My sister just move to KL recently, for almost 1 month after she sign in for the accomodation provided from UM. Yah, University Malaya. This is one thing we are totally differnt in. She realyl study alot. I think she starts to get FULL 'A' since PMR or something lah. really amazed me, where I can't even pass my math's paper til today from hi-school.

Actually we are not close at all. I mean we don't often talk to each other much, and that is before I moved out to stay alone for my study in KK where my parents and my little sister stay in Tawau, Sabah. Most of the topics we had was argue, disagree, sometimes even fight with her. There is 1 thing I feel really sorry. I once snap a fork to her head!, YES I DID ! my god ! Cant believe myself man. How would I ...... Sorry Yan, you know your brother is kind of a hot temper person and you are reallly annoying , but i still shouldn't have snap that fork to you head. Thou it end up my mom throw the whole plate of fried fish with HOT oil in my face ! hahahaha.By the way, she is 5 years younger than me. We never have any 'heart to heart' things.Yah, I does bullied her alot. What a shame.

All that is before I moved to KK, sabah.

When I was alone in KK, I started to realized that I missed my family. Counldn't ask for more. Responsible father (and can be really funny, serious), care and loving mom (sometimes she can ''blah blah blah' me non-stop for hours believe it!),cute little sister ( who is so proud that she don't really want to talk to his 'smoking' brohter). Hell alot of funny stuffs that can come out from these Wongs I tell you!

Yah, back to my sis. After she came to KL, i start to CALL HER ! hahahah, sounds funny ler~ AhTak call his sister ?! NO Way !
hahahaha, yah i know.

I know that she is going thru the hardest part of her life for now. She never leave home, as in... out of home staying alone for more that a week. And now she has to stay alone in the campus, where no friends that she knows, no place that she is familiar with, have to take care of herself, and mom is not at her side that she can talk to, dad is not around to make fun of her. For me, I've been used to this, 5 years living out from 'home'. She is a really dependent girl as i know. So, i know that she is really haveing a hard time over here.

For the first week in campus, she almost cried everynite. Some she called my mom, some she called me, and try not talk to my dad,maybe she think my dad is very strick. Yes, Dad, you are very strick.HEHEHE.It really shock me when I heard her cried over the phone,telling me that everyone looks so unfriendly to her, the campus look so scary, and I believe this is the first time in her life that she know what is 'Lonely'. So i tried to calm her down by telling my stories to her, make some stupid jokes and at the end I feel like crying too.My little sis. HAHA. Almost everyone have to go thru this, its a MUST for everyone to live alone someday and for some reason, it's a really good chance for you to learn now, at least UM is alot alot alot alot better that Informatics KK (collage i was is last time).

Well, i guess it's never too late to 'show' that I am a 'brother' to my little sister right?

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    so touching lah ~~~

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