So many translation for 中秋节.
Because for chinese have alot of meaning for 中秋节 too.

The mostly celebrated now a days was the re-union of all the family members. Normally on 中秋, there would be a full-moon, which also represent the re-union of family members or lovers.

If you see Tang Long (燈籠) you know it's Tang Long festival? Ofcoz, what am I saying ??? hehehe. I dunno know what is the origin for Tan long, but from all the chinese drama, Tan Long is mainly used as torch-light, to lighten up the way home.

MoonCake, 月餅. Also a must have when we chinese celebrate MoonCake festival. MoonCakes were mostly given away as gift, since it's the only one among all I listed here which can be given out. Tang Long can't be given away because it very cheap, and definitely not the moon, you take it down and I kill you !

In the ancient China, MoonCakes were used as a media to hide secret note with message from the police... Police ???.

Mooncakes Festival used to be one of the big days for me, when i am still a kid. I would make Tan long with all the neighbours and show-off our masterpieces during the festival. Then on the street was all the Tan Long you can ever imagine. Got traditional one, got Air-Plane, got robot, got car, got ...... and ...... . Not kids dun make Tan Long liao, just simply buy any Batt-powered ones will do. And you'll see Pikachu, Doremom, Hamtaro, so cute .....

Tang Long festival is also one of the days that I can have dinner with All, i mean the entire Wong family ! My Grands, 5 uncles and 6 Aunties, plus thier husband or wife, then plus thier kids, then plus thier kids' kids. Full House !

2005 Mooncakes Festival was Ah Jel, Jel's GF, Ah Lei, Ah Khin, Ngau Chai and me. All the 'left-overs' .


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