What will you think if you get " eehh.. I not sure " In a computer shop ???

Cineleisure ground floor, IT HYPERSTORE. I was looking at the few Viewsonic and Samsung LCD that they are displaying on the shelf. Looking and looking, I've been standing there with cash in my pocket wanted to Buy and Run, but after 15mins no one even bother come forward for a " Hi, can I help ?" Then I saw a bunch of staffs gathering around chit chit by the counter, so I also paiseh paiseh go and asked for some information for the LCD that I wanted to buy.

Me: Hi, you have flyer/brochures for the ViewSonic ?
Staff: Sorry, we don't have any.
Me: Then do you know anything about the ViewSonic 19" LCD ?
Staff: eh .... I not so sure ...
Me: Then is anyone here know anything about that LCD ?
Staff:Eh, wait ah, I go look for supervisor.

Then the staff walk to the other end of the store and bring along a chinese guy, one that look like any technician you can get in LowYat, T-Shirt+Jeans+Bunch of dunno what hanging on the neck. Let's call him LYG.

LYG: Yes ?
Me: What's the Highest resolution that LCD can go ?
LYG: 1280. ( Can feel he is damm sure about that ).
Me: huh ? 1280 ? My 17" Samsung in the office also higher wow.
LYG: It's 1280, but that depends on the Display card also, if your display card good then can higher.
Me: ... I know that ofcoz, that's why I ask what is the " Highest" resolution.
LYG: That depends on the Graphic Card.
Me: (Feel abit pissed off liao .. ) What if I attach to a Macbook Pro ?
LYG: (Looks confused) Eh ... I think laptop mostly 1280 also.
Me: My Mabook Pro can go as high as 2560 by 1600 if the LCD can support.
LYG: Oh really ????!!!! Soory ah, I go check the spec for you .

So the guy confirmed the highest resolution for the ViewSonic VX1940W is 1680 x 1050, which is the Highest among the 19" LCD available on the market. So after some DVI/VGA explaining to the " Technician " when I wanted to test the screen and viewing a few of my pictures on the LCD. Good, I want to take it ! But then ...

LYG: Sorry ah, this unit ( Display unit ) is the last one we have.
Me: Hah !!?!?!?! Then how ???!!! Issit any cheaper if I take this unit ( the display unit )
LYG: No. Same Price ....
Me: Ok then, thanks for you help...

Then I walk out the place damm pissed coz they wasted so much of my time because they don't even know what they are selling and totally no idea of what they are talking !!! Damm ... What is this ??? Computer Hi Tech Store but you go and hire some moron who don't even know what is Computer ??? WTF ... If you want to save cost on the Knowledgeable Staff then I may understand, but at least put some flyers beside the Products so the customer can look for all the information they want from the flyer rather than waiting like so hai for those stupid staffs for seach for information right ????

Anyway. Cineleisure/The Curve will not be the place if you want to buy any Computer related things. Hell no ... Maybe IT Planet in Ikano for some Mac stuffs, but not Cineleisure or The Curve.

Yup, Apple have just announced the release of 10.5.3 Update, please go download and have the latest Leopard on your Mac. But do that Starbucks or dial-up or slow Streamyx at home, coz 420MB might take forever to download. Am doing the software update now ...

UPDATES: Been 10.5.3 for the whole morning. After the update my MBP seems to performs better ...

Wow. Finally done with the final layout of my "Website", at least I think it looks more properly done.

But somehow dunno for what kind of stupid reason, my site still looks bad in Windows... Hmm ... Really wonder if Windows can just display anything right. Anyway, have tested viewing my site in Windows with Safari and Firefox, both display my site 'ok' in a way. So if you are using Windows, please go download Safari or Firefox that can display things 'properly'. Also ah, if you are kind enuff, please let me know if you are having problems in my "Website".

le-moments.com. Take a look and let me know what you think ~

Trying something stupid in the office today while setting up a few new Macs, wonder if I can sit back in my cubical and do my stuffs ....

"Share Screen" from Mac 'A' to Mac 'B', then from Mac 'B' "Share Screen" back to Mac 'A' and this is what you'll get.

Had a basketball session with some friends in Old Klang Road last night, that's more than 6 months ago from the previous one.

Get ready at home around 730pm after my friend called and remind me about the game, then I cant find a Basketball Pants ! Damm ! So ended up wearing a short pant that got a hole right at the 'Balls' area, just lucky the hole didnt get any bigger and no one noticed about the hole.

Great game it was as most the fellas there are not bad, god in fact compare to my droped down skill level and the extra 35KGs that I've gain lately, really can run as fast or jump as high compare to my high school time, where I am in School team, Point Guard I was playing.

