Nina : Helo, bang ?
Bang: .................
Nina : Rindu sama I tak?
Bang: ................
Nina : Ish, jahat-nya bang.
Bang: ................
Nina : I kat A-Pot dah, kejap lagi terbang.
Bang: ................
Nina : Oh, Nina rindu nak mati sama bang nie.
Bang: ................
Nina : Lama la tu seminggu.
Bang : ..............
Nina : Janji tak mengurat tau ?
Bang :...............
Nina : Nati Nina potong burung abang.
Bang : ...........
Nina : Eeeee, jahat-nya, hehehehehe
Bang: ............
Nina : Dah, I nak naik kapal dah, muakssss.
Bang : ..........
Nina : hehehe, I love you daah.

Disclaimer: I didn't hear anything. The conversation were just imaginated. Please fill the Bang's sentences with imagination.

First we have Miss Amber Chia to walk on the International Stage.

And now we have miss Wendy Lu, Miss Malaysia Tourism,
Second Runner-Up + Miss Newell: Ms. Wendy Lu Jih Chiou, Communication Executive of Sutera Harbour Resort (Contestant No. 11)

article from: here

Here I know that an old friend of mine is still ALIVE !.
I know she is working in Sabah KK.
That she is well-paid in Sutera Harbour Resort.

All the best to you !

For what I did, I felt guilty and I felt sorry,
Things happend between us, around us,
You were always there to cheer and care,
No one have never ever touched my heart,
it makes me feel safe and pampered.

For all we've been together,I never knew.
You have been the biggest part in my life.

I thought i have already found the love of my life,
I thought of showing you the wedding ring,
I thought i was ready,
yet I am not.

Work, get home,cook for you, have dinner together,
watch some tv shows, chit-chat abit,get to sleep.
when I woke up and breakfast are ready.
nothing more could I ask for.

Datings on weekends,share some time together,
Looking at the way you smile to me.
I should have show you the ring then,
I know you're gonna say 'Yes'.

I thought come here with you are stupid,
something I don't think I will ever do.
But I am here coz of you.
I wished to share more time with you,
I wished to be the one you want to be with,
I wished to shopping with you,
I wished to go Genting with you.
I wished ... to show you I really care.

Now I think everything have changed,
which changes me too.

I don't feel like calling you anymore,
I dun want to make things worse,
Don't want to ruin your new life,
Don't want to waste you're time.

Am glad to see new faces around you,
hope someone better will come along your life.

For so many nights I felt tears when i think of you,
For so many time I wanted to call to let you know,
For so many songs that will remind me of you,
For so much love we seen within,
For so much tears in me,
when you said the last Good Bye.


I don't believe it
I hate myself

song by: 优客李林

What Is in thier mind ??? Hello auntie uncle, you don't milk your kids in people's shops lah, somemore it's a COMPUTER SHOP !!! Heloo !~~~~

Family gathering or Milking competition ??? What the ?

So what's next ? Bring some BBQ stuff and have a gathering or perhaps bring some bantals and tilam ?

Nowadays ....

D1/2 : Tak ah, can you help me on ...
Tak: Soli ah, I got things to do...

D1/2: Tak ah, can you teach me...
Tak: Soli ah, I dunno also ...

D1/2: Tak ah, I am having problem on ...
Tak: Soli ah, I dun know that also ...

From now on, I am not going to teach anything or help the D1 and D2 on anything... ANYTHING ! I had enuff of their stupid faces and attitude.

You have no knowledge over Mac, that's your problem,
You dunno how to fix machinese, your problem,
You want to ask me questions? Pay some respect.
You need my help ? Nah, dun feel like doing it.

For customers that have problems and need help, but asked D1 and D2 first instead of me.. hahaha soli lah. I think the best "they" or you can do for yourself is to pray lah ~ I am not going to speak or even touch the machine. Uhh Uhh, No no ...

PS: For those who don't know who is D1 and D2 please kindly give me call or visit Cindy in my another branch at Low Yat. Since she is the one who invented it !

For years I've been dreaming of a steady and normal life.
Now I think've if got it.
No computers no PS2,
No GF coz love,
No cars and no house,
No friends to shit around,
No readers to comment.

