HHmm....Have to start this with '3E'...........

::: 'E'conomy
::: 'E'njoy
::: 'E'nough

The philosophy i came out with Lei someday last week. It's the ways we live our life, sounds good to me thou since not much money to spend with this few months. Feel very 'sui' .... dunno why lah, and Ah Lei keep on complaining his boring life... And we keep on mamak untill 4AM....

Then there was this friday, my off day. We have a small little gathering and cooking session at Lei's house. Cool... I will be the cook, Lei and Jel will do the rest like, chopping garlic, onion, ginger, potatoes, rice ........ and a dish'DunnoWhatName LongLong Bean' goreng garlic.

Get started with all the ingrediant here, Lei will do allllllll the chopping for me, and he is good at that. Hmmm, the I had the chicken and beef done. Some tips here, try to slice the beef as thin as you can, or else the meat will need more time to be cook and it will end up very 'old' (very hard to chew and no juice in the meat).

Lei is frying the potatoes, for the curry chicken. Normally i will deep fried the potatoes. Due to the limited resources, Lei come out an idea..... fry it lah ! And i let him do his work.It actually turn out great, but Sen Hua says that the potatoes were a bit too soft....who cares.. hahahah

Done.....curry chicken AhTak style.Simple lah this, garlic onion fry with chicken then santan plus alot of curry powder done.

Oyester sauce chicken, Ahtak style, this is the favorite dish of the night. We all think this one have the most 'home feel'... hhm... it somehow reminds me of my mom. I think this a copycat from one of her dish, but there is some potatoes i think .... hhmm....

hehehehehe....... THE BEEF !!! The thickness was just right, not too thick, so that it does not need to much time to be cook, hence the juice can be kept in the meat. And the taste was ngam ngam good ~ Also the ginger, make sure you chop them as fine as possible, Lei says that will taste alot better....hmmmmm And it does !

This is Lei finished cooking his 'DunnoWhatName LongLong Bean'...According to him it's an easy dish, fry so garlic, put in the beans , done...

Dishes layout be Lei and Jel....

Food !!~~~~~ UuuuuHHhhhhh

All GONE !~~~~ CLEANED !!!

Satisfaction on the face and the stomachs ........ hahahaha Fei Hai !! haha

Loving IT !!!


Jel acting cool (lan yao yeng) behind beers .....

What a weekend .... hhuuuu......Man Jing Yee came over to gave us a visit somewehre aorund ..... 1030PM. Where we just finish all the food. Ha ~ And Edward also drop by around 12AM. Cheated by us actually, saying that InitialD stage 4-17 was out !!! so he can with iBook and 4 can of beers.. stay till 4Am,,,...... Sorry AH~ hahahaha

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey mate, where my pretty pic ler??? Next time remember wait me for dinner .. ok.. hahahah, nice gathering.. miss u all.. still the same, nothing changes!!!

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