Mrs Lemon

One of the ingredients for Ah Lei's Lemon-Flovored Cheese Cake.

Lemons are widely seen in the production of perfume or air-conditioner, because of the scent of it.
Also dunno from where some guy some how invented a kind of drink called Lemon Tea, mostly served cold, Iced Lemon Tea or Lemon Teh Ping in Sabah. Dun try to order Lemon Teh Ping in KLs' mamak. No such thing one. They have only Teh O Ice Limau which is 2 total different thing.

It all started when i meet the guy call Ah Pang, Zero5phh.

It was in the early stage of my return to KK. Then i Meet up with this guy call Ah Pang. He was in Informatics KK, my senior. We be friended in basketball court (90% of my friends were from basketball court).

Pang is the guy who reminds me that I still can play guitar. He reminded me that i still like Beyond. He pulled me into his band. This so-called band was founded by him, initial members were only me, him Hok Yan and another one i forgot the name, since this guy who i forgoten his name was not long in the band. Most of the songs we played was Beyong, some stupid english songs and Mayday. So..... Pang as the vocalist and co-guitarist, play guitar and bass and sometimes drum, Hok Yen play durms or guitar. And what can i say bout this band is ... totally shit. hahahhaha.

Untill we meet a friend call Steve. This guy owns a guitar shop, so i think i can shorten the intorduction for him. Steve owns a guitar shop, so you guys know how good is he....
Steve take care or Guitar Solo. Sometimes back-up in rythems too. He too show us how a proper should look like. So he carry out some training for us, from a guitarist, i am taught to be Bassist in a very short period of time. Before that I never knew what the hell is bass.

This guy here is Hok Yan. From a guitarist, Steve wanted him to be the drummer. He might not be the best drummer I ever met, but he did his job very well.

Picture taken in the band room we normally visit. RM25 an hour. The guitars provided are craps, the sound system sucks, the smell stinks. Yet we have alot of memories there.

His voice is not bad. Pretty good in low and mid. Most of the time me and Steve will help him out in the chorus part and I will switch with him in the High key part. Since I can 'shout' better than him.HAHA

Yeah.... me the bassist. From the idiot that dun even know what is Bass and ended up playing Bass solo with 6-strings Bass. I still love Jazz the most.

Black and White means ' Past', 'Histoy'... I think all of us grew alot from where we started. Pang cant even hold the cords properly initially,but he is composing songs now. Steve was so slim back then, now he cant even fit into a Kancil. I was so handsome back then, now look like piece of shit. and Hok Yan, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ???

Guys, better start practising if you still remember we were the members of Bidax ! I am still playing Bass now. Hope I can have a Jamming session with you guys when I return back too KK.

Really have to thanks you guys out there for reading my blog. Really happy. Havent thought of going this far man. And never thought of having this much of people read my blog. Really have to thanks you guys and thank god.

Soli Zero5phh. I GOT THE 888 !!! YEah !!!

Yeah... This is a Yamaha 6 strings Bass Guitar, with a active Pick-Up.
The sound come out from this guy can be Kick-ass super Bass,
or really warm bass sound. One of the favorite bass guitar.

This guy been to lots of places with me.
Most of the time me and him will stay at Steve's shop and practice.
Sometimes I will bring it home to jam with Rainer and the band.
Once jammed in Palm Square KK, Sabah,
once SugarBun KK, Sabah.
Countless times in Steve's shop and band rooms.

It all started with a guy call Steve.

Teach me what is bass ...........

The story continues ...........

Again ....

Tak = Me , CUT = Customer over the phone.

Tak: Morning XXX ...
CUT: Hi morning, I am wondering where can I check the price for Mac products ah ?

1. Ladies and gentlement. I think my company name sounds obviously that we are selling Mac. I think I should know the prices pretty well.
2. If want to know what number to call for Mac prices. Call 103, or flip Yellow Pages.

Tak: I think I can help you on that.
CUT: How much is the iTalk ah?
Tak: It's RM199.
CUT: Is that the same price all over the world ?
Tak: Haha, I am not sure bout that.

Man, the furthest I have been is Singapore, while i was age of 10 or less. How the hell am I surpose to know? OMG ...

CUT: Do you know how to use the iTalk.
Tak: Yes, it's just plug and play.

Come'on, stop making me to think that i am stupid. Working in a Mac store and hell dun know how to use my products?

