to MR Ray Chiew, baking is very simple. Just follow exactly what the recipe says and you will have a cake, and we did. Struggling with Lei for about 5 mins on which cake should we have the open ceremony for his new-bought oven over MSN. Devil's Cake, Yeah ~~~ Sounds Cool Eh ~

FInal step, spread the melt chocolate on the cake and sprinkle some cockroach'-shit-alike chocolate cips on the cake. Done !

PS:As seen above, the quality of the pictures is ....... Bad camera can make any cakes look awful. So make sure you have a BETTER camera when you have 'Sessions' going on.


I think I can't continue like this man. Really..... Fat ass is what I'll become. Shit !!! Eat Eat Eat high calories food and do nothing only writings blogs.

Anyway, sharing time with friends is always so good ! Yeah ! Would be lot more happy than staying at home, I had enough with the 4 walls.


Can't imagine guys like us can make food ? Yah, we can't believe it too at first. I mean when I say wanted to cook for ourselves, in the early stage of me staying in KL. Ahlei actually has been baking cakes for a while, just that he didn't have all the tool to do that. Now ! I think we at least will have 1 cake every month ! As so i will be using this (ahtak.blogspot.com) for Lei Lei to show his talent in baking.

I was so shock when I got to know that one of my closest friends will be engaged soon. Oh Man, jealous..... The last time I saw him and his girl friend was a few months ago. This has been the most unpredictable friend I had, as usual this is a big surprise.

I got the news from another friend, not 'LIVE'.

"It is always better to be attached than single, the reason is being very simple...... When you are single you cannot be anything but being alone all the time but when you have a companion you still have the personal space to be 'single'"......
This is what he said. Very true,

No one on this lovely world would ever wanted to be alone. You find a girl that you like, as you will fall in love with her. But how many of these loving couples can stand all the obstacles and live happily ever after? Only those who step in the church holding hand. If your girl friend always bug you when she saw wedding dress, get ready brothers, it's a sign ! hehehehehe

Wish all you guys good luck !

I am warned last night by 'them', no more pictures of them in my blogs. So you guys won't be seeing any of my friend's picture here for a while. Also, they complained that so far I have only wrote stupid things about them, so today I decided to write something stupid bout me.

Only to find out that till now my life is a total failure by the time I am writing this.

But anyhow, I had a nice chat with '2 of them' last night. Should be the most 'productive' lately. We talk about almost every topic that a man will think of, when they are in this Golden Age (age of 25). What have you done till you are 25? Honestly I don't know or perhaps I haven't done anything yet. Haven't got a Car of my own yet. Where as most of my friends around have already got a car at-least, some even got house. Damn, I really have no idea what have I done for the past 25 years. Gold medals I got in hi-schools? I don't even remember where I put them. My studies ? Piece of shit. Somehow got a nice job now selling Apple, but money still not enough. Why ? I don't know.

Alot of people might think that life is great at the moment. But have you thought of getting better ? NO? better think of that.

We talked about girls (as in getting a girl-friend for long term relationship, wishfully a woman to build a home with), and end up talking bout money. I mean, get real buddy. You got to have some extra money for dating right? LRT is money, makan is money, movie is money, gifts are money, patrol is money, parking is money. I think no girls can live 'date' with you 365 days at home right? As soon as you step out of the door, we are talking about money.

'He', think that be able to feed yourself and your girlfriend is the basic need for a girl. Most of the girl they don't really mind if you can't afford to buy them LV or have dinner in some hi-class restaurant everyday. 'The Feeling Of Safety' is the first requirement. When we were young we would not think about this, at that phase we only think of 'Happy Now', never thought of Marriage, or having kids and getting them into schools. When one come to the age of 25, the whole view of life will change. Girls will think of things like, Would this man be able to feed me? Would he be able to give me 'Home Sweet Home', would this man be helpful when I need him? Not how handsome or cute is that guy. When you all come to the age of 25 you better have this in your mind. And man on the other hand, 'Is this the woman I wanted to build a home with?' Alot of guys including me myself been always trying our best to make our girl friends happy, but when it comes to money, how many birthday presents or valentines say present can you afford? 1 ? or maybe 2? Get real, these girls have never asked for gifts, they deserves it. For me, gifts are the appreciation of love. She has been there for you all the time, when you are sick, when you are down, call her and she will be there. You have to show them that you love her, a gift of appreciation comes. doesn't have to be very expensive. They just want to know that their love and care of you is received. You think they can't live without your LV hand bags or diamond rings? You are wrong. They don't need those shit to love you. All they want to know is that the man they loved worth loving for. 'The Feeling Of Safety'.

But don't push it too hard lah , don't freak out the girls out there by telling them you are looking for a wife, i guarantee you the girl will run away if you tell her that in the early stage of dating. Take your time. You need time to understand your partner, she too need time to determine if you are the man that can protect her. And your girl friend's reaction is very mirror to look at who you really are.

::: I once had a really good chance for it. I toke it for granted. Hope you guys will think of your 'future wife' before you think of yourself. She told me that love is all about 'giving'. How much do you have? Would you be happy to do it? I don't have much at that time and I never thought of doing that, at that time. So I missed a chance that God have given to me. :::

My view is simple. Lovely wife will take care of the kids, kids that are proud of their dad ( which is me, AhTak), a house to cover them and never put them in hunger.

