Yup ! Want to sell my Powerbook for a reasonable price. Please contact me in you are intersted.

For complete specs please visit here

Bakuc 2007

BAKUC 2007 is here ! The biggest Gundam Event in Malaysia. Collections of Masterpieces from master around Malaysia are displayed in Sungai Wang for 5 days. I was there on Wednesday with my camera but forgot to bring batt, damm, so got to return there again last night to retake the pictures. Last day will be on this Sunday, be hurry before you missed the Masterpieces ~

Wonk from Eric Yap champion dunno for how many times liao. My guess is this year he'll get it again. Great paint job, details adding and pose.

Char and his custom Zaku II, damm yao yeng right ?

Gundam Strike Freedom. Is the same one I bought last month but it's RM50 cheaper during Bakuc, should have waited if I knew. Wonder if I can get the same quality paint job on mine. Jealous man ....

Custom color MK II Titans. Dun really like the color ler, very Ah Beng color don't you think? If put some blink-blink light at the eye and bottom of the feet, some Tet-No music in the cockpit, then will be the Gundam Custom AhBeng Blink-Blink Tet-No.

Here I come the flying Zaku ~ Yeah ~ The Universe is mine ! MINE ! MINE !!! First I want to redo the paint work when I reach The Earth. Dunno Mr Brown free or not.

BadAss Zaku. I think I like the Zaku more and more ler. Feel more solid than the Gundams. Just too bad they fall on the wrong side ( Zeon ) . Amazed by the Paint Job and Weathering done on this kit, and the Diroama is totally amazing.

So how? When are you buying your Gundam kit?

Some Upgrades

My SuperDrive finally decided to fail on me after serving me well for 2 years++ ... Gave a call to the beloved Apple Technician and he quoted me a lovely RM790, for the internal 2 x DVD burner. Damm, who want's that ? So I went to check online for some other solution ... Deng deng deng ~~~ Lacie ~ Have been selling alof of Lacie and this is the first time buying.

Got myself the LaCie DVD±RW with LightScribe, Design by F.A. Porsche for a very good price. RM310. Don't ask me to buy for you coz this price offer only to ex staff ~ hehehe. Or if you know the boss damm well ~

The speed was ok ler, comparing to my old internal 2 X DVD burner which needs 28mins to burn a 4GB DVD, this guys just needs merely 3mins. Also a Double Layer, Lightscride compatible which I might not be using these features anysoon. Will get myself the Mobile version after a few more wedding shoots, so I can bring it along with my Powerbook.

Other than that I've got myself a Table from Ikea last weekend. For putting my Powerbook, makan, Gundam project, reading maybe... RM110, where else can get ?

Got table already must get a Table lamb to work with it one right ? So ... got a nice little table lamp from Ikea also, RM59.

Can twist to any angle you want and interchangeable bulb which is good for me to do some Shootings.

Such as the Gumdam Strike Freedom just finished assembled, waiting to be sanded and AirBrush.

That's why ~

Alot of people and friends ask me:

" Eh, why you weren't in the pictures always ? "
" why always cannot see you one ah ?"

Picture taken by me, that's why you don't see me. No Photoshop.

Ask someone to take picture for us. Using the same camera and settings. No Photoshop also.

So now you know why you guys can hardly see me in picture ? Coz I rather be 'out out the picture' and get a good picture.

Edited in Photoshop:

Yo ! Thanks for still being here ! Just came back from a damm tiring weekend and finally got the time to edit and write a post.

Actually there was a wedding shoot for my gf's brother ( which I will post that soon ) during Hari Raya and can only make it to Malacca on Sunday, and return to KL on the same day, at night right after dinner. So it was Friday to Tangkak, stay till Sunday morning and go Malacca and meet the guys, then return to KL around 8PM. All I can say about Malacca were the food !

When I reached there it's time for Lunch already, out of my surprised we were having something else rather than the oh-so-famous Chicken Rice ball ...

After makan then ofcoz the walk around the town. HHmm ... I think i'm abit disappointed by not seeing what I've expect like very old street, very old shops, very old buildings, very old people, very old Malacca. But I didnt, infact I think Malacca are very modern even compare to some place in Selangor or Sabah.

At least their road system and decoration along the road are much more canggih, no ? And I think that's why i felt disappointed by not seeing what I've expected.

My Fav picture from the trip !~ Nice mou ?~

Well, at least Near to what I expect ~

"Boss, can go home ah ? I tired already ler ~ And I hate those Leng Zhai smell my butt !"

Was in 1U Central Park yesterday. But story come on tomolo, today I sick liao. Need take MC and go home rest.

Just finish assembling the MG Strike Freedom. So next will be double check on the area that I need to sand and maybe putty, then will be AirBrushing the kit... Stay tuned.


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