Yah ... I know it's abit late to buy this already, but me old man slow update mah. Since now I have a whole Saturday and Sunday to waste, so many playing PSP at home or Starbucks sounds cool eh? I think at least I will get Anyone want to sell off thier used unit ? Or anyone willing to update the price for a new one ?

Hhmm ... Maybe getting either one to start with .....

or maybe this ?

But mostly not ler, coz if I buy Naruto or Bleach then I can share and play with my GF ler ... The other games later lah.

The whole building that I am working at is totally NoSmoking, not in the office, not in the toilet ( i still wonder why ), so if you want to smoke and shorten your life, you got to go all the way to the Ground Floor open air area. That's from 8th Floor to Gnd Floor. For a 2min smoke. So, trying to save that 5mins from 8th Floor to Gnd Floor, I try to look for other place that is open air and can have a nice quiet 5mins smoke break. First come to mind is, the staircase. Which I smoked before in my college staircase, shopping complex staircase, and some other staircase and it doesnt seems to be any problem, hehehehe. So I did went to the staircase and find:

Damm ! NO SMOKING HERE ALSO !?!?! As what the board says: It's for escaping from Fire and for the Guards to meronda, not for you smartass to smoke ! Wah lao ... Fine, as they give nice reasons to ban smoking around, I will have to find amother place. So I walk back to the door and found out that it's locked. LOCKED ! LOCKED !! WTF ?!??!?! DAMM !!! So I start to panic abit liao, what should I say if the guard find me here? What if boss look for me in the office but I'm stucked while looking for a smoking place ?!??! Damm .... So I fast fast walk down from floor to floor hoping that I will find a door unlocked. But the security level in this building is so good and I think they are serious about the "NO Smoking in Fire Escape". Mahai og lan lah ... Got back to where I enter and start to think ... think ... think ... Suddently.....

Ding Dong !!!

HAHAHAH !!! How Blardy Smart I am ! I so smart to thought of using a card to open the door ! HAHAHHA. Also pissed ler, so scare ~ hahahahah. Felt a great relief after the first fresh air I smell behind the door ~ ooh... Then You know what ? I still go all the way down to Gnd Floor and get a nice stick of Marlboro...

Wow .... Last last weekend ( 20&21 Jan ) I thought I had a very tiring weekend .....

Friday 19/01/2007:

That was a late night Basketball game with my friends where I asked SK to come over to join, actually I forced him ... hehehe. As he have to wake up around 8AM so he can play late ( game start 1030PM end 0130AM), then I told him:"Wei, I got to wake up 6AM tomolo for a shooting ler .... " then he answered:" .... Diu.. ok lah, die die lah " ~. So I met him up in Leisure Mall Cheras around 10PM as it took me so many U-Turns to get there since I not familiar with Cheras mah... Had a great game with him but too bad he got to leave around 1130 plus, too bad he didnt see me show off yet ... diu .... hehehehe. SengKor, another game ?~ Come lah ~ I promise to show you more skill ~ hahahhaha. Reached home around 2AM ++ and still manage to get a quick shower and a few episodes of Baki before I collapsed, timed 04:15AM.

Saturday 20/01/2007:

Still manage to wake up sharp sharp at 6 and reached the Bride's place in SS1 around 630AM. My job is to capture pictures from the very begining of the day, which is preperation untill dinner end. It depends on what the client wants. Some want more pictures of themselfs, some wants more pictures of what's going on, and some want both. Ofcoz that will be differ in prices. Some think that Wedding photography is an easy job with fast money. No.. Hell no. You got to be always alert and prepared to what will/might happen and you got to make sure you are the first one to reach the scenen and capture what's going on, and ofcoz you got to make sure your pictures are better than those pictures captured by 'relatives / friends'. Lucky is that I have a nice client, the bride keep on reminding me to eat breakfast lah, lunch lah, make sure I get some drink if thirsty lah, also her mom keep on offer me Cha Siu Bao for breakfast ~ hahaha. It was fun taking pictures for the Loving couple and thier family members. It didnt take long for the morning session, I manage to reached home around 02:30PM after all the wrong turns and sesat. After a short nap about 30mins, got to wake up and prepare the pictures I took in the morning session for slideshows at the dinner that night, "Select select, edit edit, resize resize, convert convert , burn burn burn .. "

