Hmm ... feels kind of happy to know that the are people reading my blog and send me some feed backs ! Thanks to SweetDevil (AKA Lun Go) and Ah Pang all the way from KK!

HHmm... Suddently feels something after i read what Ah Pang commented on my blogs. Alot of things just starts to pop up in my mind after i start to write blogs, now i am trying to remember those and put it all down here slowly.

Sometimes it's so hard to be a gemini. Even myself have no idea what the hell is in my mind. Says that there is 2 personality within AhTak. Can be really stupid and noisy (which is all the time), and being so 'cool' and close myself up(happenes more frequent now adays'. Now i can understand how hard to be to have a boy frined like me, who don't even know what he wants and can change his mind faster that anybody else in the world. I might want to have Mocha Frap when i step in Starbucks and actually come out from Starbucks with a Latte. See.... I realize those are the reason my ex want to break-up with me, she cant catch up with my speed to changing my mind. You know it's bad when AhTak start his temper, really annoying.

Try to keep those friends who can spend a night with you in mamak. Those friends might be the ones that know what the hell are you thinking, drag you out from trouble when you need help.It's really hard to list down the good friends you have. Yeah, you may have alot of friends to go mamak, bt how many you can talk to ? Think about it and start making calls, brothers !

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