CUT: Do you have easy payment ah ?
Tak: Yah, Standard Charted and Maybank ONLY.
CUT: Do you have EON or Public or ....

You have any idea the meaning on "ONLY" ???
Totally speechless...........

Sitting on the counter and answering phone calls can be the most entertaining job in the world ~ since you will be answering all sort of funny phone calls. Try to make themself funny so they get discount or try to make you look stupid and you give discount. hahaha. What a World, Lovely ....

Meat Eater

When Meatballs are served in Ikea restaurant

Done ....

Obviously I am a meat eating animal.Carnivorous, for example: Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Cheetah, these are all codenames for Mac OS X and there are all Carnivorous. These animals feeds on animals that move on the land, fly in the sky or swim in the water.But not really on those which swims, I hate seafood.

Anything that grow from soil and it's green, NO.
Grow from the soil and it's white, No.
Including Potatoes and winter melon.

According to my mom, my Health Consultant. Eating Vegetables is very good for my health and it will eventually makes my shit smell nice, I think she means less smelly. But ah, I can't agree on that lah, since I never go toilet without my Marlboro, so sorry mom, not comment on that.

Well, according to my Biology text book. Fibers which are widely found on Vege and fruits Does help in the process of digesting, how? I forgot.

I remember my parents even threaten me, persuade me, and cheated on me. Say: Eat 1 piece of vege and I get a toy, this is normally from my dad. Or, Say: Eat cane or eat vege, your choice, this normally from my mom. But AhTak have his on thinking... Put the vege in his mouth and puke it out after he gets the toy, or, run before he eat the cane from his mom. Smart boy he is.

But seriously guys. If you dun have particular reason for not eating vege, please eat more vege lah. At least you leave a good image to whoever go to the toilet after you.

Hhhmm..... every girls seems to be crazy bout these Teddy Bears. Really don't know why lah. Cute ??? Maybe lo....

I don't know but ... it seems that either of one these fella will appear in Ladies' or Girls' room, or maybe in your car, or maybe on her bed...

Seems like Teddy is been choosen to be the best present no matter on what kind of occasion.

Valentines Day lah ...
X'mas lah ...
Birthday lah ....
Blah Blah Anniversary ...
And so on ....

If you still have no idea what to buy for the Big Days, Teddy won't be wrong.

Honestly i am not a very big fans of Amber ......

But since I have been seing her sooooo often these few day. On almost every mags lah, sign board lah, TV lah, news paper lah...ENOUGH !!!! Too Much !!! Aduh ..... terlampau manyak lah boss. Leng Lui also if you see her everyday will get bored okay ?

Picture above awas taken long ago in 1 Utama. She was invited to CatWalk a Bridal whatever. So I went there just for her lah. As I saw that's a huge mega differences between Amber and 'others' while they do CatWalk. I am not 'PRO' in CatWalk or Fashion Shows. But I do like seeing Amber CatWalking ..... Full of confidence.

Also because she is a Sabahan, must support sikit lah ~

I have no idea why it took me whole day trying to upload this picture.... The internet line too slow ??? Well then i have to thank Streamyx for that.....


Think really does look so different when you look at it at different agle, different mind set, different mood or even with different people....

No mater what that may change the way things look like ....
A Baby tomato is still a Baby tomato ...

Thank you a million beribu-ribu thank you 謝謝 Terimah Kasih ~~~
For pilling up the numbers in my counter. Can you see the numbers in my counter ?

It's " 733" , which means 733 people have read my blog while i am writting this entry !!!

Aww !!! Whih really would means alot to me....... I am so touched ...

Sometimes I hate Friday. As it's my off day and I have no better things to do other than go to KL and waste time... OR.... sleep at home and waste time.... OR ..... go around town to take pictures and waste time....

So, today AhTak have decided to do something very meaningful, for my own sake. If I am not mistaken, I last tidy up my room was months ago...

TIDY= Mop, sapu, assets arrangement, cabling, MASIVE laundry and vacuum.

Now only i know how difficult it is to tidy up AhTak's room. Thanks Mom, thanks ex-gf.

