Was so busy over the last weekend for some non-stop model shooting ... That I even fell asleep before 9PM on Sunday night. Luckily the results was good( that's for me ...), maybe it's the second time shooting with Kenix and hence can communicate easier ? Or it's just purely luck ? ... you tell me.

Also, I was thinking of having a "Standard Format" for this kind of entry, how should I format it ah ? What are you guys keen on? What do you guys want to know about the shoot ? Drop me a comment and let me consider abit.

For those who want to know about the camera setting ( Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO ), no need to ask, even if I teach you also that won't improve your photography skill. And for those who wants the model's contact, forget it, I dun want to be killed by their boy friends. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Shoot started around 9AM and thanks Kenix for the Cha Siu Bao, thanks Lurker for the bottles of mineral water. Hhmm ..... I think maybe next post I should include also some backstage picture and location pictures .... Till then, enjoy the pictures ~

And this is earlier shoot, with the first outfit. Kind of 'UnAware' shoot, 1 of my personal Favorite.

As I promised ~ Come back for more pictures ~ kekekekek


1 more picture for the weekend ...

Outfit No.2, and different approach on the pictures. Natural lights, no flash no reflector ...

then is Outfir No.2, which also with no flash and no reflector, purely natural light.

Ok ah ?~ I will try see got anymore to be edited and if got I post again ......

Shoot during last weekend, sunday .... Thanks to Alicia and her Friend Chris for the shoot ~

Taken roughly about 300~350 pictures, but sadly not been able to sort out even 20 that I really like ... hhmm ... I prefer hitting the shutter on my camera rather than Delete on my keyboard, seriously need alot more practice.

Nvm lah, share away the picture also lah ~ hehehe. Remember to comment abit okay? Let me know what you think about the pictures.

01. Taken with 1 Flash from the models right. Lights on the wall at the back there are from the Tunnel's opening. Natural wind on model's hair.

02. See closely you can noticed there's weird color/light at the pictures top left, that's spilt light from the Flash-Umbrella. I prefer this over picture #1, for the smoother skin tone and also the model is not as stiff.

03. Experimental Shoot. Simulating Film Cross Processing and added abit of noise to emphasize abit more on the mood/feel of the picture. My fav picture of the shoot ...

04. Another experimental. Changing of color tone with slight changes of angle and expression.

Will come back later and post abit more ... More comments, the more I post ~ kekekekeke

Got myself a Maxis Broadband last saturday and FINALLY, can online at home already ( actually writing this entry on my bed ... ) ~

Now still testing the speed and connectivity and stability of the service. And after 2 days of testing, I found that ...

1. The connection are not so stable, might drop from the internet every 15~20 mins, which last for about 10~20 secs...
2. Super difficult to connect my MSN account, unless if i use eBuddy, lame but at least i can get MSN ...
3. No downloading files bigger than 5MB, I will just stop half way and ofcoz, no resume download ...
4. The Toll Free 1800 822 000 is not Toll Free, you got to pay for Toll Free, WTF ???
5. Most of the people answer calls are Indian, nothing particular, just to let you all know ..

And just to show you the difference of speed in my office and my home ...

In office ...

At home ...

PS: Opps, no pictures in this entry, enter at your own risk lah ....

The main purpose of this trip ( 12/04/2008 ~ 15/04/2008 ) is to apply my first Malaysia International Passport, coz I need to be in Singapore in June, which is my first also my first time ' OverSea ' ( minus those when I was so young that I can't remember anything )....

Q: Hah ? Why want to go back Sabah and do ? Here ( Kuala Lumpur ) cannot meh ? Very fast one ~ 1 day can settle ~

A: Yes, can be done. But according to the officer, due to I am a Sabahan, so the duration may be from 1 ~ 3 months. When I try to confirm with the officer whether it will take 1 or 3 months, he can't confirm. OMG ... And my passport got to be ready by June, so I have no choice but to go back Tawau and do.

Q: So how ? Go back Sabah and do got any faster ?

A: Yes... I took a number at the counter by 9:00AM, get out of the office by 9:20AM. Return to the office by 1150AM and the passport is ready to be collect. This is efficiency. Not some ' Satu bulan hingga 3 bulan ' .....

Due to the budget constraints, AirAsia is the only choice for frequent traveler or poor traveler like me. RM377.98 for Return ticket, where to find ??? Dun complaint people charge that small little RM5 for checking in baggage, dun complaint people dun serve food or sell expensive food on board, dun complain the LCCT and lousy, you pay for what you get, ok ?

But there're still nightmares during flight (on my way back to KL ) ...

1. Aunties taking off their shoes and hang their legs all over the place. Regardless if the legs got smell or not, what would you fell if your see your mom/aunty/relatives/friends/boyFriend/girlFriend doing the same during your holiday trip to UK ?

