Picture 6

Had my breakfast in 1 of the mamak nearby my office this morning, as usual. Since they are the only one that open at that hour ( 6:00AM ) mah, no choice ler. Somemore they are the only one that dun care how long you want to stick your butt on the chair, as long as they see drinks on the table they'll be fine. And daily I will read some magazines and hang around there for about 1 1/2 hours... Unlike other Chinese or AngMoh restourants, the waiters will non-stop coming over to ask " Anything that I can help ? You need more drinks ?", and that means you have hit the quota of having your butt stuck their chairs, it's time to order more food or drink.

My standard "Breakfast Set" would be a Roti Bakar ( Toast ) + Telur Separuh Masak ( Half Boiled Egg ) + Kopi Panas ( Hot Coffee with Milk )... And this morning dunno the 'Nneeh' dunno sleeping or dreaming or what ... I ordered another Kopi panas as I finished the first one too fast, but the 'Nneeh' gave me another Toast. Well fine, coz I am abit hungry coz I didnt have supper last night, and while that I make another order of Kopi Panas. And 2 minutes after, the very same Nneeh gave me a Kopi O Panas .... OMG !!! Woi Boss ! ini hari Tuesday lah ~ Masih Monday Blue keh ?~??

Taken from SiteMeter

Now only know what is SiteMeter, shame on you AhTak... Reason why I've never thought of installing such tool into my blog is that, I think I would know who is reading my blog since there's not much readers. Started of with my dad and maybe 1 or 2 friends that have nothing better to do, slowly some Bloggers came along ( LB is 1 of the earliest, and hope he is still reading ), then my ex-colleagues, then more friends are reading, then some photographer friends are reading .... The visitor count started from 1 visitor ( I think is my dad ) every 3days, slowly to 5 per day, slowly after meeting more Bloggers and friends and which they've link to my blog and populated my blog...Thanks ! For the meeting ups and fun, not the population... This morning I checked,

I have 100 visits with 75 Unique on Friday ! That's big to me ler ~ From 1 visitor every 3 days to 75 visitors in 1 day ! Ok ok , your maybe have 7500000 visitors per day, and that not I care, hehehehe. I am happy to know that there are so many peoples reading my blog, maybe just come over to look at some of my lousy pictures, maybe coming over to read some of my lame jokes or 'complaint'... AhTak say Tengkiu for no matter what reason you have come for. Thank You very much and I hope you've enjoyed yourself.

Attended my friend's wedding dinner, and it's been awhile that I've not been invided to any wedding dinners. The last one I think its.... 2 years back ? Where actually I am wanted to be there as the photographer only. But I am sooooooo looking forward to attend the one next year March punya, should be lot's of fun...

Last night's dinner was held in Oversea Restourant, that I think I dun really like the service there. The waitress/waiter there are more like zombie ler, like 2 weeks didnt sleep liddat, so damm blur dunno what are they doing. Serve the food and refill the drinks like we all we owe him/her money liddat... Somemore half way makan no electricity, but that we can't blame lah, since it's cause by some stupid Lorry Driver banging into some TNB ElectricSomethingTiang, and cause the whole area around Aramanda Hotel into power shortage nearly 1 Hour... But the most funny part on the night was the Host. Speaking the Cantonese with a very terreble TioChiew accent, me and my friends just cant stop lauging as long as she was on the mic .. hahahhaha.

The food are quite nice ler... Big restourant mah ..... Look so Grand and Expensive, food must be good ler. ( But I rather they put more effort on trainning thier waiter/waitress.)

And when the serve the 6th dish, the BattBouLoHonJai ( Mixed Vege with alot of Vege, you all know I hate vege? ), we all go out smoke and CamHore abit

Pity that I didnt bring my Nikon last night as I think it would be a hassle for me to bring full gear to the dinner as I am invited as Guess to makan-makan mah, not Free Photographer ... But hand still itchy and brought a smaller useless Canon.

...Congratulation to Eric and Ally...

