Picture was taken months back in Zoo Negara, shooting together with MaxKY and another friend. How do you like it ? Or .. do you like it ?

Can't wait till saturday morning where the AirCon will be installed in my place ler ~ Wow ~ Not more hot stuffy nights shower ~ Yeah ~~~ So I was thinking of staying back at home on the whole weeked ler, playing PSP and watching DVD. HHmm .. but kind of weird ah. It wasn't raining at all and so hot from last Saturday till this Monday, so I beh tahan already so place an order for an AirCon on Tuesday. Just after I pay the deposit and confirm on the installation date, it started raining since that night till today. Hhmm ...But I dont care lah, it will be 16˚celcius from Saturday afternoo till Monday morning. You all have a nice Weekend also ah !

It was this morning, MSN with TS about his comment in my previous entry about Virus thingie....

TS: Why your MSN no avatar geh ?
Tak:HHmm ... Maybe server slow update gua ...
TS :Let me see ... Oh, it's my setting, User's Fault .HAHAHA
TS: Just format my PC, now loading very fast !
Tak: That only for 3 months ? Then kena format again .. HAHAHAHa
TS: Sot Q jor ah ? No need that frequent lah ~
Tak: Last time I format my PC every 3 months ler, 3 months the .dll and registry will sure cacat, summmore full of virus .
TS: You sot mah, watch too much HamDai ler
Tak:Diu, HamDai got Virus one meh ???
TaK: Hhmm ... Must be the HamDai Virus, once watched and sure will want to watch everyday !!! HHAHHAHAHA

Picture from Porn365.com. Proceed only 18 and above, at your own risk with HamDai Virus detected.

Hoping for another holiday/trip.

Been busy these few days trying to catch some worms ( Computer Virus ) in my office's computers. Since my whole office are using Mac, virus shouldn't be an issue to our computer, coz the Macs basically immune to Virus:
Image from Apple.com, click on to read more

And uptill today, my PowerBook ( touchwood ) has never been attaced by any Virus before, also, here you can read more about Virus in a Mac, seriously there's nothing much to read about. hehehhe.

I've telling everyone I know that Mac are free from Virus so please don;t complain to me about Mac hitting a Virus, including my GF and frinds, if they happen to tell me " My Mac kena Virus lah ... " and I will give them a funny face try to tell them I have no time for that kind of joke. I still remember all my customers ( while I am still doing sales ) try to blame everything to virus... :
  • Cannot connect to internet, Virus ... (ADSL not setup properly )

  • Cannot receive email, Virus .... (mail server not setup properly)

  • Cannot print documents, Virus ... (USB Cable not connected)

  • Cannot Log On to server, Virus ... (Keyined wrong password)

  • Tummy getting bigger, Virus also ... (Eat too much, I think)

  • I hope some programmer can come out with a Virus that will 0 the balance in the Bank Account for anyone that use a Windows...HAHAHAH, that will be nice ~. Or maybe transfer all the money to who ever using a Mac, that's better hor ? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

    Recently my colleague can't send any words files as attachment to anyone on her contact list, after a simple diagnose I found out that her computer have Virus on it. Why 'HAVE' and not 'Infected by' ? Coz the Virus wont/cant do much in a Mac. The Virus are design to work in Windows and whereby the System structure on a Windows and Mac are totally different, so the Virus will be 'Lost' and just sit there do nothing, like you diu 9 a Japanese Guy with Hokkian also he won't give you a damm liddat, something liddat lah. Anyway, the recipients are rejecting the mails because the AnTi-Virus detected Virus carried in the mail, so it automatically reject the mail and return a mail saying " Your mail contain Virus, hence rejected" . Damm, that's uncool...

    This is what I've been always thinking about....

    A Virus cant be made or generated on a Mac, so all the Virus must be from a PC running Windows Whatevershit Edition.... As Shown here:

    Every Windows need AntiVirus because as long as it's connected to the internet, sure kena Virus. While the Mac don't have to worry about AntiVirus, coz immnune
    But why are there AntiVirus for Mac? The main and ONLY purpose is to stop or somehow slow down the spread of Virus in the Windows world, they are so sick and vulnerable and pathethic that they don't even noticed it when hit by virus.

    Question is:

    Why the hell should the Mac users waste money/time/effort on installing AntiVirus to safe the Window user's ass ? Why le? Why cant just let them kena Virus that will delete everything in thier Windows, since they love Windows so much ...

    Yay ~~~~

    How's the new look ? Likes it ?

    But still have alot of tune up to do, maybe later lah ~

    For those who got miss me, I think you must be wondering " Where the hell is AhTak? So long never update .. ". To tell you all the truth, I've been busy.. HAHAHAHHA, standard answers to :"Wei, long time no see, where have you been ?" kind of questions. Actually have been really busy recently ler, serious. TAking wedding pictures, wander around town, look for some friends to Yam Cha, Go here Go there till no time to blog. Please excuse me ... ( colleague asking for assistance ) ...

    Good thing for me is that it's been raining heavily these few nights, so with out the AirCon I still be able to sleep tight. But anyhow I will be getting the AirCon next month, and another wedding shoot coming next month, so please wish me luck.

    Driving In KL has never need pleasent, as up till today. I never like driving in KL as nobody seems to know how to use thier signal light properly and the queue-cutting was awesome ( with no signal light )... Specially in rainny days, I really feel like get down the car and wake those buggers with thier signal light, saying :" UI !!! Use the blardy signal light lah ! It's not made for decoration, OKAY ?! Now go f*ck yourself with that Signal Light !" ... That thing keep on coming out of my head as I was drining back home, cant wait to have dinner with my gf ...

