For new car owners, or if there's anyone as blur as me ...

You can renew your roadtax if your car insurance are going to expired within the next six months. Meaning you car insurance will at least expired atleast another 6 months. Meaning, if your car insurance will be expired in August 2007, you can renew your roadtax in June or July, despite the time gap in between.

Just changed my car insurance to Berjaya from the Kurnia, and be able to finally renew my roadtax ( expired 2 weeks ago ). Total cost RM1050.50 for insurance and RM92 for Roadtax ( 1 year for 1600cc vehicle ). Plus total lost of RM550 yesterday, that's RM1692.60 spent. Biscuits and tea for the rest of the month.

Note:All pictures in this entry were taken with Leica D-Lux3

Yesterday was not quite a day to me. So tiring so jam so hungry ...

Still on LDP yesterday at 1900, not the usual 1830 at home. The road was so jam, anyone know what happened ? Anyway, I was rushing my way to the usual workshop in Kota Damansara, going to change my tires. At last I reached at 1910, and the workshop was closed. Luckily there's a tire shop just across the road. So I go there instead. The guys was mouth-wide-opened when they saw me going in their shop, and start asking me soon as I step out from the car:

Mec:" Dude, how the hell do you manage to get here with those tires ??? Amazing !!! If you come tomolo I guarantee you won't be reaching here in complete."
AhTak:" I know the tires are bad... how bad?"
Mec:" As I said, you wont reach here in complete...Let me show you the tires"

And he told me better to change all 4 pieces, because the back ones are not that good too. But I told him I'm gonna come again next month to change the rear ones, coz he told me the tires should be able to last for another month or 2, so fine, just the 2 front tires. RM210 each ....

Mec:"Eh boss, I think you need to redo your disc brakes loh, it's flowered (scratched ) badly."
AhTak:"Hhmm .. How much ? "
Mec:"RM70 for both. But if you want, you still can do it next month. Is not that bad."
AhTak:"*calculate money in wallet*.... Next month then ... "

Mec:"Leng Zhai, I think you need to redo the alignment."
AhTak:"Weren't you doing it now ?"
Mec:" Yah, you see ah .... the front ... the back ... cannot ...must .. liddat .."
AhTak:"How much ?"
Mec:"RM50 including parts and labour."
AhTak:"This one can do next month mou?"
Mec:"Better now loh, if don't do now ah, the tires will botak ( bold ) in 3 months time."
AhTak:"Do it then ..."

Luckily the guys there was nice, at least they are willing to tell jokes to entertain a poor customer like me. We were talking about Beyond. Talking funny things about other customers they had ... Talking talking talking and the bill comes . RM550. Ask for a discount and they happily gave me a reduced price at RM540. Gave the person in charge ( the funny guy ) RM550 and ask him to keep the change to buy drinks for everyone ....

Reached home around 2000 ++ and there's funny smell in my room .. So I go check check see see ( the girls were crying like mad in their room) . Open up the door, tap their heads and look in the room. How much shit will you expect to come out from 2 little puppies(Nepok 4KG and Bat Zhai 1.5KG) ? ...

OMG !!! How the hell in this world can 2 puppies come out with this amount of shit !!! Wah Lao !!! Gao Meng Ah !!!!

NePok:" Soli lah daddy ... I dun mean it ... Soli lah ... Dun wack me lah ...."
Bat Zhai:" Dunno ... not me ... Dunno ...*continue shake head*"

Ofcoz I didn't wack them lah, it's not their fault to pangsai mah. But I guess I need to teach them to pangsai in the corner, so it would be easier for me to do the cleaning.

After burning a big hole in my wallet and soak in sweat after cleaning the room for the girls, dinner time !!!!

Julie's Peanut Butter Biscuit + 2 big glass of Lipton. What a day ....

Come to office early today, and forgot to refill the water bottle for the puppies in the rush. Hhmm ...

