Sorry guys for the delay of pictures...after so many days of hard work of selecting and deleting and editing them.... now all uploaded....

Guys, please prepare for the following items...

1. Glasses ............ Checked. ( see clearer )
2. Tissue papers... Checked. ( nose bleed )
3. Napkins ........... Checked. ( saliva )

It's good to go show/function with photographer friends, they knew almost evey girls that's in the show. Which means the girls can pose better for the camera ~ hehehehe

Bridgestone Tyres

This is for you, Devon ~

Sony Audio
At right is a friend of Carol, whom I knew from PC Fair. Promised to take picture for her since PC Fair till now. This is for you Angelina ~

Yokohama Tyres

Both are friends of BabyK (fellow photographer), great pose there you gals have. This is for you Jeniffer and....... forgot the name.

Dunno any girls in Nissan, so got to take picture from far far away ~


Spent most of the time in Toyota both, coz Rose Chin is there !!! Rachel is there !!! Awww ~~~ And both of them seems to know all of my fellow photographers, so spent time there chatiing and taking pictures for them ~ Both really the cantik to the max and friendly ler ~
This for you, Rachel ~~~


Another both which we spent alot of time on. 1. The models know and the photographers know each other. 2. Good lighting and the both. 3. Models have great pose ( They both are Pro Catwalk Models) 4. The girls are damm friendly to the max.
Here are the picture for you gals, Zucca and Jasmine ~

Note: More here. First few pictures will be the same as those in this entry, those at the back will be different shoots.

Very lam this song recently ler ~ I think I like the Melody very, and the fantastic lyrics... Playcount on my iTunes is 38 by the time I am writting this...

歌手:侧田 专辑:justin


Yo ~~~ Finally ~~~ Finished editing "some" pictures of cars... yes yes, I know cars are boring but i need more time for the girls pictures, coz alot mah, take time...

Actually hor, I think those guys who go car show falls into 2 category, is either to go see cars or go see girls. And most are to go see girls...Why ? Girls more than cars there mah. Most of the cars displayed can be seen on the road also, so why pay and jammed to see cars which can be seen on roads ? See GIRLS alh ofcoz !

Lotus.../Proton .... Heard some Ang Moh said:" These people are confusing, Lotus and Proton makes car together... so the car belong to Lotus or Proton ?"... I dun know ler brudder...

Suzuki Swift... Yeah, 1 of my fav car. Small , looks cool, and over-priced ! hehehe

This is the ones that most fit to my budget and ... somehow I sure look alot better than Kacil/Kelisa... dun you think so ? now VVTi engine somemore.... it's time to save money already....

Some.... Car deco painting/sticker.....

Mitsubishi, RallyArt.. convenient store ? Got Pens, Pencils, Posters...

Evo .... Sedapnye.....


Missed some pictures this morning...

Gen2 punya engine....

some Demo of Bridgestone's tires ...

Toyota's Concept car.. Running on Electric+Fuel one.. Damm futuristic looking...

Ford's Concept car... Which I dun think anyone will take it to camps ler, looks too good to have muds sticking on it.

Mercedes punya both.. With some new models displayed and some Models doing catwalk... Which is kind of boring also...

PS: Today damm no mood... May not be doing any photo editing and any updating on my blog.... damm no mood...damm tension....damm presure...damm fucked up....

Yeah... All pages and images are uploaded to server, so you all can proceed to my site by..

Clicking the image below...

or click

Basically all the pictures I took back in LD for Chinese New Year.
2004, when I first got a digital camera.
2005, when I got my second digital camera.
2006, while I am still using the same camera.

Been to KLIM yesterday loh.... Had fun with fellow photographers and the Girls there.... Well got to wait till I finish picking up the pictures and edit.. won't be long... will update you guys once I am done with them...

Added a new links to some of my older pictures with my idiots friends.... But I think it looks... too "busy" lah, or too messy, what do you think ?

Normally you don't see Political/Local News/International issues in And so .. This is the first attempt, hopefully last.

