Being A Stupid senior....

What is the meanig of being a senior ?

For What I understand:

Older, more experience, higer authorities, higher salary.
Must take care of junior and teach them good good.
NO ?
NO..... at least not for me.

There is a guy working in the same office, let's call him doofus temporary.

He joined the company a year or so before me. So he should know more than me, logically.

But the thing is.... he ask me questions, how to do this, how to do that, what should he do..... and bla bla bla...
So being a 'senior' (as i know more about Mac campare to Mr Doofus here), have to take care of these juniro all the time. So I have the authority to 'Diao' them? Yes I do have some.

Serious, I don't like to diao people, cause i don't think i am any better them anyone.

But this guy here really have some skills to piss other off.

Please excuse my language a bit.

I do more work than this f*cker,
I don't earn any better than him... WHY ?
cause when I take care of the 'shit' for him ... he sell machine... and when i want to sell machine, he is always there blocking me, when i almost get sales, shit come... F*ck la ! i am not the fucking technician, i dont f*cking get paid for doing technical trobleshooting for them !
But I can't pretend to dunno anything like them so I don't need to do more, cause i am not f*cker like him.
Or maybe I am too kind ?

Definations for SENIOR:
Do more things, no extra pay, do stuffs that is not in you job list, kena diao by customer for dunno how to solve problem for your stupid juniors, take care of all the shit for juniors and watch them get every sales.


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