At almost the end of our mamak session. We realized that our dad was so great ! Always been taking care of all the bullshit that come along.
My dad have done all that above. I am very proud of you dad, your steps are what i want to follow. You have show me all of the possibilities of how life can be so great being your son.

Never too late. The Challenge has yet been start till you finish reading all this and get back to work.

PS: Lei, you don't sounds good last night. Sorry if me and 'him' have said something bad. We just want to share this with best friends we had at the time. It's very hard for us to share anything with anyone now. 'He' also wake me up from my dream last night. So many things that I have never thought of. I am happy that to have you guys around me to share all that with me. It's what keep me staying here in KL. Make me sound so gay lah, XXX XXX XXX ah ..... hahahaha ~~~~ Yo, cheer up ! Great to have mates like you guys in my life ! hahahaha.

As I promised, I make myself stupid today. hahahahaha. !

Just had lunch with Lei Lei 2 hours ago at The Curve. Luckily he came to kill some time for me. The food..... never been good.

The taste is still ok for this plate .... Still have space for improvements. But there is something really 'not right' with this plate. Where's the pork??? What? No pork aH ?...... Feels odd eating chinese 大炒(almost like mamak, but no teh-ice and no TV) with out pork in it. Imagine eating pizzzza with no cheese, weird right ?

Feel so sorry for these little prawns. So young and innocence.... In their age should still in the school studying or learning something what thier parents tell them to (what am i talking about? Just prawn only mah). In Lahad Datu is still consider 'Under-age' to be on the plate.

Anyway, Lei Lei is so happy after he bought a micro-oven ( M.Owen? ). Now he can Bake at home. What? AhTak can cook but Lei Lei cannot Bake lah? He do can make some nice cakes, the only one i ever tasted in the chees cake he made last Chinese New Year, and due to some technical problem, he can't make any here in KL. And we start discussing what should we 'do' with the oven other than cakes. Well there are hell lot more we can't do with it. Like ......... and ....... also ...... maybe.......... See !


And we somehow linked to Lahad Datu after the foods we are talking about. Since next year the Chiew Chung Mum brothers and sisters are interested to join us at my Uncle Beach. Was a good one last year.


See .... this is Wide Sky open Sea ( 海闊天空 ) Damm I missed the pictures with Fei Loong rolling on the sand right after he see the beach. You guys will know who is Fei Loong later.

The Beach..... The Sky .....Perfect !!! .... If my dad is not reading is this blog, i would love to have girls jogging on the beach with bikini. HAHAHAHAHA. But by that time it almost started to rain, so the picture doesn't look great here. I haven't see any sea after I landed on KLIA. I've been raised at the beach, original beach Boy no joke, and you have no idea how much I missed the nature. No buildings more 30 feet, no BEEEPP BBEEPP and BOOOOD BBOOOOOOOOD, no HAZE !!, no trafic light, no trafic jam, no 10 to 10 working hours, no selling Mac, no 'money not enough', no LRT, no phone calls, no this , and no that ....... Relaxed. I'm sure I can finsih that whole ice-box of beer if my dad wasn't there making food for us. Luckily still can smoke lah, but my dad pura pura didnt see it, 'no eye shit clear eyes die'(無眼屎乾凈盲).

Some City boy trying to conquer the Kampung Coconut Tree, 上車. Hhahahahah. Look like stupid monkey..... Me and the rest that's not climbing can only laugh and laugh and keep on laughing looking at those idiots....HAHAHAHAH. No choice, my uncle challenge these City boys, just want to make them 上車 actually. And my Fei Fei Suk Suk got them !! hahahahaha

Ah jel and Ah Lei trying to support Fei Loong at the center. I have no idea what if Fei Loong fall on them with a ~90KG Sukma Heavy-Weight-Taekuando-Champion body ....Anyone wanna guess ~?~?~?
A: Dead
B: Half-died
C: Alomst Dead
D: Non Of the Above

The guys seems to like my dad's cooking alot.
ME :"Ui! Where is the Oil and Honey ???"
then my dad come out from no-where.
Dad:'Hui ~~ No Need oil one, Just barbeque like that can!"
ME :"Sure or not" No oil oh, never try."
Dad:"Hah !... This i didnt teach you ler~.. Go away! Dun ka-ka cau-cau here!~"
Then my dad start making magic with the chicken wings......
Result? Looks at those faces in the pictures.

The no-need-oil chicken wings, six-packed-togehter hotdog (Sen Wah insist he wanted these, flip thru the whole lahad datu for these, horrific-sized hotdogs they are).

好 X FEEL ah !!~~~~~~~ Wooden house on the sandy beach. My grandma sitting at the front door. Good feel ~~

i spent only 5 mins digging on the beach and this is what i got. The rest spend the whole afternoon digging get only some ultra tiny small to the max ones.HAHAHAHAHA. This creature is a relative to oyesters, we called it 沙白。But I don't like to eat any seafood. So I offer to John Chin. Just seconds before i finish me offering words, i saw the creature already finely grind in his mouth. Easy to cook anyway. just throw it on the barbeque device and wait for it's shell to open. Full of juice (or it's just seawater?), chewable yet tender, and ......great taste of the sea.

Ah Jel on FootBall. Obviously he know what he is doing.

Ah Lei on FootBall. Obviously don't know what he is doing.

All well packed and ready to home. And these F4 ask to take a picture "something like that one le". Guess I see this picture in some CD covers before.


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