ShortNote: House moved but I think I dun like it. Since I am not getting what I paid for. Hence time and money and energy wasted. Damm ..... Thanks Wennie for coming over to help me out on saturday, even not much help.hehehe. Thanks TiuNiaSing for coming over for help and your friend's van, and the TitDaLou and the nice DaiChau~


Picture 2.jpg

And old picture of a Tiger that I captured years back with AhLei in Zoo negara. Back then I was new in photographer and have no idea what is Shutter Speed and what the hell is Aperture. Even I know what are those now, I don't seems to be taking better pictures, why ah ? You ask me I ask who wow? ....

Might want to go Putrajaya for some landscapes and the Wet Land for some nature in one of these Sundays, anyone want to come along ? Food and drink are not provided at all, please bring your own. Camera also not provided. Anyone who are interested please let me know via leaving a comment, email, sms, mms, call, MSN, ICQ...

Thanks you so much for the coffee ~ Now I am so Energetic can kill Tiger already !!! hahahah ~ Thanks for the Nice Hot Self Brewed Starbucks Coffee ~ Tengkiu Tengkiu ~ And now got to go back to work...

Today kind of ok ler, since I settled the Server already and even have made a mirrored copy on the eMac I am using, since I am not using much of the eMac.

This morning I got a request to convert some .VSD into a Mac readeble file, hence .VSD is a Microsoft Visio output file that is highy not compatible file with Mac. So I have been searching the internet hi and low for compatible software that atleast I can open and convert to Jpeg or PDF. I found ConcertDraw , OminiGraffle , and CorelDraw that is said to be able to open the .VSD file.

Luckily office have fast internet so I can download the Trials in no time for testing. And we are not using Streamyx in the office, we are using Maxis, and maybe that's why so fast .... My ex-Office using Streamyx and the max I can go is about 120kbps ... now almost 300kbps...

After trying out all the softwares I've downloaded, I found out that they can only open the new XML formated which is .VCX, not the older .VSD.... Damm ... What to do ??? Asked almost everyone on my MSN list that's using PC and have VISIO to help ler ~ And special thanks to ShengChai that save my day ~ Converted the file into JPEG for me so I can read and then pass to my colleague. Thanks ! Owe you 1 Teh Ice for that !!!


Sleepy ... According to the Dictionary ... It can be, lack of sleep due to late night watching TVB Chinese Drama ... Or maybe, insomnia for no reason. Dry eyes ( can see blood vessels all over ) Dark eye circle and get panas easily. Solution: Sleep early and sleep more, delete all the movies from your hard drive. Or maybe ALOT of COFFEE ( I recommend Starbucks, or Ipoh White)

Tired. Not really related to "Sleep" in some ways. If you are Tired, sure you are sleepy. But if you are sleepy, you might not be tired. Tired sometimes can be sleepy too, but not always. And the same goes to Sleepy, Sleepy doesn't always comes with Tired. So there're some chemical reaction between the 2. Anyway .... after sitting here for so many hours and waking up early, I am Tired and Sleepy, please remind me to sleep early tonight. And no calls please .....

Good morning ~ 早安 ~ goede ochtend ~ buona mattina ~ おはよう~ 좋은 아침 ~ buenos días ~

Suppose to blog this last week, but nevermind lah since tomolo will be Thursday ( So fast hor ? ) and the Pasar Malam is every thursday one. So after reading if you feel like going then can go tomolo ~ hehehe. And call me if you are going tomolo okay? We go together-gather ~

Rush home fast fast and pick up my GF and fast fast we go to Chow Yang before traffic start to jam, but still stucked on the road for about 20mins and looking for parking. And I am so careless to bring along the camera without SD card inside, how stupid. So the whole night take picture with phone loh, what to do ?

Basically they have everythig in Pasar Malam, including cloths, shoes and others.... But what I am curious is, where is the fitting from for this Boutique ler ? And some other stalls even selling undies ler ... "Excuse me, where testing ah ?" "Aiyoh miss, RM10 for 3 still want to test meh ?" ...HAHAHAHAHHA

Fruit stall. Yo people, please drink more water and eat more fruits ok? Some of my colleagues are sick already ler, maybe is the weather no good, please take good good care of yourself ok? Oranges are good, Vitamin C alot which is to make the Immune System stronger, correct me if I'm wrong...

This is Fantastic !!! Yim gok Gai @ ChowYang PasarMalam! Give it a try if you go there! Also I heard some auntie saying...

Auntie A: Eh, Auntie B. Want Yim Gok Gai Or not ...