Stuck in a routine life is somehow good ler...
Your life will be so routined that you don't need to think "what's next" or "who's next",
Since you are somehow been "programmed" to live your life ,

Live a life your way or the 'programmed' way,
your choice.

Remember that Ladies and Gentlement.
Customer is always damn right no matter what.

Why ???
Coz they are the one who is holding the money, and it all depends on thier mood to spend money in your shop, or not. Treat them as they are the king of the world.

If they feel like letting thier kids to pee in your shop,
please let them do it. And perhaps say "Thank You Sir" before they step out.

If they think thier 10 years old kid can handle the PowerMac G5 Dual Processor,
let them go ahead, but make you there is "Games" inside.
For them if the computer dun have games that's rubbish.

They always thought that people doing bussiness would at least 1000% margin over the price on the price tag.

Example: tagged RM 100 means that the cost of the product will be somewhere around RM1. So according to thier "theory", they DO have the right to ask for discount. "Aiyo, shopping in Malaysia must ask for discount one mah~~", this is what they say to me.

Go try to ask for discount in McDonald, or maybe ask for discount in LV or Prada or Gucci. The sales there would happily say :"Auntie ah, if you have no money, maybe you can look for the same design and better price is Petalling Street."

People doing sales also got mother, also got pride one you know. You have all the money in your hand doesn't mean you are the king of the world. Try imagine you open shops, and the same kind of fucker who have exactly your "style" of shooping visit your shop.


At last .... at last ......
After giving him some cimments on cameras,
giving him some idea how to take better photos,
after getting some expensive tripods together,
after been to the zoo........

He finally have some pictures onlined....

And I like some of it ... Lovely..

This is the address where he post the pictures ...Click It lah !

Been to the Zoo Negara last Friday with Ah Lei. Going to the zoo is not only for kids okay ?! Old man like me also can go to zoo !

Lovely animals around, lovely floras... Bad managements, bad cleanliness, badly taken care animals, never maintained cages and glass windows, terrible smells, toilets not easily found, not enuff softdrink-vendor-machines, the food sucks... and many more...
Could it be one of the reasons why not much people are going to the zoo? Or maybe people here in KL just don't feel like going to the zoo ? Perhaps they thought: "Aiya, go there for what?? TV also can see Lion and Tiger lah~"

The animals are amzaing ! Speacially when we play around with the Camel! Up close and personal man !~~ And the pony lah, and the parrots lah.. would like to touch the Lion or Tiger if i got the chance. According to Discovery Channel these animals are fiece.... but the one we saw in the zoo doesn't look like it's fierce, or maybe he is a vegetarion ...

But this one looks alot better to us... At least this one will walk around like Shopping in Time Square or something.

Accidently heard this conversation between a pair of Father & Son..

Son: They are selling iPod sokcs, RM199 for six
Dad: RM199/6=RM30 over riggit ?! Siao ah ? RM30 for a sock ?!


And when I look at the Mother... Her DIAMOND on the DIAMOND Ring is no smaller than any peanuts you see in nasi lemak!
OMG! Siao ah ?!!? RM10K for a piece of rock ???

Post Pictures first ... Later I will do some complain.

Saw this post from Tiuniasing just now, it's about a SMS conversation between them. His ex is trying to ask for a Handphone from him, and blah blah blah blah. And at the end of it the girl didn't get her new HP from Tiuniasing ofcoz ...

What girl really wants huh ???

First they want your love,
after that they want gifts,
then they want your money,
then want more of your time,
then want your life,
at the end your live.


IF you .....

1. You bought a BMW, if you dunno know to drive it, who will you call ?

B. SalesPerson
C. BMW Service Center.

Answer: None of the above. Should be Driving school.

2. You have problems with your BMW's tire, who will you call ?

B. SalesPerson
C. BMW Service Center.

Answer: None of the above. Call Tire Shops.

3. You have problem with the CD player in your BMW, who will you call ?

B. SalesPerson
C. BMW Service Center.

Answer: None of the above. Call Sony or Alpine or whoever, just dont call BMW, they hell know about CD player...

I am not mad lah, just abit of a curious. Why am i answering more calls than anybody else in the office ? Guess I am the only one who know what am I talking or maybe I am the only one in the office who can answer "Problem Calls" over the phone....

