Hi all, this is AhTak blogging live from LCCT. Waiting a few hours in the Airport is like years for me at this moment .... Mom, I'm on the way back home....



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6 months passed by like a touch of wind, so much laughter and so much of moments we had together. It's not easy to come all the way here and it might be more difficult to go futher. But I am not fear coz I have you with me, doubt not I will be there for you whenever you need me ....

Do you Double Park your car always ? If yes please stop reading from here, proceed to the next entry. Else this post will make you think I offend you.

I am not sure about other area but there's a trend in Sri Hartamas. You can simply park your car anywhere you like no matter blocking the road or other people's car. Dun worry if you want to do so, all you need is just a paper/cupboard/manila card/any form of material that can display your phone number on you window. You can park as long as you want there as long as no one calls you about you blocking others. You may go to yamcha or queue in the bank for hours if no one calls your number, why waste time looking for parking? Just park lah, they don't mind one, got number mah. They will HAVE to call you if they want to leave.

The above pictures was taken on Monday and Tuesday in Sri Hartamas after work, while I was waiting for the idiot to drive away the car. For the first few times, I try to be polite and call the owners to drive away the cars, I thought maybe they are just meters away doing something urgent for a few minutes, but not....

. Coming out from a mamak slowly, slowly wipe the mouth, slowly start the car...

. Coming out from the bank 15mins after I called and give me a cheebye face while talking on the phone

. Coming out slowly from the boutique slowly and still feel like going back in for more cloths, and give me a cheebye face..

Well, if you think it's my fault to nicely call you to move your car that's illegally blocking my way, I will do it my way then. So after all those cheebye face I saw more that what I can take, I never call those owner, I horn 9 them. I want to embarassed them, I want the whole world to see who is the so hai that kena horn 9 9, and pressing on the horn for 10 mins non-stop is not something you can do everyday ~ hohohoh. Sweet. I keep on pressing the horn untill everyone come out from the shoplot and look at what happened. untill some Sin Ga Lan pointing the Phone Numbers on the window but I refused to call, I keep on pressing the horn. Untill the owner come out and show me some cheebye face, and ofcoz I will show him a cheebye face is return, and I really hope that those so hai will come down from the car for a fight, so I can call the police to come over to and see more cheebye face from those so hai ....

It's not the first time actually things like this happen in Sri Hartamas. You can expect your car to be blocked by these kind of idiots atleast 4 times a week, sometimes if you are lucky, you might be blocked by the same car. If you know the place is hard to find parking, then come out earlier lah, if you know that it will take a while for you to settle your stuff, look for a proper parking lah, dont blardy hell block the whole world for your own convenience.

Don't ask me how, when, where, but I just bang my car. Damm . So these few days I will have to rely on Taxi going to work and going home. Well these are what happened when you have a car but don't actually having it.


I send me car to the workshop to be fixed before going to work, and that's around 8AM when the shop were just opened and apparently I am the first customer. SO after showing the mechanic what's the damange and asked hem what is the price that I need to pay to the repair. Called a cab after everything and waiting for less that 5mins I have a taxi waiting for me infront of the shop, nice... But I am kind of surprise looking at the meter showing RM13.40 and the taxi driver tell me:" Boss RM13.40 + RM2.00 for call cab and RM2 for the toll" . WTF ??!! RM17.40 from Kota Damansara to Mon't Kiara ??? Wah lao... If that's for petrol I can travel 5 round trips from Kota Damansara to Mon't Kiara already !!! Mahai .... Nevermind ...

Then later afternoon finished work, I took a taxi to Kota Damansara again to pick up laundry before going home. I thought It would be easier if the taxi driver is nice enuff to wait for me out side while I go pick up the laundry, and yes, the taxi driver is a nice person. But the laundry is not. When I arrived they told me that my cloths are not ready yet and have to wait for half and hour. So what to do ? Takkan I take the taxi back home and come out again later, right ? So I paid the taxi driver RM13 and thanks him. So I wait ... and wait ... and wait for half and hour untill my cloths ready and called for a cab. 6.30PM.

Operator: Afternoon, what is your address and where are you going?