Auntie B: No lah ...very fattening one lah...

Howker : Where got fat?! This is not ji Bao Gai lah. Yik Gok Gai different one lah, all fat gone after Gok in the Wok for so long, where got fat left ?

Auntie B: Yakah ?! .. hehehehe... Then give me 1 lah ~

Very famous Uncle Bob Fried Chicken in Taiwaness Style. Deep friend in Dunno-How-Many-Time-Reused-Oil, agak agak mins i think, then take out and serve...

Before serving, some Dunno-What-Spesial-Power are spread for flavour, then only cut into smaller pieces, easier for the bugger ( including me ) to eat. Chicken are skinless for minimal fat and colestrol but surprisingly the outer layer are so crispy and the inside is so the khau khau juicy ! Fantastic !!! I think better than KFC.

Looks good and smells good Dried Flower, for making tea. Alot of choices they have ler, I saw Rose, Lavender, Guk Fah, and lot more that I dunno the name.GF bought some of these to the office ler. RM 15 for a small box but according to the boss, 1 box can make about 30 cuppa tea wah ...

The BEST Tau Fu Fah that I have ever tried for libing on this Planet Earth for 26 years !!! Trust me ! TouFu are so the DAMM KHAU KHAU SUPER SMOOTH TO THE MAX NO CHALLENGE AT ALL ! And the syrup are VERY good too,I think they put in some Ginger, which is a classic way of making it. Talking about classin, the TouFu are kept in a WOOD barrel, that the guy will gently ( but fast, I mean FAST ) dig out the TouFu when ordered, the keep that taste and the heat I guess... Must try okay ? Promise me.

They even sell fish here. But I kind of worry about the freshness of the fishes ler. But anyway.. I don't eat fish. So dont bother go buy and try then tell me how good and how fresh they are, I dont eat fish.

So many untill eye also blur ler ~ hahahaha, me too what ~ Picked up a pack of Peanut Butter Biscuits, a pack of Waffle, and a pack of PotatoChip for GF. I think is PotatoChips lah, you know the one you sure will see in RedBox one, 1" in square and little spicy one ler ~~~

That's all ... Make sure you call me if you are going tomolo okay? I want to get some YimGokGai, some Biscuits, some LukLuk, some Ha MIn, some UncleBob, some MixedFriedSticks, some Leong Sui, some Lo Hon Guo, some Zap Shuet, some ........ and some ..... also the ...... and .......

Have you ever encounter those HardCore Sales ? I did, infact I almost became one... that was old story while I am still doing sales...

It was since last week that this sales person from some big company that is trying to push some printer to me/my boss. Which I replied him kindly that my boss will give me reply and by then only I can reply on his quotation over the product. And so, this guy have been bugging me ever since for 1 week non-stop asking me how is the feed back and ofcoz I will give him the same answer that I am also still waiting for answer from my boss. He, may not understand that it's not good to bug anyone about anything too much, do you like being called by those Telemarketers from So-and-So bank everyday and tell you about their promotions ? No right ? So please I beg you on my feet ... STOP BUGGING ME !!!

Please click on the picture for larger and better view

I just like this picture , do you ? Took the shoot yesterday morning while waiting for her to wake up and go breakfast. Lately dunno why ... sure wake up around 5~6AM, caan't sleep later than that ler, even today, Sunday. How was your weekend ?

This picture us for anyone who had a bad day, and will be stucked in the traffic jam later, like me....

Picture taken 6AM this morning after sending my GF to work and waiting for my turn to start work at 830AM. Just before coming out from the car and I saw that, how lovely the dawn can be ... I stoned for a few minutes before I remember to take out my phone to capture that down... Those little round things are the mist gathered and flowing on my windsreen, just in case you want to know ...

Brain Unused

It was on a lovely Sunday afternoon, planning to get some McD as snack. After ordered at the counter 1 and proceed to counter 2 for the food, saw this SeiSoHai parked the car in from on me blocking the whole road. The SoFai saw me coming and din't give a damm. After we had eye contact, the SoHai just walk down the car slowly like JamesBond, Beep Beep locked the car and go in McD... MCHDNLMLCH !!!!! What's wrong with him ah ???? Lucky there's no car behind so I can GosDan abit and go out ! He should Thank God that I am not driving a Lorry that day, else he'll have to find his car in Ikano Car Park ... MCH !!!