Reached the Restorant in Klang at 8PM sharp, and that's 1 hour late from what I promised, thanks to the rain + traffic + misleading sign boards... Just before the dinner start, the manager of the restourant came and told me that the SlideShow cannot play together with the AudioCD, huh ??? Yah, I "huhh" ..... Normally restourants that hold wedding dinner should have a mixer that at least have 4 channels: 1 for some video that will played on the projector, let it be Movie or Astro or SlideShow in VCD movie, 1 for the DJ/MC to do announcement of speech, 1 for the AudioCD to play endlessly as background music and 1 for .. karaoke ?! But dunno why this restourant dun have, somemore the manager asked me a stupid questions....:

Manager:" Eh boss, you CD is DVD or VCD format ah? "

AhTak :" It's AudioCD , normal AudioCD .. "

Manager:" Ehh ... then it's DVD or VCD lah ?!! "

AhTak :" It's AudioCD, standard normal one for CD player "

But she doenst seems to understand what is DVD, VCD, CD ..........

So I leave them and let them be stupid, not my job to settle that and I dun have to stand there and let them make me look stupid...

Anyway ... The Wedding Dinner went alright with alot of laughter here and there and so I was busy snapping there and here for the bride, and she seems to like my pictures too ... hhehehehe .... Now I can wait for the pay already ~ CNY Ang Pao mah ~ heheheh

Sunday 21/01/2007:

Beh tahan the tiredness and thought of sleeping the whole day at home, but I didnt .... I went gai gai with my GF ler, hehehe. Sunday mah ~ Ofcoz want to spend time with here ler ~

And that was last last weekend ..... Half dead ..... Then starting on Thursday


Basketball in Ampang with MaxKY and my friends from 11PM to 2AM, but this time I didnt watch cartoon before sleep ler, siao meh, still got to work on the next day ler ..... But surprisingly my muscles and as painfull compared tp last week, I think maybe I did enuff stretching, so my muscles are more flexible... So next time must stretching and warm up before game start.

Friday 27/01/2007:

Basketball game in Ampang again starting 11PM till 2AM. Tiring ler, and my friends are not really active to play ler, maybe tired, so the games are not really great ler. Hopefully next week can have better games ....

Sarturday 28/01/2007

Woke up really late and had late lunch and stay in the house whole day long watching movies/cartoon, and found out that, slept too much also get tired, damm ..... If liddat I rather go basketball for take picture lah, somemore the house so hot, just sit there also sweat.... Anyone sponsor AirCon ah ?

Sunday 29/01/2007:

Actuall day that I found out sleep too much will really feel more tired and the place I am staying now is very hot. So got to ask again ... Sponsor AirCon ? Anyone ? Beh tahan the heat and did some shopping in 1U in the afternoon, and scared by the crowds, I really wonder where all these people come from ....

Captured in 1U as I am amazed by his skills of making those paper cutouts ... amazing ....

Light & Shadow

Done !!!

hohohoh .... Finally upgrade to New Blogger liao .... Will come back next week see what's the new features and playing around with it. Now got to rush home and prepare myself for tonight's basketball game ~ Lets have a great weekend ! See you guys on Monday ~

It's been a long long long long long time we have seen any blue sky already right ?~ hhmm ... Mood suddently become good while I saw this view from the toilet, office toilet. How bout you guys ? Clear Blue Sky a head ~ ?

