I think I forgot to post last months Midvalley Fashion show's pictures ler ...

No smoking ? Dun care lah, I didnt see the sign mah. My back no eyes what ~

I was almost late to work yesterday I heard a conversation between malay lady and a malay uncle:::

Lady: Eh! Tadi call masih kat rumah, laju awak sampai?!
Uncle: Aiseh...Naik motor dik, tade jam, tade traffic, lampu merah jalan aje ~
Lady: OOhh.....

For those who dun know malay: The lady was asking:" You were fast, called you just now you were still at home ?" and the Uncle replied:" I ride on bike, so no traffic jam and no traffic light. Just go straight even it's red light" ... OMG !!! Can you believe that ???!??!?! It's actually no surprise seeing all those motorbikers driving like monkey swinging in the forest. Meaning no traffic light can stop them, then can ride thier bikes in whatever direction they like, park their bikes whever they like ( on pedestrian walk, CarPark without paying), ride in the middle of the road on 30KMH and block everyone behind them, overtaking during traffic jam without signals and always think that bikes are harder than car.

I used to feel bad when i saw motorbike accidents on news, but not anymore after knowing how the Mat Rempits ride their bikes. If they don't appreciate thier own life, why should we ? If they like to ride like monkey on the road, why should we tolerate and let them own the road? Didnt we(car owners) pay more roadtax and insurance than them ? They don't even have to pay toll le ~ Riding a cheap biki, pay less roadtax and still want to lan c ? They don't deserve sympathy when accident happens, they ask for it ...

Thanks AhLei for the cakes on last Sunday.

We we got really bored. We decided to waste some valueble time on a nice Sunday after, which is bake some muffins. Yeah...
Go to Giant for some ingredients and some cool drinks for the hot afternoon.

Looks good, taste good. My job that day was just to snap pictures and eat.

Saw this in YouTube...

Hope a great weekend ahead. Will be playing Badminton tomorrow in Sri Petalling.


What happen when you are tired and work got stucked ?

I go :::

Go for a walk, take a cigarette and relex abit. From my experiance during my study, I found out, "No matter how hard you think, it just won't work, it will when it want to." So chill out lah ~Relex ~

And a great surprise when I got back office ...

Alright ... Long time didnt see me ler, got miss me mou ? hohohohoh. Been busy lately lah ...

Few New Things/updates That I want to share with you guys, specially if you are using Mac.

A new MacBook have just put on shelf in Apple.com...

Specification for the lowest end MacBook as I think most people are more interested in the cheapest Mac how much?, also the most asked question while I am still doing sales.

New processor : 2.0Ghz Core2Duo
More RAM : 1GB
More Spare : 80GB HHD

Still hestitating if Mac are the right computer to get ? Ask May or Angel, both switched not very long ago ....

The next update was that Microsoft Office Mac Division have came out Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 0.1b (Beta) ( damm 9 long the name... ) for Mac users that have problem opening the new XML documents from Microsoft Office 2007 ( Win Version ). I am not sure if anyone using it already but it would be convenient to have the converter in your HDD, just incase your HI TECH or Very Updated friends just brought a copy from LowYat and installed...

And the last for today. Yahoo.com have just deicided to upgrade thier Mail service with an unlimited storage space, UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE AND FREE email accounts. That happened last night while early before, Google have upgraded thier Mail Storage from 1GB to 2.85GB for all accounts, and Microsoft also upgrade LiveMail and Hotmail accounts to 1GB Storage. Good move for all expect Microsoft, company so big so kaya and still stingy about storage space, ceh ~

So many many Happy days, was yesterday.

It's the the 10th month of us being together, it's Mother's Day, it's Hui Yi's Birthday~

This was last week. Just too busy to update ....

What should you do when you lost your wallet?

First thing is ofcoz to swear 99 the bugger who picked/stole/found and keep you wallet, that is to make yourself feels better.

Then proceed to the following if you are done swearing the bugger.

1. Police Station@9AM. Proceed to the nearest Police Station. I'm not sure if you make a report to the nearest Police station of where you lost your wallet or where you live. For me, I suspect I lost my wallet somewhere near my house, so that doesn't make any differnt. I go to the one in Uptown.

I must give an 'A' to the Policeman who entrtain me. Great Service and speedy process. All done within 15mins including of showing me the way to 'Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara' @ Kota Damansara. Also not forgeting:

Police: Cik, kena bayar RM2 untuk report.
AHTak: Tuan, dompet hilan lah, tak ada duit, macam ?
Police: Tak ape lah, you boleh balik...