As you all can see from any newspaper today(25/05/06), everyone was writting articles or mostly complains about the Rise in price of Electricity in Malaysia, by 12% and effective starting 1st of June 2006... Most comments/thoughts of Malaysians would be "Wah.....naik lagi kah??, "Aduh....Naik naik naik, semua naik, gaji tak naik.." Which is very true. Few months back the Petrol Price was risen "abit, which probably will be another rise before end of the year, and now the electricity price goes up again. Walau....Really that short of money meh?

According to newspapers...
"Authorities said:

There won't be much affect on normal families, the extra payment per-month will not be more that a pack of cigarette."

If that's true, then wifes/girlfriend would be very happy, 1 more reason to ask the husband/boy-friend to quit smoking. But what about those who don'y smoke ? Kurang makan sikit ah ??? Or maybe throw away the TV and Astro ?... And also from the news they stated that "Malaysia still have the cheapest Electricity in South East Asia", maybe true. But they have forgotten than Malasian also are 1 of the Lowest Salary Paid country ? In Singapore, an office boy may have a higher pay than General Manager/Store Manager in Malaysia ? Some Assistant Manager will have more pay than a CEOs in Malaysia, maybe, coz I didnt do research on that. And I have a friend in Hong Kong, told me that she is earing RM6000 monthly in Hong Kong, which according to her that's consider "Low Pay" in Hong Kong already... Wah, cannot compare like that mah, there Hong Kong here Malaysia, different ~~~ But why are you guys "Up There" compare Oil Price and Electricity Price to Thailand or Philipines or Myanmar or Indonesia ??? Which their living standard or economic standard are much more lower than Malaysia ?

If want to compare please compare to stronger ( Economically ) country like Japan, Singapre, Hong kong, so that we can improve. Not comparing to weaker country which will drag down the Living Standard in Malaysia. Look around, read some news... If you have time to play Golf and attend Ball/party or some open ceremony of anything....

Alot of people think that, selling Mac is just like selling any other computer. Here I can tell you, is more than that.

I don't know what is the requirement for a Computer Sales person. Maybe "some knowledge" as knowing how to e-mail, go friendster and remember all the specs of the computer will do. Well, that's what i saw in any other computer shop.

Customer : What is the feature of this computer?

SalesPerson: Dual Core 2.0Ghz, 512 RAM.....(continue reading the specs from the flier..)

Or maybe telling the customer: Very Fast, Fast, Not So Fast, Slow, or Very Slow ... Which is all based on the "numbers" from the technical specification. But selling Mac is not as easy... You know why?

You got to know every answers for the following FAQ:

1. Can Mac open Windows Files ah ?

What kind of windows files ? Is that Words or Exels or Video files ? CAD files or UBS or maybe .exe files ? E-Mails or Websites or JPEG files ? If yes, how ? What software to use to open ? Compatible ? Any changes in format ? Need to convert ?..... and so on.. I bet one wont even know what is the different between Mac and PC if the guy doesnt own 1 or ever use a Mac before...

2. Which model do i need ah ?

Normally the sales guy will try to sell the most expensive model to the customer, why ? more margin = more commission mah.... Well, at least I don't do that. And that's why i am still a poor guy ... : (

3. What is the different betweem Mac and PC ah ?

The OS different lo, and more stable ...... You think a customer will switch system becoz of these 2 reason ? nah... you got to do better than that.... Basically new customer will have no idea what the hell is a Mac. So as a sales we got to tell them the different between and what is the benefit of using Mac..other than "Diferrent OS lo, and more stable....

4. Why the Mac's specification always lower than Normal PC ah ? ( They love to use "Normal" whcih refer to Windows/PC, and i have no idea why... )

Becoz.... they jam there.... Adui, how do expect a guy that never used/own a Mac to tell you that ler ? They are just here to sell lah....Punch card, sell machine, punch card, go home, that's it.

5. Where do I go for service ah ?

Oh, just come back here ,we ( we = AhTak) can handle services for you. Everyone in the shop is selling Mac, and AhTak is doing all the shit. Including service lah, answering all the "Mac Related" phone calls lah, what-ever to do with Mac, just not sale.

Man.... really can't take this liao ler..... Know shit about Mac and selling Mac. Get all the commision and pass all the shit to AhTak. I have been working in the Mac shop for about 2 years, and I have never sell a single Windows Based machine. I will pass the sales to anyone that is on the Windows side, coz i know shit when the customer back for service. Why cant they just think for my situation ah ? Damm..... How I wish my boss/manager/college are reading this.... You all need commision for makan I know, I also need what ~ No sales no commision I eat shit ah ?

