I had a so-called Studio tryout last night.... Was awesome And so then I realized that how difficult is that be a pro Portraits Photographer...Tiring, frustraitng, stress, and ... have to be really creative (which i am not).

As all of my friends are not professional model and make-up artist. We at first we really are having hard time to communicate. Like what kind of a pose i want, what kind of a emotion i want.... but was really funny when we were doing the try-out ~

For sure I would love to have more try-outs with these girls ~


I would say that's scenes people don't normally look at, or un-noticed.
I really love taking macro shoots. Is to show the "another" world within the world we are living... As how big will a flower bud would be from an eye of an ant... HHmmm.. Intesting.

As in this picture. Was taken in a park in my condo. I can almost see it everyday as I walk by. But it would be a totally different point of view when I look it thru a macro lens.... The shapes, the color.... wow... Amazing.

Found this picture in my backup hard drive. So i thought of take it out and did some editing on it..... what do you guys thing ?

Was soooo boring last week, coz of the rain and i had to saty in the house or in the office all day long...

So I came out with an idea of setting up small studio in the office to kill some time.
: Un-wanted laptop box
: Some A4 papers
: Some toys from the game-shop upstairs
: My camera & lens & flash

And here are the outcomes:

I was fooling around with the lighitng and the f (aperture) ler... trying different angle and distance too... nice kah ?

Pictures taken last night about 10PM in IKANO...

They don't queue,
They don't care,
They don't even pay their parking tickets...

Lazy afternoon..... the best is to lay back, look into the clear blue sky and be sheltered by a big old tree ~~~

Perhaps one of the greatest...

Found this guy after the rain yesterday afternoon, in the park... So small that I almost missed it when I walk by, so small that my macro lens almost cant get enuff. As my lens can produce a 1:1 life size macro, you can tell how small it is from the picture...

So I spent a good time looking at this fella bulding up the his/her web before I start taking pictures of it... I was so cool I tell you. No plan, no scetch, no nothing. It just start building up his/her castle as if it have already got the "image" in it's mind loh. One string, 2 strings, 3 strings........ Then when it finsh the construction, it will stay in the middle and wait for preys to fall-in.

Carefully look at the web and you'll find all the details and precision...

Be Amazed .... Be Amazed people .... This is how the first Mac OSX (code name Cheetah) looks like when it first lauched back in 2001, and that's when Windows have their XP (code name Xtra Problem) launched in the same year.

But I guess you guys should be seing this screen more than anything else ?The Window's well-know Blue Screen Of Dead.

Or perhaps this ?...

Which is good in away, that it makes no different which one you'll see. Coz at the end of the day you'lle losing data or files, or digital pictures, or digital music, or digital movies , or digital this and digital that ........ Well, pray hard loh, that's the only thing you can do ~

Yes !!! And I've got the picture of Mah Pu Boh ~ Oooppss, I mean MacBook Pro, soli soli ~~ ehehehe

Yes, we all do that this thing kills.... Maybe slower than knocked down by a truck or falling off from KLCC....Maybe slower than smoking ? I dunno .... But anyhow I knew that the sales of any liquor shall be alot better than Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola in anykind of Pubs and Disco, why ? Coz party without alcohol are not party, and gathering wouldn't be complete without alcohol also, no? But I think the best usage of alcohol would be that you get yourself blur, so anygirl can become Zhu Pei, and everyman become Bread Pit.

From here, AhTak ask for another favor , please brothers and sisters, DONT DRUNK AND DRIVE !

First saw this MTV was .. I think months ago, in my friend's house ( my place no TV, jfyi ). Almost drop down my tears ler ~
Why the girl have to die ler ?~ Yer, so Leng Lui and so happy when she was together with her bf. And from the MTV can tell that they've been thru some "difficulties" to get together one ler ... and the last part of the MTV i almost want to wack the TV already.

Please do a me favour....Finish the MTV.

Just Added:



...... So dad ......The MTV

And if you have your GF or BF beside you, give him/her a big big hug...
If no BF or GF how ? Go toilet and cry khau khau for your own sympathy...