1.Started off by removing everysinglepieceofshit in my room. Took me 1 hour plus.
2.Vacuum the floor and found something interesting.
3.Mop the stupid floor. Ajax Fabuluso ~~
4.Then sapu the floor.
5.Re-arrange all the books and CDs and DVDs i've got. Hell alot i tell you.
6.Re-do all the cabling as in extension-plug, wall-plug, and speaker cables.
7.Tidy up the cabinet.
8.Clean the Fan. (heavily dusted)
10.Make sure everything is clean.

I thought i came to KL with 2 bags only, how come it took me 1 hour plus just to move everypieceofshit of my room > I have no idea man.

I am surpose to show the "Before N' After" picture.. but ah .... Only the 'After' should be enough lah....

Ladies and Gentlement, here are the shit being removed from my room. You really have not idea how much effort i put to have all this shit taken out from my room. Also the bed and computer boxes and camera boxes with were not shown here.

Ok, here is the 'tidy' version of AhTak's room. No differences ???

No Waiting !!!

Just Arrived in Lei's house, and was sooooooooo hungry...

Me: Lei, got things to eat or not ??? Hungry lah ..
Lei: Dunno lah .. you see in the kitchen, i think got some

Then i saw Instant-MiHun, instant-Mee, instant-tea, instant-koropok, then was this .......


Staright awasy I took it out from the cabinet and ..... Lei, come let's eat. No need to wait for Seng Wah.

Seng Wah bought this before he went to UK.
So....... Seng Wah, not need to worry what you left behind, we sure will take 'GOOD CARE' of it !

I think I break my own record ! 4 entries in a day !... nothing to cheer about actually.

Saw this sign in Ikano Power Center Public Toilet.

I understand why they put "No Squating Please", so you don't break the jamban and hurt your lovely ass.


I don't see anything wrong with "Smoking While Shitting". Really...
I mean to most of the human being on earth now, the only privare time would be in the toilet. Can you guys just leave us alone 'inside' ??? I don't think the shit smell any better that Marlboro or Dunhill for some. If you can complain the smoke stinks, try go complain to the management about the smell of the shit.
Second hand smoke kills? I am so sure that "shit" can kill you faster with all the germs inside.

I thought "Seen It, Been There, Thought That, Snap it!~" is suppose to be a blog with Pictures (cool pictures) and some sentimental writtings that can touch the whole world and soak it with tears? Ah Bill and others start complaining the contents of my blog already..... Too 'Re-mixed' wah ... like 牛雜.
hhhmm........ Dunno lah, i am a gimini, so cannot blame me for changing my mind, i got 2 minds living in the same soul. It's kind of difficult sometimes. As Mind 'A' feels like eating Cheese cakes but Mind'B' reminds Mind'B' that AhTak is on diet...

AnyWay .....

Love pretty much like a 'Burst' ... Relationship between us.
It started off with a burst.
Were those touches.... Were those smiles,
Were those calls...... when those nights i miss you,
And realized we love each other so much ...

When you think I am not the one,
when you don't need my calls,
when you don't miss me before sleep,
when everything burst .....

Everything was gone far,
places we been will not be important,
thing we did will not be rememered,
I knew i lost you .....

Got this sound clip from Bouncing along life .

Coustion: Explicit content. So please dun open this in the office, even if insisted, make sure to put on headphones or turn your speakers volume very low......

Courtesy of tiuniasing from Bouncing along life .

Well, seems like the whole is still overwhelmed by Man with POWER and Man Of Rudeness, and dominated by them.
So when you get yourself into any trouble, make sure you are loud, louder than anyone there, make sure you are rude, as un-educated as possible, you win !

Today i ....

Finally bought myself an Insurance, well haven't make the payment yet lah. So According to the Guy, Rainer Yong ( kaki band, kaki minum back in KK last time), i am hell not insured yet till i make the first payment. RM200 for the first month since that i don't need to pay for the second month, then continue on the third month....

Well, I think i had alot of 'Insurance Salesman' approached me. But why i didnt get my insurance from them and get it from Rainer ?... I think because he is Flash in his presentation..... And i guess 90% of the 'Insurance Salesman' still using PowerPoint or something ??? Update lah .....

Also what make me feels good along the conversation is that he didn't tell me what is the payment like .... what will i get back ... or stuff like that. I can see the confidence and trust from him. So i signed.. Damn ...

