Yup, so lucky to have a chance to take some pics during the Jasmine Girl Search 2007 Audition. Had fun there snapping away and playing a fool all over the place ~ hohohohh. Now some pictures to share with you guys....

The rundown would be ...

  • .Arrival for the registration and fill in forms.

  • .Makeup or touchup if need, for the best look.

  • Interview by the judges with simple questions.

  • Some studio shoots, both half and full body.

  • Say Good Bye and go home wait for new.

  • Sounds fast right ? But the thing actually went all day long. Coz there's 56 contestant want to WIn. So the 56 were seperate into 2 groups, morning and afternoon....

    Alright, start with some backstage pics ... Getting prepared with the best look ...

    Then some shooting session ...

    And the Eye Candy ...

    So much jokes I had with my friend during the Audition ler ... Dress code, Slang, Hairdo, even Answers also can become joke. More to come if Jasmine decide to use me and allow me to post pictures here. Stay tuned for the updates ok?

    Anyway, will be going to PD this coming Weekend with Titoki and Wennie and Jac and Me. hohohoh. Cant imagine how funny the trip will turn out.... another cant wait.

    All right ... Another tip for all the new Mac Users.

    Let me guess, most of the Windows users here would be either using Hotmail? Gmail? Or Outlook Express if you were to have a POP account. Now, alot new swichers dunno how to transfer their mails that's in Outlook Express to Mail, since Apple don't have any lame email software, for example Outlook Express, so Mail would be a better option.

    Now, I presume you understand what I am talking about ... Let's begin.

    1. Got to download this software from your Windows PC.

    2. Move the download software to you Outlook Express mail Folder ( where the mails are stored).

    3. Drag and drop those little .dbx files onto the software just downloaded and generate new .mbx files.

    4. Change the .mbx files to .mbox and transfer to your Mac.

    5. Open Mail and select File-> Import MailBox -> Select Others .

    6. Select the .mbox files that's transfered to you Mac

    7. Wait for the process and .. Voila !!!!

    Wasted Weekend

    Well, things didn't happened as how planned, no shooting, no shopping, no YamCha, no nothing, not even internet till this morning... Why ?

    The Result of the basketball session last Friday. Luckily I wasn't driving that night, else I wouldn't know how to get home. Thanks Max for the ride ~ Funny is that asked:

    "Which leg you hurt ?"
    "My right, why?
    "Oh... if you twisted the left then better lah, still can drive"

    So I hurt my right ankle and can't put my legs on the Acceleration and Brake, I can't drive !!! I am grounded ! Damm...

    Back to work and this is what I wear, coz my Pierre Cardin cannot fit both my leg and the bandage ler, and the Sifu says got to put on the bandage will Friday... HHmm, guess I'm gonna miss the Badminton session ths weekend, again ....


    First day back to work, my table view .... Ouch .... Why I hurt and Ankle instead of my finger wow ....

    Latested Update:

    Playing around with my SB600, the result. Will post more when I have more shoots with the flash.

    Wow ... let's see what's gonna happen this weekend ...


    Sleep in the morning till around 11AM.
    Be in 1Utama around 1~2PM for shooting Fashion show.
    Meet up a friend ( long wanted to meet ) in 1U, afternoon.
    Badminton with the Photographers in OUG at 8.


    Will be asleep till 1~2PM
    Later lunch with GF somewhere
    Rush back home for Monster Hunter
    Sleep early, due to ache here ache here after sport,

    By the way, will have basketball later in Ampang around 10PM

    Anyone happened to be in 1U this Saturday give me a call lah, we go YamCha ok ?~

    The Wan Family

    Caller : Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan? (anyone)

    Operator : Yes, you can speak to me.

    Caller: No, I want to speak to Annie Wan!

    Operator: You are talking to someone! Who is this?

    Caller: I'm Sam Wan(someone).? And I need to talk to Annie Wan! It's

    Operator: I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But
    what's this urgent matter about?

    Caller: Well... just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother Noel Wan(
    no one) was involved in an accident. Noel Wan got injured and now Noel
    Wan is beingsent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan(everyone) is on
    his way to the hospital.

