What's Wrong With It ???

Read this article in some websites today, I think it's kind of stupid. I mean... Yah, really stupid.
In this artice, the authors points out that there are some features or 'ability' that the Mac OS X should follow. Also some samples how how 'he himself' being so uncomfortable using a system which is 'SO' diefferent with the Windows OS he is using, which i think that makes him 'SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE' productive untill he got time to waste, by doing some stupid researches about the differences between Mac and Windows, whcich the result we all knew,or don't even want to know. Also telling readers how unadaptive he is, for not being able to get used to the system after using it for so long (i presume, cause i guess new computer users would not be able to write anything this 'PRO'.

Well here are things he pointed out:
1) Compatible control keys. Switching between Mac and Windows this drives me nuts. I have to consciously think “command-C or control-C?” It shouldn’t have to be that way. And if you’re running RDC or VPC and copying and pasting between OS X and Windows!! Sheesh!

To Me: The only problem I see here is, why the hell you want to swith between 2 OS ??? If you really does, that's your own problem, not the rest of the Mac users around the world. You don't expect the 3% of computer users change thier way of living because you are not good in operating 2 Operating System at the same time right? As, I dont think Nokia will change thier keypad layout because of some idiots are not used to it after using 'China Branded Handphone' for so long...

2) Save button on toolbars. I don’t think any of the Apple software ever gives you the option to include a Save button. Print button yes, Save button no. A little test - raise your hand if you save your work more often than you print it? Ah, so I’m not alone. Good. You can put your hands down. Thank you.

To Me: According to point No.1, the author seems to be 'really good in using keyboard shortcuts'. And why the hell you want to use the stupid mouse the click on the stupid "SAVE" button while you are half typing with both your hands on the keyboard??? As I know, I have been using the Windows for some while before I got my first iBook. I found out that i use more shortcut keys in a Mac !!! And I've been using a Mac for less than 2 years, 5 time less than the time for using a Windows.

3) A multi button mouse. And you thought I’d say two. Why stop at two? Especially with things like Exposé, Dashboard and Spotlight. They’re just crying out for single click activation from a mouse. Ok. So this isn’t a Windows feature per sé, but still is needed.

To Me:Ok fine! Now Apple made a mouse with "4 buttons" and a "360 degree scroll" with it, happy?! But you know guys ?I use "2 button mouse" only when I use Photoshop. The rest of the time, the track pad and "1 button" was enough. As back to Point No.1 , I thought you are that good with the shortcut keys??? What the .... !!!

4) Only show relevant file types in open and save dialogs. For those who like seeing every file that’s every existed in their Documents folder, give them a checkbox to show all files. But personally, if I am opening a Pages file, I don’t want to see all my iMovie, Excel, iDVD etc files. And OS X already knows which are which because non-related ones are greyed out.

To Me: You are somehow good i have to admit it Mr Author! I don't even have time to look at those 'irrelevent files' while I am working on my PowerBook. WoW !!! Surprised me !!! Solute !!!

PS:refer back to Point No.1, i thought you are that good with keyboard shortcuts. 'Command+S' in Mac and 'Ctrl+S' in Windows, REMEMBER???.. hahahahha

5) More context sensitive help. I notice since I first raised this two years ago, more of it has crept into OS X. So I guess at least I can’t be flamed for this one!

To Me: I never find that those "Help Menus" have ever been usefull.

Now why is it that I can list all the features I want Leopard to have and as long as none of them are from Windows, its cool? But dare suggest OS X needs a feature already in Windows and the world comes down on you. We can admit that OS X is not perfect, but not that Windows is better in some ways.

But Apple have admitted it in the past. Here’s just a couple of things I’ve seen Windows do that Apple has added:
- Command-tab switching
- Existing files selectable in Save dialog

To Me: I thing the 'Command+Tab' make more sense. In the Mac, this combination keys will switching you around among Applications, while the Windows will switchi you around among all the 'Windows' you are running. Imagine is you have 15 IE windows running, Itunes, 1 or 2 documents, 2 or 3 windows for file management, 1 for Outlook, and ....... OMG !!!!! ENOUGH !!!!!!!

To Me: The point is, if you are driving a Toyota and complains that it's too slow for you, and you bought yourself a Ferrari but complains that you cant go in Time Square..... whose fault is that??? Fine, if you insist, go build yourself one that as fast as Ferarri and as 'affordable' as a Honda !!!

PS: You can change the keyboard that comes with any Mac to a "Windows USB KEyboard" !!! DOOFUS !!!

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