    Open your eyes big big so you don't bang those idiots who never user signal lights

    As the proof to you all that I'm really busy with things on my hand:

    And these are only 1/345 of pictures that I need to adjust some white balance and coloring. Coz I dun have D200 for the SuperAccurate White Balance and a AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED which is very good for Wedding dinner as the f2.8 will privide me better exposure in low light ( less handshake/lower ISO/Less Flash ) and 17mm are wide enuff to capture group pictures of 15~20 peoples . Need to work harder for those tools ler. If any of you are getting married soon, let me know. Any of your friends getting merried soon, let me know. I give good price if they tell me they got read my blog ~ hehehhe

    PS: 3 sentences that makes me fly last week...

    "Wah, the pictures very nice wow, the angle very special and very good exposure, who take one ah ?"

    "Wah, your pictures better than that studio guy ler ~~"

    "Luckily you were here for my wedding, you captured the moments, thanks dude !" * And hand me over an AngPao*

    Which of these image hosting service are you using ? The Blogger ? Using the "Post Image" command, or Flickr that let you post and share pictures or Photobucket the hosting service for photographers ? Any you have upload limit and storage limit from these services ?

    Introducing a new service from Google (actually quite some time already) !!! Picasa Web Album that's now with Google and Blogger ! Think most of you guys already new that Blogger.com has been bought over buy Google, and the good things are now Blogger have more features and I think the loading speed has somehow improved. Whether you like it or not, pictures uploaded since december last year will be uploaded to Google's server, the Picasa Web Album.

    Things to know about Picasa Web Album:

    For Windows users, theres photo editing/management software call Picasa that you can download and use it in your PC, free. Which is almost the same with iPhoto that's ALREADY buit-in in any Mac machines. Hhmm ....

    Offering basic photo editing commands like Contrast, Level, Resize, and many more ... For Mac users, you still can use iPhoto to edit and manage you photos, and with the help of Picasa Web Album Uploader, Mac users also can upload batches of pictures at the same time, easy ~

    Picasa Web Album Uploader for Mac

    Offering the Album features so you all can soft out the pictures to put in different Albums for easy navigation. Maybe ... "Girls", "Sexy Girls, Many Sexy Girls", "Too Hot to see" or maybe... "You Dun want to see".. hehehe, remember to mail me your URL.

    Sorting out pictures. Damm ... I hate this. Have to look thru all the pictures I have, then create Albums to fit in the pictures ... hhmm ....

    This entry helpful ? Have fun blogging and uploading pictures to share ~

    Good Morning !

    Everyone have a great day ~!!!

    5oo th post

    I was there in Sunny Sunday Afternoon. Humid, sweat, crowd ... I think I want to go again sometime during night time for pictures.

    PS: Already 500 post with pictures and words. Thanks for being around and for the supports. Hopefully can go futher ler ~

    Another month passed by and it been 7 months together...

    Day by day we have less time together,
    time by time it makes me miss you more,
    for things you know I did for you.
    for you, you know I love you ...

    Dang ~~~ Dang Dang Dang ~~~~ Congrats ~~~ Wish you 2 Happily Ever After ~~~

    Hope can bring back aRicoh GR2 for better snapshots....Sponsors ?

    The place that I'm living now is quite warm and stuffy, most of the time. The only time that I can't feel it is when I'm not at home or it's raining dogshit outside. Hhhmm .... It's getting worse lately where it's damm super hot in the morning and rarely rains at night. Sometimes it's THAT hot untill sweat come out and I have to go take a bath then only I can continue sleeping. Trying to save some good money I tried putting another Standing Fan to enhance the air-flow, but that didnt help .. :(

    So I was thinking, can't save that kind of money unless I want to wake up and take a shower everynight, and woke up my gf middle of the night... no no .... So I was thinking:

    York AirCon. This one damm famous for making air-con right ? I think every office use this brand also. Also I saw a few of my friends are using this brand, so far no complain ....

    Another choice would be Panasonic Envio Leng Chi Ji! Must be damm good untill the Radio puts thier name on everyday and night, hear untill want to vomit.

    My concern...

    1. Coldness ... I love sleeping in cold. 16˚or lower would be just nice, plus gf and a thick comforter ofcoz.

    2. Look of the remote control. Must be damm canggih untill my gf dunno how to use. ( she like to switch 16˚to something else).

    3. Price. It would be good if anything less than RM1000, or RM1199.

    4. Maitenance. Easy to change/wash the filters ? Guess I will be the one doing it.

    Anyone of you have opinion any other brands/models/shop/offer please leave a comment, ok ? Your comment will decide what's gonna be install in my room. AirCon salesman fast fast come ~ hehehehe

    Wah... you still using this way to check your Gmail ? That's abit old-school loh...

    Have to open up Safari/Firefox and log in everytime, ma fan ler ...

    Why not use your email clients build in in your computer to check your mail ler ? Most of the computers now comes with a free email client software for free. For Mac, you can use Mail or Thunderbird, for Windows User, I dunno ....

    As whenever you open up your email clients, it will automatically log in and download all the mails into your computer, so that you can read whenever you are free, online and offline. Specially for laptop user like me. I can just download all the mails and read them anywhere anytime I want ( like I'm so busy liddat .. heheh ). Here AhTak will show you how:

    First you got to log-in to Goggle Mail, then click on the 'Setting' you'll see on the top right hand corner. Then click on "Forwarding and POP" when the 'Setting' windows come out, still with me ???

    After Clicking on the Forwadring and POP, check the "Enable Pop for all mail ", and read the "Configuration Instruction", don't worry, you wont get anything wrong IF you do exactly as instruted. But for Mac users, AhTak give you extra ... hehehehe

    After that .. you need to .... :

    Easy ? hehehe..... If you still cannot make it, please MSN me or email me. ( Windows users please look for help somewhere else )


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