LOMO... I think it's some sort of a culture, something really close to everyday life, something more that just taking pictures and something everyone can simply fall into.

Started of by a bunch of kids from Viennese students, who discovered LOMO Kompakt, a Soviet made cheap and easy to use camera, compared to other camera at that time, year 1991. Characteristics of LOMO pictures: Mostly OutOfFocus, garishly coloured due to plastic lens, sneaked in lights, badly over/underexposed.

Something like this:

In this sample... Yellow is very yellow, bright is very bright, dark is very dark, badly focused ( actually no focus at all ), taken with no intenstions ..... but it looks cool to me...hehehe

Anyhow, there's 10 Rules to follow:

"take your camera everywhere you go"

"Use it anytime - day and night"

"lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it"

"try the shot from the hip"

"approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible"

"dont think"

"be fast"

"you dont need to know beforehand what you captured on film"

"afterwards either"

"dont worry about any rules"

NOTE: all design above copied from lomography.com, but pictures replaced by pictures taken by me.

But for now...me still havent own a LOMO Cam yet.

Any of the models above would highly be my next purchase.... ngek ngek ngek ..... and next episode I will write a tutorial to make LOMO pics with digicams and PhotoShop... now very tired, got to go smoke. See ya....

LOMO ....

Lately hor, have so much heart over this LOMO ler ....

Basically... I think LOMO means Overexpose/Underexposed pictures with some heavy noise and over-saturated colors.... But Damm FEEL wei ~~~~ TAlk m ore tomolo, now got to go Yam Cha with them ~

Been to my friend's DJ school last night...Fun fun fun... Free Happening songs for 5hours non-stop... While I take pictures inside the shop....

Love the shop coz of the Patungs they put here and there.. the randomeze....People ( Boss and Touke Poh ) are super friendly that they even borrow me WallPlug to charge my PowerBook for editing thier pictures....

Da Boss....

Madness that people can spend RM1.50 for a cup of Teh Ice and sit there as long as they can watching football.... RM1.50 and you can "waste" 4~5 hours ~ Cheaper staying at home watching TV and munching Chips and Coke ler ~

Just 3 pictures for now... Need time to resize....sort.....import...export to iWeb...then FTP to server... lots of things to do lah. But will update here once done... dun worry......

Get ready tissue papers sin lah ~~~ Dun bleed on your keyboard ~~~

** update: All Japan Super GT 2006 pictures done, hosted in ahtak.jtkl.com... Under Events **

As requested by CinDee, here is the Special Edtition dedicated speacially only for CinDee ....
Drivers of some Racing Team...

Suppose to do this entry last week, coz the event want on last Saturday... Too busy ler, the standard excuse for ahtak.blogspot.com. Event held last Saturday in Ikano Power Center ( where I work ), by some Selangor Plastic Model Organisation.


Amazed by the skill of the people doing these models. I used to spent time doing Plastic models too... so many years ago loh... Me doing Gundam and Cars... now malas already ler, go to be damm patient and really steady hands to do it... But there actually some "unhappy" things happened that stop me from doing Plastic Models, and please don't ask me bout that.

Some Models of Cars:

Know what cars are these ?

And some Toy Soldiers:

Can see the details, so real ... By looking at the Plastic Models you can see the patient and skills these guys have. Amazing... Keep up the good work guys ~

Ladies and Gentlements ... This is how how current desktop look like, just a very very very very very small part of the picture I've take and need to select and edit them if need.HHmmm.... Please sabar abit okay? ~

So sorry for keeping you guys waiting ..... reallly really soli about that ...
Now the deal is... from now on i will be posting maximum 3 pictures in 1 entries, which means it will help my blog to load faster on Other-Country-punya-DialUp or Malaysian-Not-So-Broadband. All pictures if it was on the same day or same event, I will group them up and host it on my site. ahtak.jtkl.com .

Here you go ... car first ... girls still editing/enjoying.

For all the pictures of the cars... please visit ahtak.jtkl.com , under Events...Then GQ punya pictures i need more time ler, soli soli soli ... :(

tomolo .....

Cant wait already ..... Will follow VeeeCeee's car to SIC (Sepang International Circuit ) tomolo .... also my first time to SIC.

Ops as in Opinions, thoughts, thinking ... which makes you and me different.....

What do you think ?

1. Stupid Lah ~~ HAHAHAHA Where got idiots like that one ~~ hahahahahahahahahahaha

2. Who would have the time to make such lame jokes? Poor Vistims.....

3. Who take out the Glass !!??? MCH, KNN, KNNCB, TNMCH !!!!

4. That's why people put handles on the door, dun push the glass to dirty it lah ~

6. "Fill in the blank for me here ..... "

Too many updates ??? Not yet.... here's another one ~ hehehe

Got it from Apple.com Widget section..... I think should be made by AngMoh that dun Chinese Friends or Colleague..

A friend ask for some picture, what she want to use for .... something lah ~ forgot what...
Pictures taken with... Nikon D70s, and Nikkor 50mm f1.8 .... All shots done in 5mins.


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