Letting go of my Canon Ixus 60 at RM700 together with a 1GB card ...

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  • 6.0 Megapixel

  • Auto Rotate on a 2.5 Inch LCD

  • 3 Optical Zoom

  • Long Batt Life

  • Uses Lithium Batt

  • Let me know if you are interested ....

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    Planning to get a Golden Retriever next month, or maybe when I come back from Tawau in Septemeber. Been looking around and did alittle of research on prices and info about Golden. Priced around RM1600~RM2600 depends on bloodline, MKA cert, microchip, and where you buying from.

    Honestly I'm not going to pay alot ( actually I don't have a lot to pay) for a pet. So, if anyone can give me REALLY GOOD price or know home breeder with REALLY GOOD price, give me the information to exchange with a Venti Mocha Ice Blended, or a Venti Caramel Mochiato.

    Avenue: Teratai Mewah Condo
    Attendees: Me, AhJel, AhLei, EdwardC, HonZai
    Time: 1145PM


    COme to the final day of the event. The 3 days were to select to the finalist among the 20 girls, to attend the final which is somewhere around August, i think it's 31 August in Sungai Wang, to select the final Jasmine Girl 2007....

    The 10 finalist ...

    Arrive early in the hotel to snap some 'getting ready' pictures of the girls, and the leng lui make up artist.

    It's really that boring looking at girls doing hairdo and makeup. Luckily all the girls are leng luis, so don't waste chance, keep on asking them to pose for my camera. But since I'm on assignment, so it wont be nice if I take it as my own private shooting loh. So cin cai cin cai pose abit, smile abit ~ Good enuff ?

    I actually have more pictures, hehehehe. But have to wait till the magazine decided which pictures they want to use, then only I can post those they dun want.

    Programs were almost the same with First and Second day, which is Catwalk/Interview of the girls, follow by hair shows and dancing performance, selection and announcement 10 Finalist, another dancing performance. Go home.

    Group picture of all the girls and Crew. Where am I? Holding the camera lah...

    short note: I think I'll repost when I know which of my pictures that can be used here in my blog.

    Happy Birthday ..... To you ~
    Happy Birthday ..... To you ~
    Happy Birthday ..... To BB ~~~~~

    Happy ~~~~ Birthday ~~~~ To ~~~~~~ You ~~~~~~~~

    Second day i arrived in the Hotel sharp sharp 10 o'clock, which is a bit too early ler. The girls were not ready with their hairdo and makeup yet, so they dun let me take their pictures ler. Actually I abit paiseh toshow their pictures without make up and hairdo also. Dun spoil the image lah we ~~~

    While waiting for the girls to get ready, I dun waste time fast fast go look for those who are ready and start taking pictures ler. As limited space in the room, we got to be abit odd with the location...

    We even do it in the washroom, with cloths on ofcoz.hehehehe. After some girls are ready with the hairdo and proceed to makeup in the next room, I have more space to take picture for the girls:

    Nice mou ? They are Arial and Cyan. These 2 my Fav pic of the day ~

    Everyone was rushing here and there, including me. Taking pictures of the OnStage and the BackStage, tiring...

    Girl A: AiYa .. Fai D lah ~ If late sure kena Diu one ~
    Girl B: Yalah ~ Yalah ~ Wait I do my hair abit sin lah ~~
    Girl A: .........

    Girls: Wei ~~ Leng Zai Photographer ~~ Here lah ~~ Got Leng Lui alot here ~~~

    Doing the interview and Live OnStage Studio Shooting. Kind of cool I think. But the girls were abit stiff compare to shooting in a real studio, I guess maybe of those thoudand pairs of eyes watching... If it's me then I sure gan jiong till pee one.

    A hair show by Lucido L featuring YenRu, if I remember it right. 

    After the Hair Show is another harishow, HairShow+HipHop Dancing. Which is actually the potong stim of the day. Specially the 2 MC. I havent come across any MC that's louder and more annoying that the one in Green...

    Over 20 people onstage and I am lost who to look at. HairShow which is the Starring, or the HipHop that's more interesting ? 
    The only attraction ... Leng Lui ....

    Taking pictures for the Leng Luis, always my pleasure. Aerial and Natalie..

    To Be Continue .....

    Yo ... Back to share some pictures with you guys ler. As I'm not sure with pictures Jasmine are going to use in their mags, so I just select those they might not want to use ones and post them here. After they made the decision then I will post the rest of the pictures here again, or maybe to my Flickr account. See how lah ...
    Alright ... All I can say about the 3 days is damm tiring and damm alot of girls, imagine that I'll have to walk around with the girls all day long and take pictures from them, heaven ler ~ hehehehe.

    Day 1 abit susah for me loh. First, I'm late for the shooting in the girl's hotel room where I'll have to snap a few of them doing their hair, make up and changing cloths ( I wish ... ) . But that can't blame me lah, coz I'm not been informed mah. Started of walking around and see what's going on, looking at the lighting and try to look for nice angles, and talk to the girls.hehehe.

    There's a Dancing performance too that day. Dancers are practicing in the backstage, also blocking my way and 1 of the idiot 'accidently' broke my flash. MCH ...

    Onstage performance was nice. Hip Hop + Rain Dance Moves= Girls Screaming

    After they Dancing Performance, I'll have to wonder around with the girls and get some pictures there. It' really hard to ask a total stranger to give me a nice cute pose, dont you think so ?

    Game show by 8TV hosts.

    Follow by a hairshow.

    And, the Artist his Girls ....

    Not really happy with my pictures on the 1st Day, most of the color balance are out, didn't get alot of pictures for the girls since me and the girl both paiseh .......

    To be continue .....


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