Also, I know that I have not been posting entries and pictures for sometime already, but AhTak.BlogSpot.com not die yet lah, OKAY ?~ hehehehe just being very busy mah. Just look at my table and you know how much of work there are waiting for be to settle them ... hhmm.... OOppss ... Got Work to do already ~

~~~ Clear Blue Sky Ahead For Everyone ~~~

Well. Since reading the manual or calling the TECHNICAL SUPPORT of Streamyx doesnt help ... I here to help ...

First of all, you need to goto the System Preferences, how to go ?

Like this .... Blue Apple logo on your top left hand corver, click on it..

After that click on NETWORK and select BUILT-IN ETHERNET .

Then select the PPP Tab and keyin your username and password. User name is either 'xxxxx@streamyx.com' or 'xxxxx@streamyx'. And make sure you check the 'Show PPPoE Status on Menu Bar'.

After the Username Password, keyin the above IP address, exactly what I show above.

Finale step. Click on the PPPoE icon and click 'Connect'. Don't worry, you'll see the word CONNECT if you follow what I showed, mine doesnt appear coz I am not using ADSL, ok?

If you are so lucky to be a user of D-Link/3Com/Whatever WireLess Router, please feel free to call thier help line or call the guy who you bought the things from, if you are using AirPortExtreme/AirPortExpress, call me.

Class Dismiss

Over the phone ....

Girl: " Hi, are you the IT Manager ?"

AhTak:" I'm in-charge of IT, can I help you?"

Girl: "Who am I speaking to ?"

AhTak: "I'm Wong.."

Girl: " Hi Mr Wong. I'm Elaine calling from XXX company, regarding ..... meeting/conference something"

AhTak :" Oh, I might be interested to attend, can I have the info thru mail ?"

Girl :" Yes ofcoz, may I have you email ?"

So I guess it was anthother telecommuterdoing thier job ler. So normally I'll just ask them to send everything to my mail and I will direct 'transfer' the mails to my Trash Box...

So, minutes after the call, I got another call ....

Girl: " Hi, are you the IT Manager ?"

AhTak:" I'm in-charge of IT, can I help you?"

Girl: "Who am I speaking to ?"

AhTak: "I'm Wong.."

Girl: " Hi Mr Wong. I'm Elaine calling from XXX company, regarding ..... meeting/conference something"

AhTak: " Uuhh ... do you think I sounds familiar ?"

Girl: " MMmm ... Yah, abit "

AhTak: " You just called me 2 minutes ago, ofcoz I sound familiar.."

Girl: "Oh !! I'm sorry, I must have dial the same number !! I'm Soli ~~~"

AhTak: "It's ok .... just remember to email me the info... "

Girl: "Ok , I will. Sorry .."

Even wonder how are the Giant and Ants are connected ?

PS Actions

Nice mou ? Please click on the image for largerer view to see the details. SeeFei, want more tips ? hehehe

Actually the effect is done using a PhotoShop Plug-in downloadable here. So you all folks with Photoshop can just download the Action and have fun ~

Been hearing alot and been looking thru the new features that offered by the new Blogger, such as drag n' drop templates, categorizing entries and many. So I decide to do the upgrading here ( the usual Morning Mamak ), but you know what they told me ?

Thanks, and I think I will just have to wait ....

Happy Happy Happy !!!!! Received this pair of baby as a gift for a very special occasion ... You want to know ? But I dun want to tell .. hehehehehehe. Just very very the special occasion with a very special person, my GF ... WoW Wow ~~ Happy Happy ~~~

Thanks to it, it reminds me that I am fat now ...

Thanks to it, I realised I cant run as fast before...

Thanks to it, I start to feel my tummy is getting bigger...

Thanks to it, I know I need 'Sports' badly ...

Now I am slowly picking up jogging, ateast an excersice to slow down the fattening effect on my tummy and to keep my stamina and health. Sitting all day in the office and do nothing at home make AhTak dull and sleepy all the time, that's not good.

Years ago I can say it out so pround :"Nevermind lah, no matter how I eat also I won't get fat one lah, got sport mah" Which is a fact.
:: Secondary school I play basketball fram 1:30PM till 6PM, then second session around 8PM till 10PM. My studies ? Who cares .... HAHAHAHHAHAHA.
:: Then when I go college with more work and less time, I go swinning. Starting at 500M every evening till 3000M non stop everyday ... And basketball everyweekends.