Consider doing me a favour, don't sell things that you don't know. The worse insult to get from a customer is " You don't know what are you selling ? " or maybe watching you running here and there to pass the questions to your college.... Shame...

Try this ....

I "died" at 1:14" ..... how long can you tahan ?

Do me a favour .... right down your time in the comment area.

Was in my friend's site yesterday, and saw some of my friends were participating in the Tawau Some Singing Competition....

Dude that was living in the same neighbourhood back in Tawau.

Dude that was same school and neighbourhood with me back in LD.

Good Luck guys... To people who love music and work really hard for music. That's including you, AhPang !

All pictures courtesy of

Got some pictures of the latest MacBook from Apple, as some of the guy over the States already have a preview and got some pictures for it. Malaysia ? Next month ler.....

Well... The new MacBook have 3 models and 2 colors to choose from. But the Black one available only with the highest specs. Which is RM700 more for extra 20GB and Black in color....

Black or white ? I'll go for the white ofcoz ... If I am getting one lah~ hehehe. But my plan now is the MacBook Pro. Some new features. The new Power Adapter. NO MODEM (56k).... modem(56k)....who needs it? My place dun even have a phone line. You need one ? Yeah.... maybe it's for the fax.But you'll see an Audio-Input. Good for people that might want to do recording/podcast/audio production/MC/Singer/Cassette Digitization and so on.

New Keyboard...What do you think? I think it's cool...... looks really good in the picture, but not sure how would it feel when I lay my fingers on it. So far.... I think PowerBook/MacBook Pro have the best keyboard ever.....

Infra-Red port at the front. For Front-Row. Or later for some handphone connection or something..... something...

MacBook all comes with a Mirror surface which... I think it's a bad idea to have it. Can you see the reflections there? The Mirror thing might increase the contrast and brightness of the screen, for what ? The current LCDs that on iBooks and PowerBooks are good enuff, or maybe the iBooks' ones are not bright enuff. Bright Screens are really good for people who edit pictures or watch DVD OUTDOOR under hot sun. You do that ? I dont... I prefer nice sofa and Air-Con.

Black.... Some think it's nice, sexy and really easy to take care compare to a White iBook. But.... Black makes no different to any Dell or Compaq or even Acer out there. Even Sony are not using black, they are using purple now.... I just don't like black....But that's really a personal reference.

HAving hard time setting up the "Local" server on my PowerBook ler. Want to have the a Site Management software be setup on my local machine to do some testing before I want to run it on the server. Hhmm.... but the software meant for servers lah.. not local. So I somehow need to setup a "server" running locall on my PowerBook in order for the software to be able to run on my PowerBook.... Susah..... I think I need more time... But why spend so much time on that ler ? just use any other software like iWeb or FrontPage will do loh..... But....

My site can be very cool ler ~~~~

Yeah ~~~ Just did some updating to my pictures wite. Basically is just adding a "Gallery" page to it, which i think it would be alot easier for the viewers to go around the site.

Might want to make my site something like ... Update everyday one, got news for Mac lah, Photography lah, events lah, and something and also something something... but dunno got time to do or not... hhmm..... and now got no theme to start with also... hhmm......

This is how a Apple Store should look like ....

Please visit the site here

Thanks for the sponsorship JTKL ~~~

So now... AhTak got to spend more time learning how to do CSS coding already. Coz JTKL did show me some really nice website done uisng CSS.... Got to learn more already.

Due to no sponsorship at all and limited cash in my wallet. Will not be able sustain the .Mac which I use to kep my webpage. Now I am working on a Free Web Hosting. Will let you guys now the site once I'm done with it. Terima Kasih.

Customer: Hello, when are you getting the MacBook ?
AhTak : Eh, sorry, I am not sure about that,
Customer: Is that alot faster than iBook ah ?
AhTak : Yes indeed.
Customer: When can I get 1 ?
AhTak : Sorry, not sure bout that.
Customer: What lah you? You selling Apple you dunno ?
AhTak : I need to wait for the supplier to bring in the stocks.
Customer:You dun want bussiness izzit ? When can I get 1 ?!
AhTak : Maybe I can get your contact, when the stock is here I give you a call ?
Customer: 012-2122222, my name is LanC.
AhTak : I will give you a call when I get the stock, thanks.