    Operator: Look if no one was injured and no one was sent to the
    hospital, then the accident isn't an urgent matter! You may find this
    hilarious but I don't have time for this!

    Caller:You are so rude! Who are you?

    Operator: I'm Saw Lee.(sorry)

    Today's Work

    Working on some "Cleaning & Repairing" Job today....

    Someone come to me and said :" My 'A' key is not working can you help me with that ?"
    So ofcoz I go to have a look and try to figure out what's going on ler, and the 'A' key is really not working, but not just the 'A' even 'Q', 'W', 'S', 'X' and other key around that area also not working. I thought "Cannot be .... Must be something wrong" ..

    So I took out a few keys any see if there's anything stucked. And guess what, I see water stain ...

    Huh? cannot see the water stain? Ofcoz ... I've cleaned it ....
    By taking out all the keys ...

    And let it dry out overnight ....

    Plug it in the this morning and Voila ! The keyboard is not working !! What? You still WISH the keyboard will work after soaking in half a glass of water ( should be around 100ml, from the amount of stain in the keyboard ) overnight ? I don't remember seeing and 'Water Resistant' on the box ....

    Fashion on 1

    Been to 1U for some Fashion Shooting last saturday, and meet some friends there...

    More pictures to come, kind of busy at the moment...



    Here are some of the shoots that I like from the event I've been to last saturday. What do you guys think? Hopefully I've did better compare to the previous one I've been to. Good to see other photographers there too they even laugh at me and say. " Wah, AhTak Chung Chut Gong Wu (重出江湖) !! " Does that means I've missed alot of photography? ... Let's look at the pictures.

    And the Mens' ... Abit bored to me lah, since no chance to wear so handsome liddat, see also sianz .....

    The Fashion Show will be continue on this coming Friday till Sunday, and also there will be a photo contest in conjuction with the fashion show. If I can win the Grand Price for RM3000, I will take out RM300 to belanja all you readers Starbucks ~ Good ??!! Hopefully will be meeting up with Edward, MakKY, and Kelvin this coming weekend, heheheheh. Anyone want to join the fun ?

    Saw these on my table just when i reached office. I know it's from my colleauge who just came back from KimchiLand, hohohohohoh, Happy Happy ~ Tengkiu ~~~

    Also expecting something from someone come back from KoalaLand ... hhmm ...


    Got this in my mail this morning.. Enjoy... Haiii ~~~ YAk !!!!

    Hi dudes ~ Am blogging now from Mandalay International AirPort, kidding. hahahhaa. Maybe some dude steal the WireLess Hub there and use it here in Mon't Kiara. Or maybe my PowerBook so Geng can get WiFi signal from Mandalay.

    So. About weekend. I am as excited as you all are expecting for some leng lui pictures ~ HHmm .. But didn't turn out loh. Siao Mei got to go back office early so can't make the shooting on Saturday and Sunday. Pei Lan's friend are not free on Saturday and cannot make it also. I didnt ask her for Sunday coz on Sunday I've made appointment with another Girl, initially. And Esther only available on Sunday where I've make appointment for somebody else, so I told her I cant make it unless it's Saturday. So I was so dissapointed on Friday night and thought of asking someone to go out Yam Cha, cheer up abit ler.

    And there I was in Ming Tian with Xiao Lu, chit chat a bit since the last time i met her is about half year ago. So talking talking talking ....

    Tak: Are you free tomolo ah ?
    XL : Yah, why ?
    Tak: You want take picture ? ( told her my initial weekend planning)
    XL :Yah ! Why not ? Can you do Bikini ah ?
    Tak: Actually I never try before one ler ~ You sure ah ?
    XL : Ok wow ~ I trust you ~ hehehehe

    Done deal and me meet up in Ming Tian 9AM the next morning, heading Gabai for the scene, after calling so many friends to get the direction right ! hahahahha. I recommend anyone who want do Bikini Shoot, want swimming, want releks, want green green can all go to Gabai... Let's see the pictures ...:

    But i think it wpold be alot better if the girls were Mermaids of Maggie Q or Kelly Chan, perfect...