But I am not that bad/stingy lah, return the RM2 after visiting the bank, which is also step No2.

2.Bank@9:40AM. Proceed to your bank, with the most money in your account or preferrable with the fastest Service. With Alliance Bank I am totally disgusted. Unhelpfull staffs with no smile on their faces. As if I am begging money from them, WTF ? First of all, I give the lady ( an Indian lady, still dreaming ) at the counter my bankbook and tell her that I need some cash and get a new ATM card. And the lady do her job very unwillingly...

Lady: Cik, IC ade ?
AhTak: Sorry I dun have, I lost my wallet, Police Report can ?
Lady: Ehh ..... you give me ...

Then she walk to her superior (on her mid 30s, not married I think) and talk talk talk for about 5 mins.

Superior: Cik, have you terminate your ATM card ?
AhTak: I have to ? I dunno that, can I do it here ?
Superior: No, you must go to the branch that hold your account?
AhTak: You mean I have to go all the way to Imbi?
Superior: Yes, and please call the branch, ask the number from Customer Service.

MCH ! Isn't that Banks will have the most Advanced and Secure Online Computer System ? I am so surprised that they can't let me get a New ATM card from branches, and it took me another 25 mins for those idiots to fax documents from Imbi to Uptown then only I can get a RM200 cash, WTF ? 5mins to apply a new account and 25mins to take out money? I should have just terminate my account and apply a new account and get cash, should be faster I think.

Alliance Bank, I give you 'D' for your services.

Uptown. Wasted 30mins just to look for a parking space.

3. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara@12PMAM. Any branches will do if you lost your wallet less than 5 times, and the 5th you must go to Head Quater. Thanks to the Policeman earlier and I manage to find my way to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Kota Damansara Branch, instead of go somewhere Klang so far or PJ Newtown so long queue. But I lost my way when I reached McD/PizzaHut in Kota Damansara, and I even went up the Toll to Ipoh... AAaaaAhh !!!! Spent almost 40 mins round and round and round and round around, I give up, I stopped at The Police Station and asked for the way. The Policewoman on duty was chatting with another lady, but still WANT to help me with the direction, she even gave me an easier and faster way compare to the Policeman ealier. Another 'A' for the Police Force.

Here also very fast. In total less than 15mins I think, coz not much people there and the staff there are fast, and with smile on their face, not like some Bank ...

4. After IC, the driving licence ofcoz. JPJ@1:42PM, that's where we go. I went to the one in PJ NewTown, another messy place with heavy Traffic and no parking. Spent me 1 hour plus to reached the place coz I lost again, thanks to the Helpfull Roadsigns.

After 1 hour plus on the road, lost, I manage to reached the counter...

Uncle: Hello, nake buat ke nak renew?
AhTak: Nak buat baru, hilang dah.
Uncle: Gambar ade ?
AhTak:Takde lah....
Uncle: Kena ade Gambar sekeping tau, you ambli gambar dulu, nanti balik sini.

Damm ... Went to PJ Newtown to take Passport size Picture...MCH and 30mins gone looking for a stupid parking.


Take picture and process total used: 11 mins. But Look for parking 30mins...damm.... Now I know why KL poeple so stress.

And the Driving Lincense. I waited about 10mins for my turn and another 10mins for the process, and I got myself a new Driving License. THAT's FAST !!!! Alot more faster than I expected, and that's why I have my PSP with me. An 'A' for JPJ ! Speedy Service !Good !

5. Back to the Bank, Alliance Bank@4:13PM. The one with a 'D' for it's service.

I thought I will get better service here, the Imbi Branch, but no. Same kind of attitude, also no smile on the face, everyone like dun want to work and go home, chit chat personal things and let the customer wait there like sohai. I give you a 'D' even I have a new ATM and renew my signature. So, Alliance Bank have 2 'D's .....

Ok, let's see the Standard WorkFlow-of-Lost-Wallet.

Police Station --> Bank --> Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara -- > JPJ

But I took:

Police Station --> Bank --> Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara -- > JPJ -- >Bank.

There's 1 extra Bank at the back bcoz of their bad services and I need to go all the way down to KL from PJ, get Jammed in the traffic during peak hour, waste time and petrol.... MCH


My New wallet...

After wandering in 1U for more than 2 hours. Looking for small size and small price tag. Not so expensive, just RM149 from JUSCO.

Will come back later with more pictures, ok? Got work to do ....


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