A few thing to share today.

I am soooooooooooooooo happy with the Nano ! Till this morning when i walk to work as usual, what accompany me all the way to office is no more car hon or motors doing the "Crazy Frog". Today is 古巨基 with his 勁歌金曲 all the way to office ~ 13 and a half minutes, step in the office. Cool !!!

Folks, i am not going to write a review for Nano here. Just make use of the Google or come to my shop and I can have a half an hour sales tactic on you, sure will buy !

Another good news for me is .... which means alot to me .......

A customer came in and boughtan iBook from me just now. Then we where talking about blogging, and she told me that she kind of maybe perhaps somehow saw

in some magazine or some friends or her talking bout my blog....

Sure Boh ???
hehehe... so happy to hear that.

But my counter seems to be slowing down already.Haih.... guess it's time to write better things on my blog already.

Anyway... Thank You all viewers for being here, really appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am indeed quite sure that I have come across your name somewhere, either as a reference link or etc. I kept thinking about it but alas, I have to admit that I have reached an age to start consuming gingko biloba. : )) Went through your photos...very good..am impressed. Keep up the good work. Oh and by the way, thumbs up to your customer service ; )
    AhTak said...
    Hahaha ~~ Thanks ~. For both steping in and the thmbs UP ! Also the effort to make me thought I am that famous aledi ..... : ( .

    Even my blog not in the Mag, but still i will keep on taking pictures and blogging. Cheers ~
    Anonymous said...
    Hi there. I am sure if you keep up the good job of your blog, you will be well known one of these days. But I am sure that is not the purpose of you blogging right? ; )
    I need to ask you a favour. Hope you can help me. Remember I asked you if I can open a Word Document file from my ibook? Currently, I cant seem to open the file. I am not sure if I need to install any software to open the word document file or not. I cant open it from appleworks. Can you please advice me? Thanks ya.
    AhTak said...
    Should be able to. You try to double check the format of the file. Or just drag the file onto the shortcut of the Apple Works that appear on your 'Dock'

    If cant, then I think you need Microsoft Office or ThinkFree Office or Open Office.

    Try to email me, so i can reply you with words and pictures.easier mah ~~~

    Anonymous said...
    whoa,you've already got a Nano! I hope the price is affordable, wonder how long it'll take me to save up for it.
    AhTak said...
    Yeah ~~~ Got to work hard for it lah, didnt GET it for free ~ hahahahaha

    No lah, since i am 'alone' most of the time, so i really need something that can ease the loneliness ... : (

    PS: Viwers, try to put name down la, i dunno know are you guys what reply me ooh.....

    If you malas want to register. Just put your name somewhere at the end of the comment ~

    Thanks For dropping by and comments ~ really appreciate it !
    Anonymous said...
    Hey,cool Nano huh. Just wondered how much it cost you. Didnt know it was already available here in Malaysia. G'day!

    AhTak said...
    Yah ~~~ already available here is malaysia JP, since I am using one ~ hehehehe

    This things is really cool.... really cool...
    Anonymous said...

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