I think some of you have knew that there a WIndows Version Safari long time ago. And just last week, Apple has announced a new version Safari 3.1, for both Mac and Windows. So please go download and have a test drive.

My gf have complained to me about my blog looks weird in her office computer. And I've finally see how Weird it is after installing a XP system and have a look of my blog with different Browsers. So please either use FireFox or Safari if you want to see Websites correctly, nicely and fast. And below are the snapshots of the different browsers with my blog.




You can download Safari 3.1 here, and FireFox here.

Good news and bad news !!!

Good news is that the MBP 2.4Ghz that i purchased last weekend are finally replaced with the latest MBP 2.5Ghz.

And the bad news is, the external HardDrive that I have TimeMachine in suddenly corrupted, just right before I want to use TimeMachine the restore all the date to the new MBP. So please wish me luck, am now trying to recover the data from the HardDrive. I can only spend some time here coz I HAVE TO wait for the data retrieving from the HardDrive.

Well, first thing first. I am so happy that AppleCare Asia have replaced my faulty MBP 2.4GHz with the latest 2.5Ghz ~ Yeah ~ And there's a long story behind the warranty/replacement precess, which I think I will come back with it some other time, the point here is, I GOT THE LATEST MBP !!!! WAHAHAH !!!!!!

So I have been upgrading from Powerbook G4 1.5GHz to MBP IntelCore2Duo 2.4Ghz which is now replaced by the latest MBP IntelCore2Duo 2.5Ghz . And that's 8 Generation in between !!! Can you imagine ? I try to cut out the technical things and try to make it simple lah, from my Powerbook to Macbook Pro, I have the following upgrades:

1. Faster Processor ( ALOT faster I must say ), which also allows me to run Windows on my MBP ( as if I will .. haha ).
2. Faster RAM, for faster software loading.
3. Bigger and faster HardDrive. Not really alot lah, just double of what I have in my PowerBook, that's 250GB now.
4. Bright LCD that's brighten with LED.
5. An iSight webcam, which I never use.
6. An Apple Remote, so I can lay on the bed and use that to control iTunes. Duh ...
7. Better Battery life, which is now 4.5Hours with WiFi and Safari, is use Aperture + Photoshop will drop to 2 hours.
8. A Multi Touch Track Pad for faster and more user friendly navigation.

there's more ... but I malas lah. Later I do another entry after I fully test drive the MBP ok ?~ hehehe. Now need to get back to work.

So lucky can get the pass for the show, infact it's the first time I join a 'By Invitation only' fashion show ... And thanks Vodka for the ' Gear Testing cum Poisoning '. A D2Xs and Nikkor 28-70 f28, a really superb combination.

All of the pictures are with minimal Post Processings ( Photoshop ), cause I want to see how good is the picture right out of the camera, and the picture quality if the camera is THAT good which makes me feel like throwing mine to the sea now ... :(

01. No Post Processing at all. Right out of the camera with AWB, which I will never do it with my D70s.

02. Used Aperture to removed the ' Too much Green ' light on the model's face. Picture still can see the green, and it's 100 times worse in actual lighting.

03. Curved to recover the Hi-light on the model's face. But still cannot save the Motion blur due to my lousy Tammy 70-300 with small aperture and slow focusing ...

04. Also removed the ' Too Much of Green' light on Zucca's face. Almost Out of the camera. ( Zucca hou leng ah ~~~ )

05. Point and Shoot with A mode at f5, langsung no PP.

Now got to save money for a new body liao. Sorry D70s, I dun love you anymore. HAHAHAHAHAH !!!

Just before I forgot how to take Abstract picture, and the overdosed leng lui picture in my blog ...

Feel like writing up something for the picture but, been busy and really have no time loh. Not like when I was still working as Sales in Mac Shop Ikano, as long as there are no customer around, I can do what ever I wanted ... Perhaps anyone one of you can write up something for the picture ?

This shoot was taken last Sunday, and thanks my friend for borrowing his restaurant for us ( another 3 photographers ) to use and borrowing my his D300, thanks Vodka for the very poisoning Nikkor 28-70 f2.8, thanks jon jon for organizing and ofcoz thank our playful model Cheryl for attending the shoot and come so early ... HAHAHAHAHA... 30mins earlier than me and 1 hour earlier than others .... Well, here are the pictures ...

First time using a Studio Strobe without knowing how to set and use, using other's Camera+Lens with knowing how to utilize, but luckily the pictures come out as how i wanted. What you guys think ?

Always feels great with New Machine ....

The very last item on my 2008 wishlist, but got it as the first Toy in 2008.
Now I need another 2GB RAM, a Wireless Apple Mouse, a FireWire CF Card reader .... bla bla blo blo ....

Got it last Saturday the EpicStore or something i forgot the name in Pavillion, will dating with my gf and waiting for another friend of mine to meet up for a dinner double date. While walking walking in the Mac Shop, I ask if there's still stock for the Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz, the say yes, so I buy lah on the spot.

Then when the billing are done, the sales guy bring me and the new toy to their Service Counter, to open up the new toy and check if it's ok, in perfect condition.

When the so-call technical guy open up the new toy, it's LCD starts to flicker, which is something that's not suppose to happen on a new machine ...

AhTak: Dude, I think i want another unit other than this one..
SalesGuy: Sorry ah, must let our TECHNICAL check sin, if he say is faulty then only I can give you another unit.
AhTak: OOhh... ( I didnt say anything, coz my experiance as, I will get a new one )

Then the so-call technical guy starts to flip around the new toy, opening the RAM slot and move around the RAM, reseting the PRAM and still the machine dun want to start up nice. Ofcoz lah, it's the LCD or MotherBoard problem, you expect to fix that instant ? Even if he can fix it, you think any so hai want to pay for something that's got problem out of the box ? Luckily the guy did gave me another unit that's working perfectly out of the box.

So, if you want better service, at least not the mac store in Pavillion. Try IT PLanet in Ikano or Mac Studio LowYat.


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