AhTak : I need a taxi from Palm Spring to BU12. ( and told my phone no and adress )

Operator: Let me check for you and I will call you back IN A SHORT WHILE.

So I wait ... and wait ... looking at those empty taxi passing by at the roadside. I thought I called the station so maybe i should wait for them to return the call. Well I did and waited for 20mins and beh tahan...

Operator: Afternoon, what is your address and where are you going?

AhTak : I called 20mins ago, need a taxi from Palm Spring to BU12.

Operator: Oh really ? I will check for you, please hold .

And that stupid lady hold me on the phone for over 3 mins, I forgive her for not knowing that I call using a mobile that's low batt ....

Operator: Sorry sir, no taxi.

AhTak : Huh ? Can you try to get a taxi for me ? I really need to go home.

Operator: Eehh ... I will try and call you back.

I don't want to be stupid again so I walked accross the road try to stop a taxi by the roadside, and that's another 30mins standing by the roadside with my laptop bag and laundry and in my working suit looking like a sohai. Damm .... Reached home 730PM after paying RM for the taxi. Sekian Terima Kash ... So total up I've spent RM40.40 just for going to work and going home after picking up laundry, MAHAI I really wonder how I can go with Shell for that RM40.40 ...CCB... By the way, I didnt recieve any 'Call you back' from the lady operator untill now ...

Hi hi everyone ~ How's your weekend ? Got miss me onot ah ? HEHEHEHe... I had a great weekend ler ~ Just abit tired cause too much sleeping at home ler, but I guess I do need more rest so I can enjoy 9 9 when I go back to LD next week ... izzit next week CNY ?

OK ! Here's a restourant I want to recommend for all the Hakkan Ngin and all those like to eat hakka food. What so unique about Hakka food. Well, from what I understand is that. Hakka food are normally/mostly/usually are more heavier in flavour compare to other Chinese cuisine. Back to the shop. It's located somewhere in Kota Damansara but I forgot the exact location, but I think it wouldn't be a problem if you guys want to find it, since Kota Damansara so small. If cannot find call me lah, I will just ask for a meal ~ hehehe

I really like the food so much coz it reminds me of my mom's cooking, that I straight away call my mom after dinner. ( I am half a Hakka from my mom's side )
Canto: Nga Bou Dau Fu. Hakka: Nga Bao Tiu Fu. We have it for the first visit. TauFu are cook in the pot with some mushrooms and finely cut pork. And with an egg at the bottom that we didn't realize untill we halfed the dish, nice touch chef ~

Canto: Nan Yu Zha Yuk, Hakka: NanYu Zha Ngiuk. I had this both for the first time and second time I visit the shop. I love the crispyness of it. Meat and the fat portion are just to perfection to me. But it might be too fat for those who are on diet. It need some skills to cook it so crispy even the fat, if the chef are Lau Yah chef, sure the fat portion will become jelly-alike hence it would be disgusting to eat such.

A bowl of soup that comes with any dishes with rice. This one is carrot with Dried Oyester + Pork. Very nice also but I think there's alot of Ajinamoto. Not sure, will find out on next visit.

On the top is Canto:Mui Choi Khau Yuk, Hakka:Moi Choi Kiu Ngiuk. And the bottom is Canto:Wu Tao Khau Yuk, Hakka:Wu Tiu Khiu Ngiuk. Both are traditional famous Hakka dish. Differences are, the one on top is Pork + Preserved Vege and the one at the bottom is Pork + Yam. Both are totally different in taste even they look the same. You got to pay RM16 for each to try out as I really dunno how to descride how tasty they are... Really really Zheng ah !!! ( also not for those on diet leng lui )

Note: Please don't ask me about the picture size, I also dunno why liddat. Maybe is the differny resolutions on my camera and my phone's camera.

Adium Updated

Yup yup ~~ The so famous Adiumx has been finally updated to version 1.0. With over 600 new features + Bugs fixedNew features including:...

.Support of more IM ( instand messaging Protocals )

.Support MSN Emotion Icons

.AIM File transfer

.Yahoo Invible Mode

.Google Talk Emotion Icons

.New User Interface

.And many more ......

Please go forward to the official website for more info...

Download here ...... Information of updates


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