Hi guys ~~ Back from a nice weekend and have been busy untill now...Got lots of work to do in the office already... Got to get a complete list of computers for the boss, got to back up and re-install the server, got to view at all the computers, most probably backing up and format all of them, one by one... Or maybe use network install, see how lah ... Anyway...

On Sartuday:
Had nice nice nap at home after fetching my GF back from work and breakfast in Ikea ( that's about 11AM ), and woke up around 3~4PM for makan ... in 1U

I love their Ramen for the taste and PriceTag, around RM12~16 and you can have a huge bowl or Ramen. But that I day fall in love with another dish, the ultimate PorkMayo Don. Fried sliced pork along with Mayonaise and Onions... then match with the Japanese Rice ... oooww.... So nice. And Jacq ordered herself a Spicy Ramen Bento, which come with the Ramen, 1 piece of WaterMelon and 4 pieces of GeoZa, that all for RM18 ... Nice hur ~ And the ChawanMushi. Steamed Egg with some dunno what seafood inside. The egg was steamed to perfection as it's smoother than TouFu, with fantastic taste, must test okay ?!

Something I got in the 1U NewWing pond area. Nice mou ? Could be better if I've brought along my BigCamera ...


Woke up around 9AM and beh tahan the hunger, fast fast change and go makan .. hehehe.

Something I saw when we're on the way to UpTown for Dimsum ... the same place I had DinSum with Tiuniasing on saturday... After that we proceed to Ikano for some coffee.

Nice coffee in Starbucks ofcoz, where else. Actually I don't really want to go Ikano ler, since I've been working there for so long and found out that, there's nothing much to wander around there as not much shop and hell alot of people going to Ikea dunno for what on Sunday. But Starbucks in Ikano makes me go back ler, dunno why but I think Ikano and The Curve punya Starbucks taste better than others...Or it's just my taste bud?

Walk around in the Sunday FleaMarket before going home. Strange but I can seems to find any flea, but alot of people instead. Hot Sun + Humit , I love Malaysia .. hahahahha.

Nice mou ? Some garden deco for sale in the FleaMarket.

Then later on after another short nap, we went to PutraJaya for some scouting, that I will know howto go there and which area I can have nice pictures to take, anyone want to join me ? Maybe coming saturday or sunday, daytime. As that night I went to PutraJaya at night and get very disappointed. Road lights on 1 side not the other side, most of the lights of the building are off, the famous bridge are close for some reason, and also alot of DunnoFromWhere and EatFullNothingToDo people lepak there which make me don't want to leave my gf alone in the car and go take picture...

Due to the Hi-Recommendation from AhTiu, we made an effort to go allllllll the way to Serdang for their PaperWrapChicken. well ...

Taste fantastic and now I know why everyone can drive all the way to Serdang for some Chicken, since now I am one of those. Once you open the paper, you'll get some very thick sauce flooding the chicken, I smelled very strong ChineseHerbs, and maybe that's what make the chicken so tasty. Not forgeting the tenderness and the texture of the chicken... hhhmmm ...

But other than just the chicken. I order a YamPork too, which I finish the whole thing by myself, hahahaha ! Damm 9 satisfaction ler !!! hahahaha. Not much to intro ler, since I think everyone of you know this dish very well, I give it a 8/10. Anyone can tell me this is a Hakka or Cantonese dish ah ? I think should be a Hakka dish...

1 small little complain here. Since it's been raining mostly everyday from last week till now, I have been suffering alot from traffic jam. Normally it takes me about 15mins max to reach home, but if it rains, maybe 40mins and on Monday I dunno what's wrong, it took me 1 hour. WTF ?!?!??! 15mins become 1 Hour ?!?!?!??! And I have noticed that, most of the people lost their guts whenever it's raining, big rain small rain no different. When no rain they all can drive like mad cow liddat, so the damm 9 fast like want go Tao Toi liddat, but as long as they see RainDrops on their WindScreen, slower than the snail. Understood that please drive slow in the rain but I think 30KMH on the fast lane is tooooooooooo much of a Safty right ? If you want go slow please got to the slow lane lah, there must be a reason for them to make so many lanes on the road right ? AhPek also liddat, LaLa Chai also liddat, dunno what is Fast Lane and Slow lane. These are the people who cause the Jam and accident loh ...

