Meat Eater

When Meatballs are served in Ikea restaurant

Done ....

Obviously I am a meat eating animal.Carnivorous, for example: Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Cheetah, these are all codenames for Mac OS X and there are all Carnivorous. These animals feeds on animals that move on the land, fly in the sky or swim in the water.But not really on those which swims, I hate seafood.

Anything that grow from soil and it's green, NO.
Grow from the soil and it's white, No.
Including Potatoes and winter melon.

According to my mom, my Health Consultant. Eating Vegetables is very good for my health and it will eventually makes my shit smell nice, I think she means less smelly. But ah, I can't agree on that lah, since I never go toilet without my Marlboro, so sorry mom, not comment on that.

Well, according to my Biology text book. Fibers which are widely found on Vege and fruits Does help in the process of digesting, how? I forgot.

I remember my parents even threaten me, persuade me, and cheated on me. Say: Eat 1 piece of vege and I get a toy, this is normally from my dad. Or, Say: Eat cane or eat vege, your choice, this normally from my mom. But AhTak have his on thinking... Put the vege in his mouth and puke it out after he gets the toy, or, run before he eat the cane from his mom. Smart boy he is.

But seriously guys. If you dun have particular reason for not eating vege, please eat more vege lah. At least you leave a good image to whoever go to the toilet after you.


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