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Been trying to look for this song all over the place. Heard it first in 古巨基's 劲歌, and I kind of like. And finally I fond the 'Drama-version' of this song. Which is with some-dunno-who doing some talking at the back. It's a conversation between a girl and a boy,who at the end......

::: 爱是最大权利 :::
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What is Love? I don't know, really. If I know the what hell is that I don't have to drink with my FRIEND'S every night.... that's bored I tell you. But thanks for doing all this for me, brothers~ They are the one that's there when I need them there.

I'm On The Way !

Anyway, after listening to the song I learned something new. It's not what you have did to her/him, is not about what you bought her or where you bring him/her to. It's just the 'FEEL'. Yeah, sounds very 老土, but guess that's how things worked out between him/her. HHhhhmm..... I mean a girl won't love you because you bought alot of flowers and chocolate right? Even if it happened, it's because of you ! Not the flowers nor the chocolate, it's what you have done for her.

But isnt' it totally diferrent statements I am talking about? Yeah... Man you know girls, they dun even know the hell they want, if they feel like 'loving' you, they will. If they dun feel like doing it, they wont, so there goes the 'chassing' thingies.HAHAHA. That's the truth what, if the girl likes you, all you need to do is go and tell her that you love her, hold her hand then live happily ever forever after. The End.
If the don't like you initially, then you will have to buy stuffs, bring her to some hi-class restourants, the cinema so you 2 can sit closely, then call her every single day and nihgts to tell her that you miss her and make her happy. Well, I think i been thru too much of this kind of stuffs. Probably when i am 13 or 14. Walking around my schools (hell alot of 靚女in TTSS itell you), then meet up with some 'girl firends' and start asking phone numbers (my Dad almost killed me for the bill), then start some dating. And been rejected donno how many times till I had a girl that I can consider my Girl Friend, that's then I am 16. Young and Innocent. When i look back after so many years, I feel that I am really really really stupid dumb ass to the max, hahaha. Great memories lah ....

HHmm....Back to the topic.

Is 'I Love You' enough to hold the relationship? She told me that :"Just say you love me, that's all i need.", but ironically you know what she told me when we broke-up? :"tak, I know you love me, but that's not enough, you aren't good enuff.". What the ... well, that's alot of things I wanted to do for her, but it's just not the right time yet. Can't you just wait?! OMG !!

When a girls tells you that she loves you, believe it, she really does. If that the girl want to break-up, don't bother asking for reasons, useless, she can have millions of reasons for you.Save your breath and try to treat you next gril friend, only if you can find one.

Good Luck !!!

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