What really make me buy is that when it comes to the end of the presentation. He straight away take out the form, start asking my name and my parents name, ask me if i got any illness...... then

Rainer:" Please sign here if you are ok with the borang.... "

I mean .... I dun even have time to think if this is good for me .. This is a good one ! Dont let the customers to have time to think if they are buying the product or not, just make sure he feels like buying it. Done !!!

But insurance won't be wrong right ? Least my parents will get some money if i am dead, or limbs kena chop ( Rainer says at least 2 limbs choped then get money, 1 choped cannot).....

I dont's know you guys, but I see alot of diefferences between these 3 pictures. The First 2 was taken By AhTak a year back, and the last one was taken by me last night using the same camera ...... Only diffrences maybe the way I look at things and Lei Lei's tripod.

Same place, same people and same camera.

I think I have grow alot within this 1 and a half year staying in KL. I tried losing things which is used to be very important in my life, tried gaining things that I can never get if I stay back in Sabah. As all the friends who came from Sabah like me, get to know some new friends and colleagues here in KL. Meet up with so many peoples and learnt so much from these people here.

If I haven't been living here in KL, I guess i will never learn what is reality and how cruel can life be, being one part in the sociaty, has never and will never be easy.

So many translation for 中秋节.
Because for chinese have alot of meaning for 中秋节 too.

The mostly celebrated now a days was the re-union of all the family members. Normally on 中秋, there would be a full-moon, which also represent the re-union of family members or lovers.

If you see Tang Long (燈籠) you know it's Tang Long festival? Ofcoz, what am I saying ??? hehehe. I dunno know what is the origin for Tan long, but from all the chinese drama, Tan Long is mainly used as torch-light, to lighten up the way home.

MoonCake, 月餅. Also a must have when we chinese celebrate MoonCake festival. MoonCakes were mostly given away as gift, since it's the only one among all I listed here which can be given out. Tang Long can't be given away because it very cheap, and definitely not the moon, you take it down and I kill you !

In the ancient China, MoonCakes were used as a media to hide secret note with message from the police... Police ???.

Mooncakes Festival used to be one of the big days for me, when i am still a kid. I would make Tan long with all the neighbours and show-off our masterpieces during the festival. Then on the street was all the Tan Long you can ever imagine. Got traditional one, got Air-Plane, got robot, got car, got ...... and ...... . Not kids dun make Tan Long liao, just simply buy any Batt-powered ones will do. And you'll see Pikachu, Doremom, Hamtaro, so cute .....

Tang Long festival is also one of the days that I can have dinner with All, i mean the entire Wong family ! My Grands, 5 uncles and 6 Aunties, plus thier husband or wife, then plus thier kids, then plus thier kids' kids. Full House !

2005 Mooncakes Festival was Ah Jel, Jel's GF, Ah Lei, Ah Khin, Ngau Chai and me. All the 'left-overs' .


Malaysia Mac User Group, in Klang Valley. A group of people using a Mac, own a Mac or wanted to have a Mac. Fuction or purpose to a such a group is to group up all the Mac users around town as much as possible, for nothing helping out the new Mac users by showing them how lovely a Mac is, and ofcoz ways to use it.

Some use it for work... I do
Some use it for fun ... I do
Some use it to show .. I do
Some use it to surf .... I do
Some use it to Blog ... I do
did I miss Photo and Blogging ? and MSN and ICQ and friendster and Flickr ?

Yeah ~ Last night I was "talking" to the MUG as I am also a Mac user for a while already. So the Chief ask me if I am ok you talk abit about something. SURE man ~ more than happy to do that !

So I talk about things I already talk about in my blog.......
Also i beg them to buy a camera for .......
Then show them my blog ....
Some of my pictures ....
How I lost my PowerBook...

I think it's very good to have such a group. May the Force be united to fight the Evil MicroLembut. The number of Mac users around the world is already so small around the world (around 5% market share), not to say in Malaysia. So Mac users (speacialy newbies) would have problem looking for helps around. No Fear ! myMUG is always here to help !

Was kind of nervous before I start talking....but then find out
the group people is very very very friendly and easy going, as they can make me look stupid and feel stupid only after 5 mins i did my talking. hahahah.

I think the group should help more this kind of gathering and have fun together.
Keep On the Great Work !!!

Go Go myMUG !!! myMUG BanZAI !!!

Now only I understand why every girl or woman always freezed up when they saw wedding dresses on display over Bridal Shops.