Is not my fault also mah... no need to diao me like that ove the phone right ? You diao me the MacBook also wont arrive any earlier mah....Want diao go diao the ship lah ~ " Oi stupid ship ! Eat shit one ah ? Need so long to come from Taiwan to Malaysia?" Diu.... Taiwan wow Dai Lou, you think Cheras meh ???

Another boring morning to come to office...I thought...

Dang Dang Dang Dang.... !!!! when I go to as usual.

MacBook ... replacement model of the iBook.Comes in 2 colors and 3 configuration.

MacBook At a Glance
*1.83GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
*13.3-inch (diagonal) TFT glossy widescreen display
*Apple Remote with Front Row
*Up to 2GB memory(3)
*Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
*Slot-loading Combo Drive/SuperDrive
*Up to 120GB hard drive(3)
*Built-in 54-Mbps 802.11g AirPort Extreme wireless
*Analog and digital audio in and out
*FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports
*iLife ’06, Mac OS X Tiger

And black available only for the hi-end model. Which is:

MacBook At a Glance
*2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
*13.3-inch (diagonal) TFT glossy widescreen display
*Apple Remote with Front Row
*Up to 2GB memory(3)
*Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 64MB Shared
*120GB hard drive
*Built-in 54-Mbps 802.11g AirPort Extreme wireless
*Analog and digital audio in and out
*FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports
*iLife ’06, Mac OS X Tiger

Othere new features:

*13.3" LCD Screen
*Glossy Screen, 75% brighter
*Built-in iSight
*Comes with a a remote ffor Frontrow.
*New MagSafe Power Adapter
*Up to 1280 X 700 resolution
*Up to 1920 when connected to an 23" Apple Display
*Maximum 2GB of RAM (used to be 1.5GB)
*Audio input
*New Hinchs design ( There's none )
*No 56K Modem
*Comes in black

It's even better than the current 12" PowerBook, getting really close to the 15" PowerBooks ....

Getting one for yourself L B, I will be saving my ass up for the MacBook Pro...

Suppose you blog this last Saturday or Sunday, but you know AhTak is a very busy man ... Yes I am... How ever ah ...

Got a nice outing with 1 of my friend from forum PhotoKaki last friday. Great outing, coz I've got so many pictures that I like... Happy ~~~ Share it with you guys here...

Start from buildings first. In the outing I didnt take much pictures in/for the Koi Center, coz previous trip covered mah ~ So this time I take more pictures of Macros and Plants and around the Japanese Restourant.

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

Here is the entrance of the KLPAC. Something Performance Something lah, cant remember. Nevermind. Once you walk into the building you'll feel like somehow and artist already, the place really "ART" ler ~

Some wine display of the Restourant inside KLPAC. Cool ?~ I like the feel ler. Damm super khau khau de nice ~

See ~ Told you the place damm nice de lar ~ This is the stairs to the second&third floor, should be the studios.

Ok dudes, I really feel like Wong Ka Wai already....

Outside the building, reflections of the Sky + Clouds ... oooooo...... Good Feel .... I like that....

And here is how the Japanese Restourant Looks like, from inside. I really like the feel of this picture, thou it's abit blur due to handshake and out of focus. But I still like it, chui meh ~?

Another View ... They are displaying these Japanese Sake, hell alot of Japanese Sake.

Dun bother this, just photographed for fun.

Japanese Lamp hanging all around the place. Nice.... I sure want some of these when I have have my own house.

Ok.... Here are the Plants Insects and Misc shoots. No introduction, no names no nothing. Use you own imaginations. Or perhaps anyone here can write me something for the pictures ? I wll repost the pictures along with your poems/articles/writtings....

Have you been enjoying ? Hope you did.... And next week I will be going somewhere else for more pictures ler. Want to collect more nice pictures so that I can print them in Poster Size. So far I am still having hard time finding a picture that I think worth printing poster size.... I think I need to work harder on my Photography, or maybe more inspiration, or maybe a girfriend.... I think I need to get a LIFE...


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