Just finish a nice conversation with HER..........................
Just decided I got a decicion to make..............................
Just realized that I am not good on that..........................
Just found out I have been working 3 years for nothing...
Just realized I need a break to slow down and think........
Just realized I know nothing and nobody .......................

Should I stay?
Should I move forward?
Am I happy with what I have?
Am I good enuff to gain more ?
Is that the reality that cruel ?
Is that no one even care ?
Will it be difficult ?
Will it be not what I am seeing at all ?
Could it be a mistake in the first place ?
Could it be a cirle that I am going thru ?

It's not where I want to go, is where could I go,
It's not what i want to have, is what could I have.

5 mins ago ....

This was over the phone....

Customer : Is this the Apple Center ?
AhTak : Yes, how can I help you ?
Customer : I am having a problem with the "redempstion" Ipod ah..
AhTak : What is the problem you are having ?
Customer : Wait, I pass you to my friend.
AhTak : ???? ... (i thought she is having problem, but not)
Customer(2):My Shuffle got problem ah ...
AhTak : What problem are you having ?
Customer(2):........., ........................................................................
AhTak :..........
AhTak : You try to bring it back to me, i will have a look of it.
Customer(2): wait ah, i pass you to my (lan c) friend
Customer :so how ? I have to go all the way to Ikano to pass you the thing ah ?
AhTak :Yes, I would need to have a look of it.
Customer :wah, so far ler, can you all come here and pick it up ah ?
AhTak :Sorry, I affraid i cant do that for you.
Customer :wah, like that ah? can i bring to my office and you all pick up there ah ?
AhTak :(WTF, what is the blardy diffefence lah Auntie !!!) eemm, sorry, i cant
Customer :wah, so far ler.
AhTak :Sorry, we don't have that kind of service (and you got it for free somemore !)
Customer :Meaning that it's my own problem lah, not you all problem lah ?
AhTak :( auntie, dun make me diao you early in the morning ok !?) eehh.....
Customer : You all open what time to what time ?
AhTak :1030Am till 930pm.
Customer :Ok lah, i see how lah.
AhTak :(damm, you want come you come, dun want come throw the thing away, not my problem, i din beg you to come okay !)

Pictures taken on Xmas EVE .... on Xmas Night I just went to Yam Cha with Lei ..... What a Xmas....

Pictures were taken in one of the Pub I forgot the name already, Decenter ?? Decanter... In Hartamas one..

Noticed the girl in the pictures ? Fail posing one... ask her to pose "COOL COOL" and dunn why when she her LengChai-BoyFriend sure smile one ... haih.. Fail ! Cannot Make It !!! heheheh

This is for the lovely couple i met last night...make people jealous ler ~~ heheh, Merry X'mas ~

No blogging today, no pictures postings, no complains.... still blur blur and hell alot of customer today....
Stay tunned for more pictures, take time to edit, OKAY !~

Merry X'mas ~~~

To people I know who might be ready my blog :

My Dad,
My Sister,
L B,
Ah Pang (zero5phh),
Zara's Mama,
soo hoe,
Ah Fai,
Guo Yuan,
Ah Jel,
Xing Yee,

And for those who never read my blog:

Steve Yap,
Jackson Liaw,

Basically every friends I have in KK....

And for those who was in Tawau:

Zhong Zai,
Ah Long,
Ah Di,
Ah Ning,

and everyone in Tawau......

Also for those in Lahad Datu:

Fui Loong,
Ah Zen (Kiefer)
Zi Loong,
Ah Zack,
Cher Chong,
Wen Zi,
Ah Sam,
Bong Bong,
Wen Zi' brother,
Ah Chi,

and everyone in Lahad Datu......

Having fun in Australia:

Ah Bill,

And lastly 2 more in UK:

Wah Chai,
Ah Lo.

All of you up there... Merry X'mas and Happy New Year ~~~

PS: Those is KL and not in the list, I will greet you face to face. Those not in KL and not in the list, please call me and remind me that I am still a friend of you. If you read my blog but not in the list, please leave your name in comments, so we make friend.

Yeah man .. Got new Room-Mates ... 2 cute little fellas ~

I always wanted to bring some "life" to my place. As living alone in a small room can be very 'deathly" .. nothing moves other than the fan... nothing sounds other than the Altec Lancsing..... hhhmm.....

I wanted doggies, but too big and I dun think i have time to feed and play with them loh.... also i think people in the apartments wont be happy with doggies with the apartments. Meow meow too quite, and sometimes very spooky, as they appear beside you with no sign at all... Fish ??? I think I can kill them within 3 days, too many work lah, got to feed lah, change water lah, filter lah, pump lah......