:: Now. Sitting in the office from 8AM to 530PM everyday and continue sitting/rest at home till I go to sleep ... how sad..

Now that I have the perfect shoes for jogging, I'm doing it everymorning since Monday till this morning I stopped. Why ? Becoz I so long time no sport already and forgotten the importance of Warm Up and Stretching, and I hurt my muscle, damm. Wei, not excuse lah, I really hurt myself mah, old man already sure liddat lah... I promise to continue tomolo morning okay ?

It happened on one of the 過冬 years back, when I was still in KK studying....

I made a call to my friend Steve on 過冬::

AhTak :" Oi, want come out YamCha onot ? Maybe go Pub ?"

Steve :" No lo, today cannot go out lah, is 過冬, dinner at home ... "

AhTak :" Diu ... ok lah ~ "

Another call to Pang::

AhTak:"Lao ban ~~~ want go YamCha ?"

Pang :" Diao ni lah, tonight 過冬 lah, dinner at home..."

AhTak:" Mahai.... ok lah ... "

Same answer I get from all of the other friends I called, I felt abit down .... Just when I finish calling almost everyone in my Address Book, My phone rings and it's from my mom ...

Mom :" Ei ? no go out meh ?"

Me :" No ler, all my friends staying home for dinner"

Mom:" Yaler, today 過冬 mah, sure stay at home lah, why don't go out have a good dinner, ask money from your dad lah, hehehe"

Me :" hmm... maybe later lah ... where are you guys ?"

Mom:" At Grandpa's house ler, having dinner with all the auntie uncle mah .. so noisy . hahaha." *people shouting and laughing at the background*

Me :" oh ... ok lah, maybe later I will go Ta Pao and eat lah ..."

Mom:" Ok lah... later I call you lah"

I felt tears in my eyes after I hung up...

I have no idea how much I miss my family, I have no idea how long I didnt see them, I have no idea how much of Love my parents have over me, but I am sure they loved me more than they love themselves....

If you guys have noticed the ' Visitors Counters ', there's been fewer readers coming over here already, I wonder.

Is that my entries quality drop ?

Am I not been funny lately ?

No nice pictures to see ? ( Never been actually )

Less frequent update, hence nothing to read ?

Or, .... I dont know ...

Have been busy with dunno what lately. No going out taking pictures. No going out YamCha with friends. Not exploring eat-places. No Happenings to share with you all. No nothing .. I've been really wondering what's going on, anything wrong after changing job/lifestyle ? Or I am not as adaptive anymore. Maybe just simple fact that I am getting older and less passion on everything. I just want to watch a few nice movie from my collection or perhaps more YamCha sessions with my friends ...Let me think, I have something on my mind now and want to write it out and share with you all, when I have time and the mood to do so.

Still Drooling

Continue from yesterday's post...

Well, the iPhone just came out yesterday and already so many people writting articles about it, reviews, comparison, and so on.... Well, here I'll just tell you my story.

I've even make a chart to show 'Why iPhone ?" ~ hehehehe. Comparing to 2 of my use-to-be wanna-buy. But there's slightly some problems/downside...

1. Internal Battery ... Damm, just like the iPods. Meaning you can't change the batt youself, anything wrong and you'll have to send to Apple Store. ( My Nano still running fine, after 2 years )

2. Short Batt Life. As what stated in Apple.com, the iPhone have 5 hours for talking/Browsing/Blogging/Porn. Where got enuff ??? But good thing is that the iPhone uses the same adapter as iPod, so I might be able to save the money buying extra charger ? hehehe
3. No 3G connection. Well, in Malaysia as compare to other countries like US, Taiwan etc ... the amount of 'HotSpots' are very little, so the WiFi connection might not be good enuff for most users. As for me, it would be nice if the iPhone have a 3G connectivity, so I can subscribe to Maxis RM120 unlimited 3G Access so I can get mail and write blog anywhere ( atleast no just Starbucks or 1Utama ).

4. Size. The iPhone might be tiny if compare to most PDA or some phones, but I think the it's not Perfect sized yet. In another way, consider it as an All-In-One phone that can save your pocket space for a Phone, a PDA to online, an iPod nano 8GB, ok lah. Also all the different chargers for different device lying on the floor, and now, 1 can Gao Dim. ~ neat ~ ~