So this fella come in with his "FREE-HSBC-IPOD-SHUFFLE" into my shop....
You can get it for free when you open up an account in HSBC...
FOR FREE which means he didnt buy from me !!! Why should I give him the service ? Maybe I am kind ? Nah..... Not anymore.... I charged him ~ hehehehe

Well If he came in with a Mac, I would still have an "excuse" to help him loh... Mac user mah ~ But he came in with the things I hated most !!! ACER TravelMate + WindowsXP Pro ~~ OMG !!!! I AM GOING TO CHARGE THIS GUY KHAU KHAU !!!

Tak: have you installed iTunes in you PC?
Him: Yes, so many times. ( Which I found out he didnt )
Tak:Have you.......
Him: Yes.............. (Which I also found out he didnt )

Then he start asking me questions that can be found easily on the USER MANUAL that comes FREE with the Shuffle.... I really hate this kind of people loh... If you are smart and clever, you can skip the USER MANUAL. But most of the people think they are smart but they are actually not. The USER MANUAL is for you READ BEFORE YOU USE THE PRODUCT, not just another free gift or souvenir OK ? READ IT FIRST LAH !!! ADUHAI ~~~ Bikin orang panas bah tau ?!?!?

An Acer dunno what specs + Windows XP (looks new to me):

:Used almost 3~4 minutes to start up.
:About 10~15 minutes to install iTunes on it.

Was wandering around KLCC last friday with Jimz (Hon Chai), and then we saw this ....

I love it, he loves it.... we are loving it...

Soli lah folks ... been really kick-ass busy recently ler ~
Meet up with friends lah ....
Makan Makan lah ....
Go movies lah ....
Serve some "funny" customers lah ....
Stay in the shop and do nothing lah ....
MSN with friends lah ....
Thinking of where to go shooting lah ....
and more to come ....

Anyway. After getting my brand new D70s and using my old lens and flash. I did managed to get some pictures for you guys ler. But please spare me some more time to edit them abit.

Dont know why ler. Before I staated to take photography "seriously", I dont really mind showing my friends the un-edited versions of my pictures. And after I love and taking more pictures and start posting them, I dun feel like showing all of my pictures to my friends, and you guys reading ahtak.blogspot.com ofcoz.... Why ah ?


Window of Soul, that's how the chinese gave a second name for eyes...
I love looking into others' eyes, ofcoz leng lui ones lah, me no gay ok ?!...
Other than mouth I think the eyes are the body part that we used most to "talk" to others, no ?

I really enjoy looking into her eyes alot ... She may not have the most beatiful eyes in the world.
But her eyes have told me the best thing in the world....

Yaloh ... Been listening to this band since secondary school, a great band they really were and still. The most famous song they have which made me listen to them was the " 60's TV ", and when they sing for The 9th FIFA/Coca Cola Cup World Youth Championship theme song, they are really hot !!!

And this is one of the latest song from OAG.

Imajin aku Tvmu
Transmisionku terbit untukmu
Dramaku produk khas siaranmu
Trans-sonet gelora Satelit Chinta

Imajin aku radiomu
Intermisionku orbit untukmu
E-ramaku rekord khas hiburanmu
Inter-planet kejora Ke marikh asth-mara WO'o'oo

per-MY-suri rumahku
per-My-suri radarku
per-MY-suri syurgaku.. wO'o'oo
Yang teristimewa

Imajin aku Vjmu
Transvisiku terbitan untukmu
Karaktorku ilhamkhas pedomanmu
Trans-fonik gelora satelit chinta

Imajin aku Djmu
Intervisionku orbit untukmu
Metaforku iltizamkhas buatmu
Inter-sonik kejora Ke-marikh asth-mara Wo'o'oo

Not bad huh ?~ hehehehe.

From here I hope that everyone reading my blog can appreciate the effort of local Musician. Malay songs are not just Minor chords and shouting-high-key-neverends... Nah, Malaysian Musician can do lots more better than that.

How i tured a Nikkor 18-70mm AS-F DX into an astray ...

This is what you'll see after taking out the first set of screws...

I think this should the the guy who in-charge of the focusing and transmitting info back to the camera body ...

This is the " f " photographers always talk about ... the bigger the hole, the more you have to pay... no ?

The 18-70mm AF-S DX consist of 5 pieces of lens, or glass peice. The are lens found in the lens... huh ??

After taking out all the unwanted parts. All you need to do is put some SuperGlue ( Million Year Glue ) to stick all the parts together.

Unwanted part I'vementioned earlier...