So these guys are the best !!!Got this 2 cute little fellas in my friend's shop....Thier glass bed, tilam, deco, their food, total RM40, including them.

World Record Animal with Longest Life... Very difficult to die, I mean eay to take care...

Left :"Ui !!! Get out from that shell and hurry up Lah !!"
Right:"Diu ! Wait lah... my head cramp lah ! Ma Hai !!"

This is the place I made for them... small rocks and the bottom, then the wood act "Pulau" for them to do sun bath and dating. May want to get some coconut tree later ..

You see ?! Sometimes "RoadSigns" or "Signboards" in here in our country can be ultra mis-leading...


Today is a big day to all chinese thru-out the world ~ We call it "過冬".
Is the day when everyone in the family will sit together and have dinner, meaning that every member of the Wong family will join the dinner. 4uncles, 6 aunties plus my dad, that will be 11 smaller families... no kidding man, that's alot of Wongs.
過冬 means the family re-uion...

Normally my grandma and all the mothers in Wongs will make some 汤圆, some round shaped flour-balls, looks something like this:
(Picture not taken by AhTak)
bolied together with some chickens, sometimes pork, and with some vege ( which i really hate it).

and also something this:

(Picture also not taken by AhTak)

I don't remember when is the last time i had dinner with my family for "過冬" already. Been "out" for almost 5~6 years, meaning not living with my family. And the worse is, my parents will call me up on these kind of festival or events to tell me what kind of dishes my mom made, who was there for dinner, lots of fun they are having and all that, damn sad ler. Staying alone outside and all the friends have no time to accompany me, since they all have "home" to go..... damm sad ler, for the first time my mom did that i actually cried, after she hung up. But now I am kind of get used to it already. After so many year being "alone", I guess i better get used to it, I am not gonna cry again when my call me on big days and tell me that they are having fun right ?

I Miss my family so much...



词:黄贯中 曲:黄贯中

怀念你 我可以
忘记你 不容易

Yeah ~~~ After ine day and one night of hard work... the NEW AhTak's pics of the picked is on now !!! Yeah ~~~
As it the for the convinient of the viewers to browse around all my best picks of pictures... hehehhe, feel free to browse around and give comments lah, critics lah, ask me price if you want to buy lah, anything lah ~

Tak's Picks

Actually wasn't much of a hard work, everything is automatic one ler.


1, iPhoto... Mac only ...
2. Simple Viewer
3, Any of the free hosting webistes.
4, FTP if you are using FTP supported site. In this case i dun need it, coz I am using the .Mac , mac user should be familiar with... It support direct ftp-ing to the sites using iDisk and it host 1GB of files for me...

By Jamie Cullum: Nothing I Do

We were so drunk last night,
We had that stupid fight,
You called me a useless selfish prick,
So I'm in a fix right now,
And we'll measure the truth somehow,
love is a funny thing to me,

then you stormed out and grabbed your coat,
while slamming shut the door,
a ruthless move so cold you left your keys inside the door Oh...

Can Nothing i do make you happy anymore,
nothin' i say put a smile onto your face,
can nothing i say bring us back together,
nothing i do put a smile onto your face.

Next day i called you back,
and you called me a stupid twat,
and then you were crying on the phone,
you sounded so upset, you said,
i wasn't the man you'd met
3 years and 7 months ago

i pleaded with her take me back,
i'll change my sorry ways
so tell me why mysteriously im annoyed instead of shamed

Can Nothing i do make you happy anymore,
Can nothin' i say put a smile onto your face
nothing i do bring us back together
nothing i say put a smile onto your face

MMmmmm, Yeahhh

Im poundering it all after that call
i think it is clear
i am here, you're from another stratosphere
Oh, now all the things she said they went around my head
and come out my ear,
and not before long,
this stubborn soul thinks he's done no wrong.

As when the questions flutter 'round my head like butterflies,
my head spins at reflecting on another love's demise, Ohhhh

Can Nothing i do make you happy anymore,
nothin' i say put a smile onto your face
can nothing i do bring us back together
nothing i say put a smile onto your face, Ohhh

To Tag :
- State who tagged you;
- List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
- State the gift you wish to get;
- Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

Tagged by : L B

My Santa Claus : Anyone who can buy me THE GIFT !!!

Gift for me : PowerMac Quad 2.5, PowerBook 15" 1.67Ghz, 2X 23"Apple Cinema Display, iPod Video 30GB with Cameara Adaptor, Nikon D200, Nikor 105mm Macro f2.8, Nikor 300mm f4 VR, Tamron 28-300mm XDI, SB600 + SB800, 2X UntraIII CF 2GB, FireWire Card Reader. That'all for now.