These are my Senarios........

1. You got a Mac, you have problem with it, call AhTak.

Hell no !!! Look for the answer youself !!! I won't blame you or get mad to you if you have already tried your best and still cant have the things done. "Tried Your Best" means at least surf around the net, do some testing yourself, look around the system yourself. Please do that before call me...Ok? Some of the stupid staffs in the shop have already been ultra super helpless. Consider a favour from me to all my customers..."Try Before Call, Call if you cant do it"
But these are still ok.

Someother customers ....... You tried your best and everything you know to help him over the phone or face to face. And if the customer is not happy with the result.
They fuck you..." #@$@$%@$#@#$#%^@" .......

If they dun get the answer within 1hour,
They fuck you..."@#$^%#$@^#$%&^#$%^"....before calling to some "Consumer Blah Blah Whatever Association" and complain.

If you cant give them answers on the spot,
They will fuck you..." #@$%#Q$T#$%#$%"......before asking to see you Manager, who will basically repeat what you told the customer.

PS: Thanks to Eddie you have brought me some cakes all the way from Penang.
Eddie is one of my customers, never bought anything from me that exceed RM200. But he is a good customer, not because he buy cakes to stuff my mouth. it's because he know what is he talking, when to tell, and he tried to bring all his friends to my shop and buy Mac from me.hehehehe

Not Again ...

I really hate surfing early in the morning. Just hate it when Apple did it again, amazed me !!! Damn !!!

Apple come out with a new software called Apeature. Something like Photoshop or PhaseOne... Or just the Extended superfied version of iPhoto.

Since the first day of the introduciton of Digital Photography, the quality of the prints have never satisfy any of the professional photographers. Untill lately, where all of the Professional on even some Mid-End Digital Camera have the ability to capture pictures in RAW, the uncompressed image captured as what the camera CCD or CMOS 'sees'. Confused already?

In the early state of digital camera, we can only capture and store the images as JEPG. One of the format widely used over the internet or as the storage, for it's small file size and quality. But the quality is crap when comparing to films prints, specialy in Big Prints (size larger 4R).

But thanks to the new Digital Cameras, which have the ability to capture RAW files, and the photographers has given it a name as 'Digital Negatives'. 1 downside, the file size. In my Nikon D70, a single NEF (Nikon version of RAW) cost me 6.1MB. Awwwee.... Big files means slow processing in slow computers like my 2 stolen PowerBooks. Even if you have Dual G5, the speen wont be amazingly fast too....... All that is before the intro of Apeature by Apple Co.

Get a quick tour in And try to make some effort to watch all the demo video clips there too. If you love taking pictures as much as I did, or, If you are a Pro Photographer, this is something you never seen before and sure will be amazed !

Moon ....

One of the must-have for Romance Movie... Guys have the habit to 'swear' to the moon that they will love 'her' for the rest of his life lah, will protect her from anything lah, will give everything to her lah .... blah blah .... and blah blah ....

To me, the moon represents lonely, sadness, and you .....

The Way
Originally uploaded by ahtak.
Been out with Ah Lei to take some pictures last night, didnt manage to get alot of great pictures.....

But we end-up to find that how nice it is to walk around in the middle of the road at night... The atmosphere can be totally different from what you were in the morning....

For me, night time is when I can 'stop' and think, think and realize, realize and learn, learn and grow, grow and get old...

Heard this song today ... Kind of 'Feel'
Maybe I am abit to early to think about .. 20 years ...
But I have been thru some of it...
Guess you guys out there will like this one..


what are u looking for


Kind of like to shoot Flora and some Fauna lately ..... Feel more energetic and more 'Live' can be felt thru the lens...
But seems that i am having some problem with the color... In Photoshop, the 'Red' appears to be more saturated and more attractive. ..... hhmmm..

Taken something at Moon Cake Festival, In Sungei Wang. Just no time to edit and blog it here.....
The emotion of the dancer is what that I like... It seems that all the dancers in world would have the ability to 'Freeze' the smile on thier face thru-out the whole performance. Solute....

Loving It....

This is a combination of 2 pictures, easily done if you know how to use Photoshop. The Sky is from Tawau and the coconut tree is from Pelangi Damansara, KL.