2. Rubbing those minyak kapak in the plane. Honestly, for those can't take it ( me for example ), it's no different with me giving you a big fart on your face. Or giving out big smelly bulp after the AirAsia Snack Attact Nasi Lemak. You want that while you are sleeping ?

3. Air Stewardess that looks no different with auntie selling pan cakes in pasar malam. When I was young ( during High School ), taking an plane are always pleasant. REALLY GOOD LOOKING Air Stewardess always giving you big smile and even looking at them doing Demo on the safety gears are pleasant too ... Dunno what happened on the QC of those Air Stewardess, now I dun even bother looking at them when they greet you happily :" Hi, welcome to AirAsia ... " Or maybe those Billboards are cheating ? I remember those in the AirAsia ads are so nice looking ?

4. Rushing to the door when the plane JUST touched down. For those who take plane for the first time are forgiven. Have you noticed that everyone on-board will start taking off their seat belts lah, start stretching and exercise lah, reaching the head compartments for luggage lah, stand in the middle of the walkway lah, start talking loud loud over the phone lah ( " Wei !! Ah Meng ah ?! Yaloh, I just reach KL loh , HAHAHAHAHAHA, where you ?? " ..... Cant you just wait until the plane stop and the Crew's announcement ? Is THAT urgent to tell your friends/relatives and make sure they reached the air port and parked their car and wait you outside ? Got THAT URGENT meh ?.

5. THIS IS TOO MUCH. During my flight back to KL last night. That's about 10 mins before landing ( you can see the landing gears are out ), I heard cell phone ringing with funny ringtones. Then I when turn my head over and saw a malay girl answer the call and start giggling over the phone. OMG !!! I think the Air Stewardess have announced so many times that :" PLEASE SWITH OF YOUR CELLPHONE AT ALL TIME IN THE PLANE " again and again and again and again and again in CHINESE, MALAY, ENGLISH which I think you can't be malaysia if you don't understand one of the above language mentioned, right ??? You want to die, I dun mind, but dun pull me and other passengers along !

How hard is Photography ? Hard to tell actually, but I can tell you is not just point the camera at the subject and shoot, that's " Taking Picture" not " Photography " ...

Will be going back Tawau tomorrow for some staff and come back on Tuesday. And by the mean time, there's about 2000 pictures waiting for me to select and edit and post ... haih ... maybe do it during my trip in Sabah lah. See you then.

PS: How's the pictures ah ? ok ah ? Please comment abit and tell me what you think.

How's the picture ? Taken with friends in a studio last night. First time taking picture in a studio light damm gan zheong loh, dunno how to set the lights and stuffs, but hope you guys will like the outcome..

Good Morning Class ~

Today I will teach you all how to setup you Maill app in you Mac to receive mails from web based Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. Please make use you are ready with the following stuffs before we continue the class.

1. A Mac machine, let it be Macbook Pro or MacBook or mini or iMac or Mac Pro .....
2. Internet connection, in order to connect to the internet ... duh !?
3. Coffee or Tea for that " Downloading mails ...."

Ok, I presume you have all the above, let's start the class already. I'll start with HotMail first, or maybe not, since I've covered that long time ago. If you've missed the class, you can re-do the assignment here, and here .

Now I continue with Yahoo mail.
First of all Close your Mail software if it's running, we don't need it yet. Then download the software call MacFreePOPs. It's still a Donationware where you can use the software for free still, just that it will have a pop up windows ask for donation everytime you start the software. So just go and download the software and install to your Mac.

Then launch MacFreePOPs:

1. Update the software with the latest Plug-In. Don't panic, you'll see a big big UPDATE button once the software launched.

2. Switch to freepopsd tab and check the boxes accordingly.

3. Remeber those words in RED, which is what to enter for you Userame/Passward, Incoming server, and Server Port.

Break for 5 mins, I go smoke first ....

Tik Tak ... Tik Tak ... Tik Tak ...

Back ! Let's continue with Mail Setup, open up your Mail App. Then add an account.

1. Enter your name, your Yahoo email address and password. And uncheck the "Automatically setup Account". And Click next ... Can I skip the " Click Next" ah ? Coz it quite obvious that you will have to " Click Next " after filling in the blanks right ? So no more " Click Next " from next step.

2. Put a name for this Account, you can put Yahoo lah, Yahoo Mail lah, Mail Yahoo lah, up to you. And the Incoming Server ah, make sure it's : , don't ask me why, just do as I say. Then username is your FULL email address, and you password.

3. For the OutGoing, don't bother, coz you can only RECEIVE mails, not sending. So just put what ever you want here.

4. Then go to your Mail and open up Preferences -> Accont and check again everything is entered correctly.

5. Click on the Advanced tab and change the port to 2000

Voila ~~~

End note: Try to do this ( downloading the mails ) with fast internet connection, as there might be alot of mails to download ( I am downloading 4000++ pieces of mail. If you are using dial up, forget it; if you are doing this at Starbucks, forget it also.


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