5. Price. As shown on website, 2 years of contract with Cineger and you can get the iPhone 8GB at 599USD, that's excluding phone and internet usage. Let's do a direct conversion without tax and all other shit. 599USD x 3.85 = RM2300± . Mahal ? Can buy a cheap China Made or Acer Laptop liao ler ~ But let's break it up.
Phone + iPod + Internet Device, that's roughly RM800(a decent Phone ) + RM 1000 (8GB Nano ) + RM1000 (simple PDA that can online ) = RM2800 excluding the extra chargers and extra accessories for each.

6. Cant Buy Yet. Damm. In US the shipping date is around June, Europe en of the year and Asia Pacific next year, that's if Apple manage the get the licence from Federal Communications Commission in time. Also, in Malaysia everything also must be slower abit compare to anywhere else. Got to go thru Kastam lah, SIRIM lah, this lah, that lah. I remember last time when Apple just lauched the iPod mini and customer start calling already, "Wei, when can get ah ? Why so slow one? I better go Singapore and buy lah", "Hello, dun have yet ah ? Nvm lah... I ask my cousin's sister's bf's uncle's brother's father's good friend's auntie's grandmother's nephew to buy in US lah"... Blame who ? Economy merosot blame who ? Not that customer no money to buy, not that shops dun want to sell... damm, Toll naik harga lagi ....


10 - January 2007 Wednesday::

5:35PM - Leave office.

5:45PM - Ta Pao Prosperity Burger from McD@Mon't Kiara.

6:10PM - Reached home from traffic jam.

6:20PM - McD as dinner + 三分鐘先生.

7:10PM - Fall asleep while GF still watching video...

7:30PM - Awake by GF told to take bath.

7:31PM - Replied: " MMmm ...." and continue to sleep.

11- January 01 2007 Thursday::

5:30AM - Wake and prepare (take a shower ofcoz ) to send GF to work.

5:50AM - Reached GF's office, and yawn twice.

6:05AM - Reached the usual mamak and had breakfast

6:20AM - Finished breakfast and take out PowerBook to watch movie.

6:25AM - Found out there's WiFi and wrote this entry ...

Can tell I am tired ? I bet I am ....

It was last night when I was having wet dreams ...

Apple has finally annouced the latest and long been waited iPhone... Sleek & Sexy ... This lastest member of Apple family is a combination of iPod + Phone (with camera) + MacOS X + simplePDA ( contacts and calender ). Unlike any other phones on the market, iPhone is the first that visually dont have any keys to press, a true 'Touch Screen'. Let's take a look of the features ...

As a phone. iPhone takes Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900) + EDGE , with builtin WiFi and BlueTooh 2.0. Uuhh..... also a nice little 2.0MP camera that comes handy, sometimes. Ofcoz with those 'standard' features found on any other phones like Making Call ( duh ... ), SMS, ( Duh ... x 2 ), and MMS I suppose ?

Technologically advanced:

1. Multitouch. Revolution of Touch Screens. It's the first even Touch screen that allows more than 1 'touch point' operating on the screen, just like the MacBook/MacBook Pro's trackpad. PC users, try putting more than 1 finger on your Laptop's trackpad or you PDA screens and see what happen.

2. Running on OS X that doesn't provide BlueScreen and Virus and Hangs. Would be bad news for PC users as I guess they will miss those things 'features' so much.

3. Wireless/WiFi . Not anything new in PHONES but it would be 'essential' in the future phones, just like Camera and MP3.

4. Automatic rotation on screen depening on the orientation on the phone. Pictures and video become Lanscape if held upright, while if rotates the screen in phone were held horizontally. Cool eh ? Just like myCanon Ixus 60

Internet Gadget/Device/Tool/Toy which has the Safari as WebBrowser, a Simple Mail software, and Widgets, neat. With all that, you have things done daily on your computer be done on the phone itself anywhere with WiFi or Edge. Blogging in the toilet, MSN in the Pub, surf porn while GF is shopping, or maybe surf Forums whehn stucked in a traffic jam. Supposingly the iPhone support Map too, but I really doubt if it's gonna make it in Malaysia.

If you owns an iPod and you'll appreciate the ease of use when looking up for songs and video. I tried Sony, Samsung, Creative, all just not as sleek and the sound quality are far too much of different. If you are planning to get an MP3 player, I suggest that you have a little longer and get iPod.

