Yo people ! The long been waiting MSN 5.0 for Mac is finally here ! New features including multi tabs, new interfaces, and now it spports PICTURES !!! ...... which AudiumX already have long ago.Come on ! Micro ! Try to spend a little more money on Messenger for Mac will you? Dun let 'someother-third-party-micro-company' like Adium did all that you guys anounce as 'New Features'.... man, multi-millions trillion zillion software company.....Diao....有無攪錯啊?!

This is AdiumX, so far the best and I am still using this.

. Support Imaging ( Can see yor Friends pictures, both contact list is messaging.
. Changable interface (both contact and messaging)
. Customizable almost everything including sounds, Dock icons, contact list and others....
. Support muitiple Clients (MSN, ICQ, YAHOO running at the same screen)
. So far no problem on me yet.


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