The most beautiful moment for a woman is either when they are in a wedding dress or when they have the first child, that's from what I seen.The happiness naturally spreadout from the couple to everyone around. That's after I attended Yeng's wedding last week and understanded that wedding is not just a ceremony. I can see that everyone was so happy to know that she's in love and will be pampered for life.

Guys, if you have a girl friend. Try to look at her and imagine her in a snow-white wedding dress. You know you love her and will protect her, you know she's the one.
Go get a ring.
The bigger the diamond the better, right girls ?

Good Luck and may the God of Love bless every one who believes in love.

Was in Lei's house on thursday night till yesterday moring, cause i just feel like dun want to be at home.

Yesterday's schedule was kind of tight:

11.00am: Wake up
11.15am: Bustop
11:30am: Kelana Jaya LRT
12:55am: Central
01:10pm: Time Square
01:30pm: Bought a Sony Headphones
01:40pm: Borders Time Square
02:10pm: With Ah Jel
03:00pm: Stuck in Jam (To Jel's Place)
03:20pm: Jell's house (Lei came also)
04:30pm: Stuck in Jam (to KL)
05:10pm: Finally in Sungei Wang
06:30pm: Bought Lei's Camera
07:00pm: Makan KFC.
07:30pm: Look to VCL-H2630 tele-converter.
08:30pm: Stuck in Jam (To Khin's house)
09:00pm: In Khin's house (DVD, take pictures)
12:00AM: On the way home.

Wah Lan Neh ~! ....... 12 hours non-stop out side.
Sooooo bloody tired.

But AhTak did manage to take a few pictures that I think look nice.

Folks ... Can i talk bout the pictures later ? Tired ..
aut still kena kerja........

A few thing to share today.

I am soooooooooooooooo happy with the Nano ! Till this morning when i walk to work as usual, what accompany me all the way to office is no more car hon or motors doing the "Crazy Frog". Today is 古巨基 with his 勁歌金曲 all the way to office ~ 13 and a half minutes, step in the office. Cool !!!

Folks, i am not going to write a review for Nano here. Just make use of the Google or come to my shop and I can have a half an hour sales tactic on you, sure will buy !

Another good news for me is .... which means alot to me .......

A customer came in and boughtan iBook from me just now. Then we where talking about blogging, and she told me that she kind of maybe perhaps somehow saw

in some magazine or some friends or her talking bout my blog....

Sure Boh ???
hehehe... so happy to hear that.

But my counter seems to be slowing down already.Haih.... guess it's time to write better things on my blog already.

Anyway... Thank You all viewers for being here, really appreciate it.

Thought I wanted to wait for a while before I get one of this .........

See the guy wearing White t-Shirt in the picture, name is Wah Chai, or Lau Wah we call him.

Remember I told you guys that he would be going to UK soon. Yes, depature around 12PM today (14/09/05). After succesfuly got a visa to stay in UK for 9months. He will be flying today and reaching UK 12hours after in post this blog.

I knew this guy for hell a long time already but we get more closer recently. As we participated in most of the activities. Thanks this guy for killing my time on my off-days, yeah right....hahahahaha.It's a revenge ! I am so sure about that, no argument, the end ! hahahaha.

Anyway, I am not going to write a novel for this guy here.

Brother, no matter where you go, UK kah, USJ kah, just bring up your MSN and will see us.

I thought I lost everything when I lost my PowerBook few months back.

Last night I was re-arranging my CDs and found out that I have a back-up copy of the photos I store in my old PowerBook.WHAT ??? BACK-UPs ??? All the pictures are still THERE, IN THE CD !!! WHAT? ??

YEAH !!!!

HAHAHA ~~~ Without wasting time, I copy all the pictures back to my iPhoto.yeah! ~~~ Everything is still there !!! hahaha !!! So happy !!! Yeah Yeah ~~

Ok.... Photo below is one that maybe the one which inspire me to buy D70.

This was taken in kudat, where i had a great trip with Steve, Ah Fook and others somewhere around Year2002, I think.
These pictures were great teacher to me, other than just great memories. Obviously big big ultra super khau khau to the max difference with the pictures I shoot now.

Sony P2 was the camera that I take along with me where i almost travel thru the whole Sabah and some part of KL. Wasn't a great camera to own, but It did his job very well, recorded all the sweet memories that I am not sure they will ever occurs again in my life.