To Tag:
- will end here at ahtak.blogspot.com

Thank you all viwers for staying tunned or tunning in ahtak.blogspot ! I have around 50 readers from thursday night till now, even I don't any new updates ~ hehehe Thanks You, Thank You !!!

Yo L B, I do the Tagging-thing next entry ok ah ? Cant wait to show you guys the pictures i took yesterday lah... And I hate you, for tagging me !!! Hate You !!! hehehe

Was a great tip to Pulau Ketam yesterday.
Was a photography outing with 1of my customer/friend. Ungku, thanks for the trip !

Well, today i only do the pictures first .... mkiaybe tomolo only i put downa articles to the pictures ~~ Kind of busy to day ler, lots of customer... Stay tunned lah ~

You viewers have no idea how boring is that to sit in the office for 12 hours straight, specially you didnt sell anything at all in that day, which is today. I have been sitting on the stool from 10AM this morning till now ..7PM. Luckily today I will just have to sit till 8PM today. Haih..... Boring .....

Picture of the Day:

Pictures was taken in one of the temple in IPoh, when I had the trip few months ago with AhFai.

Was un-intensionally spotted the lovely couple having a walk on the WaterLilly Leafs. What's missing ? Yeah, they were not holding hands... When is the last time you went on dating with your lovers ? ... Go now, call your lovers and tell him/her that you missed her so much and wanted to have walk with her... While you still can.

I just want to hold your hand and have you all by my side. i know that no matter where I go you will be there supporting and hoping all the best for me. Holding your hands now makes me feel like holding them forever ... What's missing ?

Saying " I love You" ...

Due to some technical and mental problem. I have forgotten the "limit is 200 pictures' rule in Flickr.com... and somehow lost a few pictures from there. Meaning, from now on, any pictures that i post in Flick will replace the older ones in Flickr, which the total amount of pictures I have there can't exit 200. Unless someone is generous enough to sponsor me a PRO account in Flickr.com. 24USD for a year of unlimited upload limit and unlimit amount of pictures storage ........ anyone out there ?

As what I've expected, no generous people out there. So i have created a new account in Flickr in order to store the new pictures. Here , please go and there and have a look, I got some "Enhaced Left Overs" post there ... hehehehe

It's really pain to work on Sunday, where you can still feel the alcohol in dA brain... man....

So sorry that I cant managed to take some pictures of the alcohol comsupmtion for last night, was too drunk to do so. Should be around half a bottle of Chivas ( 45% alcohol in it ) and dunno how many bottles of beers ... Damm ... Feel like want to puke now ...

Bitch around Session in Wangsa Maju:

: Ah Jel ( 陽過 )
: Ah Lei ( Ray, Engrish name dunno from where )
: Ah Tak ( toke most of the alcohol last night, still blur now)
: Ah Khin ( IBM technical, practically an idiot )
: Edward ( Mac technical, seriously an idiot )

Avenue: Jel's place in Wangsa Maju

So we started everything after Khin and Lei fetch me up after work. Headed to Wangsa Maju for dinner before reaching Jel's place for the 'drinks'. Forgot the name of the restourant already, just remember it to be somewhere beside the road and at the corner somewhere in in Wangsa Maju. But the food ... the foods are terribly good, fantastic, terrific, specific, cosmetic, and no traffic ? no traffic ????? What the .. damm, alcohol still in my brain, you viewers have alcohol in your brains at 11AM before ?... Try it and you'll know what am I saying .. back to the food..Yup..the food.

We ordered Fish ( Salted Fish steam with chicken ) and prawns ( small little dried shrimps deep fried with To Fu) and Deer Meat ( it tasre more like pork ) , an a pot of China Tea ...For 3 people, cost us only RM29.80. YES RM29.80 !!!
Will show you guys the place after my next visit.

When we reached Jel's place, he came out un-clothed, with cunning face. Why ? We saw that the Chivas Regal is already there waiting for the idiots to consume it. We brought together some coke and greeen tea, since AhTak wanted to try how would the Green Tea goes with Chivas. Result, 10 times better than Coke. No gases, so you fool won't puke easily, also taste lot better and ... make sure it's Yeo's jasmine Green Tea. Coz we tried to mix the Chivas with some dunno-from-where-one green tea that Edward bought, eeewwwww , just do me a favour, dun buy the brand that Edward bought and spoil the party OK ?