But this is one of the view that you will probably see it everyday in Sabah, if it doesn't rain.... Or don't have forest buring. or Fire Mountain (Volcano) spitting.... The thing is, I don't have time to look for coconut farm during my trip last week or perhaps I am not brave enough to stay in the coconut farm alone at night.

Anyway... I think it's because to the clean air and lovely atmosphere in Sabah, Stars ara no stangers to people living there. We can almost see stars everynight, and watching stars has become one of the routine for couples in Sabah. After so many years of polution that is still going on well in Kota Kinabalu, the amount of visible stars may not be as much as we can see in Tawau or Lahad Datu or other parts of Sabah.

Isn't it amazing ?! Man ..... this is first scene I saw when i step down in Tawau.... Amazing .... really Amazing ....
What can I say? ... I can even 'Smell The Eatrh' when the Air Steward opens the plane's door.. OOWw...... Nature..So Clean...

Haih ...... can't get used to it when i am using the company's PowerBook to write blogs .... Haih .......

One of the scene that you will see when you go to one of the most popular Hang Out places in Tawau, HighWay. Was actually a double laned road laid along the sea shore. Youngster in Tawau spend time here dating, racing and hang out alongside. Now they even have chairs and recreation park on beside the road, where some families will spent thier afternoon or day off there beside the road, but even it's beside the road, the air is actually less poluted than any part of KL.

There will be some dunno-from-where-illegal-imigrants staying beside the shore, as they will have thier own ships or boat. Everyday life will be on the boat as they will cook, sleep, rest and ' ' on thier boat. Trying thier thier best the stay as long as they could there which after a certain period of time, they can get a PR and live in Malaysia as Malaysia. The concept is basically the same with getting PR in some other country. Which is something I really dun understand. These people were actually dying to live in Malaysia, but some of our Malaysian will try thier best to leave Malaysia and rather be a second-class resisdent in some other country.

Again ....

Ahtak have just return from Tawau,
Ahtak have taken alot of pictures, which i think are great,
Ahtak have just lost his PowerBook,
Ahtak won't be updating this as frequent,
Ahtak want to thanks all his reader,
Ahtak will come back as soon he got a new PowerBook.

PS: Kindly let me know if anyone are kind enough to make any sponsorship for a new laptop. get me at

Won't be posting any entry for the next 3 days ( Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ), coz I will be going back to Tawau Sabah, to pick up the stupid IC, since I have no idea why the hell they can't transfer it internally from Tawau to KL, so I don't need to 'Fly' back to Tawau just to pick-up a stupid IC....

For the mean time, I will bespending time in Tawau with my Dad and Mom. Yeah... a bit of bullshit with my dad, talk about photography and stuffs..... then fetch my mom to pasar and hi-tea with her..... then drive around to take some pictures...

Well.... Got to rest too.....

Sorry man... Forgot to blog yesterday ..... Verry busy with my personal stuffs loh ... Been arranging my pictures in iPhoto and also a few methods to backup my files preperly. Also the music files I have ... got to rename them preperly and organize them preperly in iTunes....

Luckily i have this 2 software to help me out...

AnyWay ...

THANKS !!!! Thanks You !!! 謝謝 !!! break the 1000 barrier !! Yoooo So happy lah ~~~~ Have to thank you all man !!! Speacially to those I know you personally and those I don't you personally and may know you personally soon !! yeah ~~~ so happy !!!

What you saw may not be true,
What it seems like may not be what it is.

It has alomost become a routine for me that I need to somehow read something before I can eventually proceed into 'Sleep Mode'. I think reading is the fastest way to get your eyes tired, which direct you to sleep faster.

Other than novels, my favorite is 'Milk'. Previously I Read 東Touch. But I prefer now the layout of Milk, thier layout desinger and photographer that is working in Milk are damn good. So this Milk have really wide covegare on Fashions, Tech, Gadgets, Trends, Toys, Anime, Movie and Music, and sometimes some special issues with speacial topics they will have an article on.

Had a interview seesion with an International Super Star.
Since I have a long conversation with her, I need some time to edit the article that I am going to post here. Hang on a while, won't take long.

It's actually Xiao Mei lah... Remember the lovely beautician ?
As I promised her that I will take better pictures of her.
Here you go ~


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