Saw these few kids in Yeng's wedding 2 nights ago. These kids was .. SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE !!! Very CUTE I TELL YOU !!! Cant control myself take took a few pictures of them~~ YYeeeee ~~~ So cute Lah !

Proudly present: Face Off

The story about 2 single man fighting the reality of life. Directed by Mr Ray Chew and as the main actor himself, partnering with Mr AhTak. All scenes taken in Kelana Puteri. Co-starring with Mr Ah Khin, Mr jel and soon-Mrs Jel.

This is a new trial for Mr Chiew, since all the film he directed so far were all comedies. So this one would be a very challenging film for him because this is the first time Mr Chiew ever direct a Documentary and Action packed Blockbuster.

PS: Viewer will accept 99% discount for cinema ticket by printing out this page and present it to any police station within Kalng Valley, if you don't get caught by the police.

Dun ask me her phone number, dun ask me where she live. I am not going to tell ~
Man Man' sister loh this is, the Leng Lui who did the facial for me last week.... knew her long long time liao loh, since Secondary school i think.

I like the one above better, what do you guys think? This one look abit garang as if trying to scare all the guys away, hahahaha. She is polite and friendly girl lah.

Soli ah Siao Mei, didn't take picture for you nice nice. Coz no nicely setup and you didnt make up abit. Hehehehe.

Soli Soli.. For haven't been updating for so many day.. Ultra Busy Man !

Last night me and the gang went for Yeng's wedding dinner. Havent eat anything, didn't drink much also. Photographer mah, have to walk here walk there to take pictures for everyone that attended the dinner. Also not feeling well with my stupid stomach, so can't eat much or drink much.

I think i would like to talk about 'Wedding' on my next blog. Today .........


Siao Mei (Man Man's sister) had a facial session for me last week, and as I promised, i will post pictures of her for her ~
Overall the session is quite fun and very relaxing. Ok viewers, if you would want to had a facial cleansing whatever so so in her shop, RM190 each session. Body massage is RM 70....expensive ler... Another friend of mine in Yoga Zone offer at RM45 full body massage.

According to the profesional opinion from Siao Mei, i should visit the doctor for treatment, facial won't have much help over my face. Only difference is maybe to make me look more fresh and clean.
Siao Mei, you know you are too honest...hehehe

This getting start, and Siao Mei is very serious about her work. Everything 'tools' are nicely display before things gets dirty.

'Tools' to make me handsome, at least clean N' Fresh if it's not handsome.

1. one step cleanser (Clarins *star product )
2. Scrub ( forgot )
3. extraction (take out stupid dirt) (siao mei's lovely fingers)
4. toner (Clarins )
5. facial massage (lovely hands + Kose massage cream )
6. purifying whitening mask (Shiseido )
7. toner (Clarins * from paris )
8. moisturizer ( SK-II , Yeah, sammi cheng )

Started with cleaning first.It's to soften the pore and to take out some dirty things, eaiser for the rest of the progress.I guess. I can actually feels the oil resolving when Siao Mei start rubbing my face.

Extration, the professional term for blackhead squeezing. IT'S Bloody Hell Sakit !!! And please know that I have millions of blackhead and acne...OMG !!! Sakit !!!

Some little bit of Advertisement before doing the facial massage. SK-II !

And this is the only part I like. facial massage. Sooo relaxed. But Leis house have no Jazz music. Almost fallen asleep if they we not there come in and kacau me and keep flashing the flash lights.

Can you see my face is shining ? Not face oil, is the dunnowhat that Siao Mei put on my face for massage ! I am not that bad, OK ?!

The beautician is very happy with her masterpiece.

Now doing the mask....Function ? I have no idea, i just sleep there and make sure I dun kacau Siao Mei making me handsome.

Lei is not used to the 'White' AhTak.

Rub Rub Rub...Handsome Handsome Handsome....I Wish

Rubbing of the mask.... that is after being 'white' for 10mins.....

i dun think i want to show the result after facial. I didn't i become handsome, no girls ask for my phone number, my phone didn't have more calls, i didn't have more dates. Obviously i didn't became handsome...... : (

But i do fell more fresh and clean after doing the facial. And according to the beautician, handsome is something that can't be forced. If you are handsome, you are. If you are not, face it, but make sure you have regular face cleansing, at least more 'Fresh N' Clean'.

Thanks for the help Siao Mei.


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