It was such a nice weather this morning while I was driving on the HiWay. Smoking in the opened-window and listening to the morning radio show, and let the cold wind freshen me up a little. Took 10mins to park my car since I am still 45mins before office hour.
Suddenly I saw the trees shaking blown by the strong wind and clouds moving fast above my head ... " Do I have an umbrella ?"

"I Have, I think ... somewhere in my car. "

Monday is not a good day to start with rain. At least not this "cats and dogs" kind of rain. Slowly check that all the zips of my bag are closed tight, look for the umbrella and make sure it can be opened, slowly walk down from the car and feel the coldness of the rain/morning. I skipped my usual Char Siu Bao & White coffee, don't want to get my shoes wet becoz of breakfast.

Usually car park was full by the time I reached, but seems that today everyone was still in their bed, can't wake up from last night's party. Or everyone still making U-Turn to get their umbrella? Maybe still sipping the hot coffee with milk at home.

I thought the umbrella can keep my dry from the pouring rain, but I was wrong, even the large size umbrella that golfer use in the course were still not good enuff, the rain that bounce from the ground and the water on the ground still manage get my pants wet, and still able to find their way in to my socks. Going in the office with wet pants and sock are not pleasing.

Got an encouraging message thru MSN from an old friend this morning, saying:

"Hey, I was still reading your blog, every weekend when I get online. Reading your blog become homework to me. Your blog is good, keep it up."

I will, if I got the time ok ? heheheh.

Come along 2 stray cats this morning while I was walking to office with a Cha Siu Bao in my hand ...

The first ( black cat ) was sitting in the middle of the road and blocking my way, giving me a I will die soon if you don't share that Bao with me look. I am a man with mercy, ofcoz I stopped and share a bit of my Bao with it. The the second cat ( white one ) which I saw it earlier was sitting somwhere else and try to share the Bao, summore want to take the Blackie's portion.... Damm I hope the cats can understand how small is my Cha Siu Bao loh, eventhou it might look huge to them and can last them 2~3 meals.

Looking these stray cats make me feel abit of 同病相怜, in English: Same Sickness Pity Each other... HAHAHAH, kidding lah ~ I'm sure bout the correct translation but the meaning is the same.

Translated using software

Trying so hard to survive in a big city. How hard can that be? I think We human are more pathetic. At least the cats know what are they seeking and how to get what they want. Ask yourself, you know what you want? You know how to get it? Think about it before you sleep tonight and if you have an answer, let me know.

GF: Eh, you think NePok are making too much noise? I can hardly sleep ler. And I worry the neighbours will complain oh..
Tak: Yawoh ... But I tried everything. Give food, teman her, slap her even ....
GF: You think getting her a friend will help ?

I must say that dogs have fantastic sense. NePok acts abit weird the day before we went to fetch our puppy home.

She acts more cute, and howl more louder than usual. Maybe she knows that we are getting a new puppy to replace her, no one will sayang her anymore, which is the fact. But NePok, that's to late to beg already ... HAHAHAHAH !!!!!

Saturday morning AhLei came and pick me and my gf, to breakfast before getting the puppy. And we have a conclusion is that, try don't go Dim Sum if it's 11AM or later, there will be not much left to choose. So we fast fast finish breakfast as everyone cant seems to wait to meet with the new puppy. We even have named her, Batt Zhai.

After getting BAtt Zhai, we went for some shopping in Pet Safari, Ikano. I think that they offer more choices and the price was ok, even they have to pay rental for a such big place. Dog food lah, collar, leash lah, this lah, that lah ... BUY BUY BUY !!! After that, ofcoz the standard routine going Ikano, Starbucks for a nice cold Venti Ice-Blened Macho Frappacino. Yum ...

As you can see, NePok is not happy at all with Batt Zhai. Which she thinks that no one will sayang her already since we have a new puppy. Well, honestly NePok, I will still love you and manja you if you behave well like batt Zhai does.