The idiot (Edward) came around 12++ am, after the Andy Lau concert... Andy Lau concert? .... Andy Lau's concert that's right..hahahahah !!!!!!! Never mind lah, coz he think it's worth paying somewhere RM80 for 2 mins of fireworks after Andy Lau's concert. And according to Ah Khin...

Khin: " What ?? Andy Lau ?? hahaha, Serious ??? I have a RM380 ticket for free I also dun want go lah ! and that idiot ( obviously Edward ) go and pay somemore for tickets ?? hahaha"

well ........ Andy Lau ......

Edward was down around 4:30Am, then Ah Khin around 5:00, AhTak just 10 mins after Ah Khin. Lei and Jel dunno untill what time ... Just when I woke up around 9:00Am, I saw Ah Lei beside me ... But luckily my jeans was still on me.

Reached office 10:15AM, where I still can feel the alcohol runnig here and there in my body.

X'mas just around the corner ~~~
Want to wish everyone a Great X'mas ~

Am not an artist, but some how I like art, maybe that's why I take pictures ~ hehehe

Been listening to Limkin Park from thier very first album. That I have say thanks to Zero5phh for the intoduction, coz later we got jam a few songs from Linkin Park too.

Thier songs are considered something new comparing to what we were listening at that time. Some little bit of Hip-Hop+little Hard Core+some POP ???

But what really drag me into Linkin Park was thier artwork. Thier LOGO, thier album covers, thier WebSite.
All that are under the hands of Fort Minor, the guy who did all the rapping in Linkin Park.
And this is his latest Album:

"Do what I like, like what i do" ... The song:Petrified by Fort Mino
Some word from the song Petrified. Were just simplewords from simple thinking, yet is a dream to me, perhaps a dream for everyone out there.

Ups and downs, Ups and dpwns,
Life's like Merry goes round.
Seen the bad today,
Goods are waiting tomorrow.
fear not the fall,
and we'll stand tall.

This is one of the pots which my GrandMa have in the backyard... Should belong to the Cactus Family, I guess...

When I look at it naked eyes I can see that the plant is very 'protective' or ... 'defensive' ? She don't want anyone to come close, closed itself up in it's own world. Maybe it's the thorns she has on her. Then when look at her thru the lens, I can feel the contradictory within ... She want touches of wormth and gentlenes, she need cares and concerns, she wans love and care, yet what stopping all that were herself. She is scared.. she has no confidence...she don't want to get hurt, and that's why she has thorns all over herself.

Hello ~ Me again ler ~ AhTak ah ~~ Remember ?

Dedicate this picture to LB ...

So LB, do you missed Malaysia weather? Do you missed Malayisans? Do you missed SLR ? hehehe.

I still have somemore pictures taken in the trip i went on with Emily on Friday, but I think it's not appropriate to post just pictures here, since my initial intension is to post pictures that I have 'feel' which I can wrote something related to the picture's emotions, or pictures I can relate my emotions to.

But still, others that are not being postede here will eventually be found at my photo showing-off site, Flickr.com . So please stay here for trash talk, or according to a LB :

" Pasta is good here, but I do miss variety. Variety that's cheap and yum yum and looks Malaysian and includes the sort that AhTak da Man consistently posts on his blog: Siew Mai! Har Kau! Siew Pau! Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin! Owww! Chow Kway Teow no Hum, uno. Teh Tarik kurang Manis, due, per favore.. Semua sapu. Grazie mille. Ci vediamo domani. Of course I love the Love/Unlove/Love Stories too. I still can't figure out if they're Love or Unlove Stories. But they're engrossing. "

So ... I was out shooting with Emily on Friday. After begging her for her to come out for a photo outing ~ hehehehe. Coz she has really really good eyes for Pictures which i don't and she know KL better than me ! So i ask her out to bring me around KL town for some good picture, well, please click on her name for some of her great shoots ... Thanks for the trip Emily .

We coverd so far... Dataran Merkeka, only ... Yes, since we start late. Emily din actually want to come out be after some pursuing, she surrender and came out. Guess what, she din charge her Camera ! hahahah, that's why she didn't have alot of that day, I think it's some cats and sunsets only... Too bad, but i will ask her out for another one very soon... since i didn't learnt much from her that day ~ heheheh

Here is 'one' of the shoot that day ....


Please stay tuned people, more shoots coming up.

Today really really damn busy khau khau lah ... Had my lunch at 5:10pm, yes, 5:10PM afternoon .... Really that busy till no time to do pictures in the shop. And also want to say a million thanks to Streamyx, which "allows' me to "cant get internet" for the whole day in office, keep up the good work Streamyx !~


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