Anyway. You or I are not getting the phone tomorrow, coz it will be shipping out in Update!: US in June*, Europe in YearEnd* and 2008 Internationally. Dun ask me why coz I dunno. I guess, it's due to the Telecommunication Service Provider. In US, Apple.INC have tagged along with Cingular, and those is Europe and Asia has not been announced yet. In Malaysia it would be either Maxis, Celcom or Digi, let's pray folks.


3 movies for last week and now I am officially, broke...

Curse of the Golden Flower:滿城盡帶黃金甲
Picture from somewhere on the internet

We watch this because Jacq has got 2 free movie tickets. She watch because it's free and got Chow Yun Fatt. I watch because got nice screenplay and boobs. After the movie I find that I might have watched 2 year's quota of GOLD and BOOBS, so much that I cant even sit tight on the seat... Back to the movie. I like the ScreenPlay, I like the color theme, I like the music and I like the 'little bit of' Kung Fu fighting scene. It would be better if it speak Mandarin, if there's not so many boobs to distract me, if the first Prince can have someone else to act, if Gong LI can be 10 years younger, if the Maid was dress less, or maybe dressless. Seriously, the movie as not that goods as how they promote it on trailers, and I think the major problem would be the story line. So says:" Luckily there's a good director, to make a dead boring movie interesting". If you happen to watch it soon, just focus on Boobs and Gold, or maybe Chow Yun Fatt...

Confession of Pain:傷城

Above pictures from confessionofpain.com

This on is way alot better than the 滿城都呆穿山甲, atleast I didnt fall asleep halfway. Story about 2 Policeman, palying a fool on each other trying to be the smartass, and ofcoz, the Good Guy wins lah.... Got Wai Zhai, my all time fav actor as the VeryClever and Handsome Police, Takeshi as the VerySmart and LanYaoYeng Police. I love the screen play of the movie, as almost everyscene you can just take it down and hang on the wall, it is THAT nice I tell you. Faded Colors on the history playback, Hi Contrast B&W on Crime Scene, ooh... so nice. You know who did it and how he kill the victims, but the movie still be able to make you to sit on the seat, slowly telling you why he did it and how he hide himself behind the scenes. It's really hard to find a good HK movie nowadays, this is a very good one.

Night at the Museum:晚上在妙詩淫

Jacq:" Wah, why you laugh so loud just now ? ", AhTak:" Funny mah ~ hehehehehe, I think you laugh louder than me ler ~" Jacq:" Wah !!! Where got ???!! You Dum Dum, I want Gum Gum .. HAHAHAHHA". It's been a long time I didnt laugh my ass out in the Cinema liao ler, maybe I am getting old or there's no good company to LOL in the Cinema ler ~ Well. The idea of the movie is very good. A divoced daddy trying his very best to impress his so they can stay togethe, but everythings seems to be so wrong untill he got himself a job in the museum as the Night Guard ........

Shortnote: I travelled nearly 2000KM within 1 months, driving... Genting, Melaka, Tangkak, Keluang, MidValley, KLIA, OneUtama BU 12, UpTown, Mon't Kiara, Zoo Negara, Bukit Jalil.... Sponsorship on tires, anyone ?

Well ... Got to say I'm very very the sorry for the slow update. Been busy and no chance to get into the internet with my laptop. Well, cam really remember what happened since it's been too long from the last entry, hehehehe. Anyway.... I was in Keluang for my Good Friend's wedding:

Balak and his wife ~ Gong Hei ~~ Gong Hei ~~~

Dinner was great but maybe a little bit boring ler, since Balak have to sit there like balak to entertain every guest, so no time to entertain me ler... :( But me, my GF and Lei didnt find ways to entertain ourself ler, snapping pictures and chit chat about while waiting for the food. The food was terrific, amzingly better than some BIG RESTOURANTS back in KL. Speacially the Roasted Duck, me and Lei die die want to think it's chicken! Where got Duck like that one ??? The meat was so soft that you don't really need to chew, so juicy that KFC didnt even come close, till now I still dun want to believe is Duck... cannot be... Huh ? Picture ? where got time ??? Got to makan ... minum...chit chat...take pictures for the couple ~ You know I busy man mah ~ hehehehe


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