Batt Zhai behave surprisingly well even-though it's her first day at ther new home. She doesn't make much noise and like sticking to people. And she does enjoy people holding her, not like NePook. NePok will surely give you a bite whenever you tried to touch her, it doesn't matter if that's a Sayang or not, she just don't like people touching her or holding her. Good, got attitude ( Lan C in Cantonese, Si Beh Lan C in Hokkian ).

But friends cant be made within a day or 2. According to Wikipedia. Both NePok ( Beagle ) and Batt Zhai ( Australian Silky Terrier ) Shouldn't have any problem mixing with other breeds/pets, and should goes well if raise together since young.

And that's bluffing. Just right before finish telling my GF, Dun worry they'll go we~`lll... OOIII !!!!!

There goes the fight. And most of the time is NePok who starts the fight. Coz she is a Dog with attitude, meaning that she will not tolerate with anyone. She don't like people touching, sleep in her place, not even going pass her place Lan C. And when she feels bored and wanted something to play with, she will go kacau Batt Zhai and make Batt Zhai go chase her and end up fighting.

Can you 2 be good friends and share things ah ? I thought you 2 very good with each other one ? Summore can sleep untill like this in a Rainy Sunday afternoon...

Pengsan ......

Shortnote: Puppies looks cute when there're asleep, looks adorable when they are playing. But please bare in mind that they does shit alot most of the time messing up the place with shit and urine. They can be really naughty biting your things and run around like mad when they want to play. Worse, most of the puppy will cry like mad when you leave them alone at the night/in a room/in her cage. So if you think you can't bare with all the above. Don't get a pet and make the puppies end up in SPCA, or worse, the dirty drain.

Good Girl ...

Things you don't want to see before going to work or before going to sleep ...
This poor thing will cry like no tomolo if I put her in the playpen and go work/sleep. So the manja ler. But what to do when she show you this face ? "Aiyo .... ok lah ok lah, play for another 10mins ok ?" ~

Having hard time trying to toilet train the stubborn NePok. As beagle and other hounds are very difficult to toilet train, hound's nature. Surprisingly, since the first day I bought her home, she only poo poo in the playpen when I'm out working and poo poo in the toilet when she is out from the playpen, but still pee ppe wherever she wants. When you go smack 9 her, she will give you the Snoopy and your heart melt ...

But last night I think she gave me a good sign. While I was playing with her on the bed, she just stopped and rush to the toilet, and kept quite inside. When I followed to have a look, she was peeing there, so ofcoz I have her praise ler "Good Girl ~~" And just right before I want to sleep ( I only put her in playpen when I sleep, the rest of the time she will be in my room sleeping beside me bed ), she suddently woke up and rush to the toilet, so I followed her, and she was there peeing already. Then ofcoz a big big praise ler, "Good Girl ~~~"

I've got myself a puppy with attitude...

"Modeling for you ah? Got pay one ornot ? I dun do for free one ler ~~~"

"Eh, you faster abit can ah? Sit here like sohai very sianz one you know ?~"

Which also means she will just pee wherever she wants....

Served me well

March 2007 ~ July 2007

Last night Edward remind me that I have a PSP by asking "You have Winning Eleven ah ?" . SO I thought of load in some songs to my PSP and bring to work today, so I wont get bored waiting for the taxi and on the way to work. Soon when I switch on the PSP it ask to enter the date and time, as I thought, coz I've just leave it there for weeks already ( been busy all around ), and it tells me there's no MS Stick inside. So I check the slot and obviously there's a MS Stick there, shit ....

Try to format with my PowerBook, my phone ( SE K750i ), my Powerbook again, my phone .... but the PSP still not be able to detect it. After a few more try, now my Powerbook and phone can't even read it already ...

~My girl ~

Say hello to 'Nepok' ~ 3 months old Beagle I just got last weekend !

Note: Will come back and write more about my girl, kind of busy at the moment, busy with work and off-work.


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