What's on their mind ???

I think I break my own record ! 4 entries in a day !... nothing to cheer about actually.

Saw this sign in Ikano Power Center Public Toilet.

I understand why they put "No Squating Please", so you don't break the jamban and hurt your lovely ass.


I don't see anything wrong with "Smoking While Shitting". Really...
I mean to most of the human being on earth now, the only privare time would be in the toilet. Can you guys just leave us alone 'inside' ??? I don't think the shit smell any better that Marlboro or Dunhill for some. If you can complain the smoke stinks, try go complain to the management about the smell of the shit.
Second hand smoke kills? I am so sure that "shit" can kill you faster with all the germs inside.


  1. Levonne said...
    yeah... thats coool..
    AhTak said...
    you think so ???

    Sometimes you really have no idea how other manipulate thier brain cells.... heheheh

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