First Game ( Game ends when either team scored 7 balls ) was good till the 5th Scored, I almost can feel my lungs and my throat are burning, feet are not listening to me and keep running at their own will, or rather ' Dont want to move' at their own will. I want my Stamina back ! I want to score and block, but dammit, my body is not listening to me. Take a deep breath and try to slow down abit, ask the team mates to pass me the ball and let me have control over the game ( used to be very good of that ). Slowed down the game, more passes around the field, confuse the opponents by asking the team mates to do more crossing under the basket. While I go around the court with the ball trying to look for empty slot for the the teammates to go in and score. Seems like it's working well coz we are leading the game with 3 balls scored ahead, and 1 more ball to finish the game ... Won the game by passing the ball to a un-guarded mate at the 3 point line...

The following games seems to be better as for some reason I can feel my lungs and the body is listening to me again. Score a few balls and the times is almost up for the court. 2 Balls from winning the last game ( 3 straight wins before this ), I tripped, badly landing with my upper butt on the floor. My whole got numb, I cant even move a finger. All the others were shocked and want to help trying to turn me around so I can have sit an rest on the floor, which they fail to do so as my back was so painful I cant even turn around and sit ... Kneeling on the floor a a minute or 2, and the numb was gone, I want to continue the game, and ofcoz end the game by winning the game. It's been my attitude since I start basketball when I was 12, I dont want to lose.

Game continue. The opponents dont want to guard me, guessed they were scared they will hurt me or I am not in the condition to score, which is so wrong. I went into the mid court where it was empty, and a guy came over trying to steal my ball, then I make the right turnover and passed thay guy leaving him at my right-back, but just when I wanted to make a jump shoot, another guy jumped and wanted to block me. No one to pass the ball and surrounded by opponents, shit ! Think quick and make a fade-away jump shoot. Swoooopp ! The ball flawlessly entered the rim and we lead the game by 1 score, 1 more score to win the game. The last turn over I was seriously exhausted, I can't make the run with other teammates. Watching fro far, a teammate hit the run and passed to guys that are trying to block, turn around with a layout, done ~ Game won by 1 scare and that's the 4th straight games we won ~

I used to thought " How should I win the game...How should I score...What moves they can make others stunned " Now I dun care lah, as long as I can get soak in sweat and hopefully lose a few KGs after every game will do. Feels so good to get sweat but don't feel great that I can't run as fast ....

Next Game, Next Week ...

PS: This morning woke up with backache, a slight twisted ankle, aching knee and abit bit or muscle pain at the shoulder. Sign of getting old ...

There are the updates for 2008 To Get List. Sponsorship are mostly welcome ...

1. D2Xs used, or D300, of D3( Should be in the DreamOn List ...)

Image from Nikon

Why a used camera you may ask. Coz the D2Xs has tough built for field shooting, I think the tough body can kill a cow ~ It's that tough. Other than the built, is the Speed. 5FPS or 8FPS at 6MP. Also the Grip/Handling/Holding of the camera are the best I've tried so far ( other than the Ultimate D3 ... ). All the above make my D70s look more like a plastic toy .....

2. 80-200 f2.8 AF-S used, or if no choice the 70-200 f2.8 VR

Image Google Search

Why I seems to like used stuffs ah ? Coz Cheap loh, and performs well where I dun really need the new features on the Newer replacement models. And the build and design of this lens is Classic I tell you, Classic ~

Before all these, I need to prepare myself and get a Ring ... you all know why right ?

Been really busy since the previous post, which is 18 days ago. Seriously lah, not that I malas want to update lah, is that I've been really busy, sorry for the delay ok ?

Last last weekend been shooting for a friend's wedding loh, from KL -> Penang -> TaiPing . Actual day in KL ( Sunday ), then a Pre Wedding shoot and dinner in Penang ( Monday ) then a dinner Taiping . You can imagine how tired is that ? ...

Actualy Day in KL..

Bride distributing Ang Pao's to the younger ones...

The Wedding Cake ...

PreWedding Shoots and Dinner in Penang

Pre Wedding shoot at Chong Fatt Zhee Penang...

Dinner in Penang ...

Dinner at TaiPing

Dinner in TaiPing ...

Now pushing both me and the computer's limit to process the pictures and pass to the couple when they return from Bali for their honeymoon.

Super tiring but really worth all the sweat to be capturing all the moments for the loving couples. Congrats to KC and Li Lian ~

A good news to share with you ... AhTak's Picture finally featuring at Photokaki.com frontpage.... Yay !!!!!


Link to the 1st series of pictures ...

Link to the 2nd series of pictures ... Enjoy the pictures and remember to comment yah ~ hehehehe


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