I guessed I have learned alot these few weeks. All sort of stuffs.

Have you read Romeo and Juliet? I am so jealous and admire that both of them have the guts to believe so much in love, enough to be against the world, enough to die for each other, enough to make the you and I to believe in love. Love has always been one of the most beautiful thing our Mighty God ever made for us.

Sunset will never be perfect if you are seeing it alone,
Nights will never complete if you sleep before calling her,
Dreams will never be sweet if you dont see her there,
Dinner will never be lovely without sharing the pieces with her.

You know you loved her and she is the one you've been looking for. And? ..... What goes next ?
Want to call her? Go ahead,
Want to date her? Go ahead,
Want to ............. Stop and think.

You love her and she loves you doesn't mean happilly ever after.
Have to make her happy, have to make the parents happy, need to get a car, then get a house, the get some money to travel around the world with her, then ........

What if her parents are not ok with you ?
What if her friends don't like you ?
What if she tell you that you are not the man for her?
What if she saw this blog ?


Parents will tell her you are not the best guy they seen,
They will start talikg bad things about you and make her away from you,
She will throw you into the deepest sorrow and look for a new guy,
Let her be, let her know and make her understand what i always wanted to say.


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