Nokia + Mac OSX + Digi ??? Yes.... It happened.
One of my customer came in with his Nokia 6230 and ask me if he can connect to the internet using his Digi line in his Nokia 6230? So we try to help him by testing abit ..... Blah blah blah ..... Dit...dit..dit..... It Works !

1. iBook G4 1.2Ghz/iBook G4 1.33Ghz/PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz (i tried and works on these models)
2. A BlueTooth dongle. (not required if you are using new models which are built-in)
3. Mac OSX 10.4.2
4 Nokia 6230


Turn on bothe the BlueTooth connection on the Nokia and Mac.


Pair the Nokia with you Mac. System Preferences-->Bluetooth-->Device-->Add New Device.
After this a new windows will pop-up, all you have to do is follow the instruction,here it will ask you to key in the 'pair-key' from your phone, sychronizing your Adress book, connectiong to the internet using GRPS or " ". Here you will have to key-in the informations provided from Digi. Select the 'Noia iR6210_8xxx' as modem.


Then in the System Preferences-->Network-->Bluetooth-->BlueTooth Mdem-->check the 'show modem status in menubar'
, after checking the option you should see a new icon in your menu bar.


Click on the new icon that appear on the menu bar, you should be able to see 'connect' in the list. Click on it.


Start surfing and receiving mail !!!

PS: After succesfully connected to the internet with these setup, i presume that should be no problem using the same hardware and software, only have to change the internect account setting to the settings' of Maxis.


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