Me and Edward were "Wah Laoooo ~~~ " and " Wow ~~~~~ " all the while when we were doing the "Lens-->Ashtray"... Facinated by the people who designed the Lens and also who made the lens...Looking at the Digital Parts (Chips, IC, Transistor, Capacitor and others ) and the Mechanical Parts ( The lens, The barrel, The plastic parts and The Metal parts ), trying to figure what they really do .... Amazing... Awesome...

After almsot a month of waiting ... I got my new camera yesterday.

And this a test shot of my test shot of the old Nikkor 18-70mm AF-S DX.

Saw this thing from a blogger...
Can't tahan laughing and want to share with you all.

Just want to have some fun here ... please dun mind:

The server gives a plug and play service to the clients using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the client’s port.

Now in BAHASA:
Pelayan itu memberi pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan menggunakan batang gembira jenis keras atau lembut. Batang gembira itu dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan.

As remined by Ah Lei, there's a software called httpmail which allows you to receives mails from Hotmail.

As you guys can see from the picture, I use Hotmail for Registrations, for people who I don't really want to see thier mails and misc mails... 2MB is really too little to store anything, shame on a BIG company that can only offer a tiny 2MB storage for emails... Yahoo is doing it with 1GB , and Google is doing it with 1GB also, FOR FREE !!!.... anyway, I wanted to keep the Hotmail just because some of my old friends are still with my old email adress ( the 2MB Hotmail)...

See the lady in the picture ? she came in my shop this afternoon to pick up iBook from service, and you know what ? She is the worst I've ever seen in my entire 2 years working as a retail Sales Person...

1:30pm : She came in ...
1:45pm : Her iBook is ready to check out.
1:55pm : unpack her stuff and start surfing.
2:45pm : Leave her iBook and went out.. toilet?
3:00pm : Came back and continue her surfing...
5:15pm : Left her iBook and went off again...
6:45pm : Came back and continue surfing...
7:45pm : Start packing her stuff ...
8:00pm : Finally .. she left ...

This is really the worst kind of "internet usage thief" I've ever seen. My maximum time of surfing in Starbucks, AFTER PAYING A LATTE is 1 or 2 hours .... she is really the best . Hope I dun see this kind of thieves in my shop any more, God bless me ...

...TVBS Videocast...
Found this site and have already downloaded all the clips within. TVBS (Some Taiwan TV channel, same like TV3 here ) are contributing some of the clips played on thier TV Channel and compressed them into smaller size, so people can have the clips on thier iPod Video.

There's a total of 8 clips talking about all kind of people and topics around Taiwan. Some are really touching and worth some tears... Please go ahead and download the clips to watch and be touched. No worry, all clips are free of charge.

Current iPod users ~
Soon-to-be iPod users~
iPod user-wannabe ~

this is for you ....

Early in the morning .... Apple.com...

Here we go again ~ Introducing..........
~ THE NEW MacMini Intel Core Duo ~

Which according to Apple.com, this baby can run 4 times faster that the previous model after using Intel Core Dual chip.

Comes with the 2 following configurations...

1.5GHz Intel Core Solo processor
2MB L2 Cache
667MHz Frontside Bus
512MB memory (667MHz DDR2 SDRAM)
60GB Serial ATA hard drive
Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
Apple Remote


1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor
2MB L2 Cache
667MHz Frontside Bus
512MB memory (667MHz DDR2 SDRAM)
80GB Serial ATA hard drive
Double-layer SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
Apple Remote

ui ... No display card de ???

Have ... almost at the end of the page you can see the..

"All Mac mini models also include an integrated Intel GMA950 graphics processor with 64MB of shared DDR2 SDRAM(1), 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, four external USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 400 port, optical digital and analog audio in/out, and built-in mono speaker. See all technical specifications "

All new Mac mini comes with whole new iLife06 and FrontRow .... Perfect for home users, which the Mac mini will be targeting on home users, not PRO, not STUDIO, not me ~ hehehehe. But it would be nice to have a piece in my room ler ~ Just for DVD and music ... heheheheh Dream on. ...... Dream on .....

The engineering have given the Mac mini some new design at the back of it also. And Audio-in, extra 2 USB ports... Lovely... Bacause the previous model have only Audio-Out, so if anyone thinking of doing Voice or Sound recording, they need to spend some extra modey to get a USB Audio-In adapter... Hhmmm....


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