    Anyway ....... Reached the scene around 1030~11AM after a few phone calls to make sure the location. Damm. The water were so cold, is THAT cold ok ? I dare not enter the water at first coz I knew it's gonna freeze me toes. So I ask the girl... "Eh, you want to get dress and prepare yourself in the water ? HHmm ... I think maybe later lah, we do the Clothed first ". Thought of play a joke on the girl but didnt lah, if she catch cold then I susah ler .... Lucikly there were great sunlight all day long that at least we didnt freeze in the water. Stop the crab and with the pictures ALREADY LAH WUI !!!

    *Guys, prepare some tissue before proceed*

    Nice mou ? I think I still need hell alot more of pratice ler ... Thanks Xiao Lu for your Saturday ! Thanks Lurker for the Direction to GaBai, Thanks Wong for giving me Lurker's number !

    * Go Friendster and look for the next Model ... *

    So nice right? See this when I make a U-turn back from office coz I forgot to bring my camera to office for some 'Office Work', damm but since then I can this picture. Good or bad to make mistake ah ? Depends how you look at it, and not too often.

    Will be very boring in coming weekend ... Anyone want to have a photo session ? Mostly outdoor if it's not raining ... Since so long I didnt do photography liao and this coming weekend will be a good time for me ..hhmm ...

    A few potential models available for the weekend. Hopefully nothing comes between so I can pratice and enjoy the weeked ~

    Didn't actually fully try out the new AirCon on Saturday ler, coz I sleep late due to the PSP:

    Picture from EA Games

    Thought I can own the City mah....
    And also got to wake up early on Sunday coz I have an event to attent ~ Second Business Opening Ceremony from Brenda @ D'Artist, Sri Hartamas. But somehow I rather call it Unofficial PK gathering, so many of PK members went there ler .. hahahaha ..

    Lets congrats to Brenda for her second business. ( I dun even have my First Busisness ... ). And also here is a picture to show how happy she is, and how glad she is when friends came for the party ~

    Talked all day already, now show you what is Brenda's Second Business. Deng Deng Deng .... !!! Dun ask me ah, I dunno what is that also. I just know it looks kind of sexy on the plastic model, but too bad that day no LIVE model do catwalk with that, too bad.

    Other that Product, we also have lots of food to makan ler. Got Mee Hun, Ayam Goreng, Vegetarian Curry, Vegetarian Lamb Curry, Vegetarian this, and Vegetarian that ... wah... Vegetarian sure I no mood already loh. But there's still Ayam Goreng and Mee Hun for me to han tam, hehehehe, and the Vegetarian Lamb also not bad.

    This I dunno what lah. I think it's friend Flour trying to be Sotong AKA Vegetarian Fried Sotong. But doesn't it looks like worm ??? Dun be fooled by the look of it, AhTak did have a handfull of it that day. Good AiTelYiu ...

    When guys are sitted round and got nothing better to do, they start to Chui Shui. Talk about PSP, about Camera, about Streamyx, about this, about that, about girls and about us. Talk talk talk ...

    Brenda's Studio offer a few free ..FREE and i dunno !!!! DAmm ... A few free Studio sessions for PK members. While waiting for the photographers who booked the room, I pandai pandai sneak in the studio with the gangs to do abit shooting sin loh ~ hehehe. Tell you ah, this is first time AhTak step in a proper Studio, amazed by the Strobes, the Backdrop so big, RnB music so feel like fuc dancing. And so ngam Andra was there, good loh ! Got model ~ So fast fast borrow Babyk's D200 and did a few shoots ...

    Thanks Brenda for the invitation, thanks BabyK for the camera, thanks Geoffery for the Monster Hunter, thans TS for using my PSP batt, thanks Wong for teaching how to use the D200, thanks all lah ~ Diu, almost going home already now, cant wait to full blast the AirCon while outside is raining now. Hhmm ... maybe tonight will snore louder abit ...


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