Picture 3.jpg

So fast so sweet,

again another month's gone.

Things happened so fast, too much,

and yet we don't have time to sit down and enjoy.

Things are getting better, we are getting better.

It's been a great 3 Months ...

I will appreciate, what we have sacrificed and worked so hard for.

This is when you have a photographer as BF. Nothing better to do at home, or sometimes makeup are nice, or BF thinks there's a good lighting. Photoshooting lah ofcoz.

Exposure Info:

Nikon D70s with 50mm.

Aperture: f1.8

Shutter Speed: 1/13

ISO: 400

Natural Lighting from the window.

Some touch up is PS.

A very free BF.

A manja look.

Thanks TiuNiaSing for waking up early to teman me for a Dim Sum breakfast ~ I tried but no others are interested on DImSum, 730AM Saturday morning. Thanks Ah Tiu, lovely morning breakfast with you and your lovely wife, nice to meet you ~ hehehe.

Our breakfast was at this stall, somwhere Opposite Alliance Bank in UpTown. Not the perfect place for nice DimSum thou. Messy shop, little dirty everywhere, by the roadside with alot of idiot double-parked their cars. But their DimSum are not bad. Worth all the distraction and DoubleParked idiots.

First session we have everything ordered and layout, while waiting for Tiu's wife to join us. DimSum would be alot better if all the food are served in the Bamboo Steam 'Case'. At least got feel mah, no ? hehehehe.

Fried WanTan. Deep fried Pork+Prawns+SomeVege wrap in WanTan Skin ( nice thin piece of floar mixed, mixture of water+egg york+flour ). Must go with Mayonise ler, else wont taste good.

All time favorite, chinese favorite. Pork ribs steamed with and . To perfection, the meat must be soft and tender, meat not sticked to the bones, and the taste must be ogasmic.

Less than 1 hour, less than RM40, less than what we can eat. All gone.

So... anyone else want to join me for a nice lovely Breakfast? Phone or Mail or Website Reservation available.

Yeah man ... Sitting here in Starbucks waiting for my GF to finish work and fetch her home for a nap. Then more entertainment/dating after that...Is there there a "Too early" or "Too late" for GF ? No loh ... At least I can have my time here reading BLogs and write my own entry ~ hehehe.

Nice ~~ nice ~~~ very nice food. Thanks to all the coleaugues who brought over so many great Traditional Foods. Zheng ah !!! Tengkiu Very Much !!!

Well, anyone interested how my new workstation looks like ? My dad and GF have asked me to show them for so long and now only got time to take pictures of it, sooooo slow. hehehe, busy mah ~ New job with new colleagues who are friendly, new boss that's not around now, new rules I can't remember, new dress code that's itchy and new makan place to get familiar with, I kind of like them thou.

How was that? Cool ler ~ Now I have my own table, 2 big tables somemore, to do my things, not sharing a counter with others and interupted by customers ( that normally not buying ). On the left, some paperworks ler, computer list to note the Models and specs and serial numbers. Center, an eMac for me to use, that is alot slower than my PowerBook, and I am working on a Database on it. Right, my PowerBook and Spritzed Mineral Water, please drink more water.

Pretty much like the job ler, since all day long I will be sitting at my place to wait for colleagues that have problems with thier machines or not certain about the software usage, call my extension and I will go over. Sometimes setup the projectors for presentations ler, sometimes walk to the toilet to smoke and come back, sometimes read online articles and little bit of Blog, yeah right ... And yesterday boss ask me to get familiar with Panorama before we have a meeting next monday to discuss about a new system, that I will have to do the design and coding. Monday? yaloh, since we don't work in Saturday & Sunday mah, do you? Hehehehehe. But anyhow, I still have to wake up around 4:30AM tomorrow morning to send my GF to work, then fetch her home around 9AM. Anyone want to Yam Cha tomolo morning ? Meet me at UpTown around 5AM, but dont bother calling me tonight, I wont answer calls, I want sleep early.

PS: Will update you all how is my New Dress Code. Soon ...


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