Hmm.... What A Day....

was a boring today ~ actually my plan for today(190805) is... to stay at home, tidy up my room, some laundry, sweep the bloody floor, vacuum my room, should be the first time i stay at home for off day after staying 2 almost 2 years here in KL.

But anyhow I've been 上車. As in..... been cheated by my friend Hee Sheng Wah, and accompany himto do so many stupid things in a day. But I think this is a revenge where I did the same on him for the past three fridays... HAHAHA. So we started the journey at around 11 plus AM. And here this #$@^%#$%^@# wake me up at 9AM but reach my place at 11:30AM, WHAT THE F#!@#%#@$%.......!!!

This is a revenge !!! I am so sure !!!!

accompany him to college to re-confirm his result. If he got a good one, he will be going to UK early next month(september). HhhhMMmmmm........ Uk eh ..... sounds far. Anyway, i think he is having some problem with his result.

After that, we and a friend of his decided to have a movie in Mid Valley.
Herbie:Fully Loaded ! Lindsay Lohan !!! OOOuuuii !!~~~

Not bad lah the movie, I think the previous like years ago. And This time I go for Lindsay not for Herbie. She is soooo sweet and hhhmm....I think i still like this kind of girl. Full of action, sweet, cute, SEXY, perfect !!!

PS: Soooo bored waiting for the movie so start, did something stupid.

Then we had dinner,
We had Ramen is O! Sushi, the one beside Starbucks. The soup was perfect, the ramen was a bit too soft, and too little PORK !!! But what can you expect? Price ranged from Rm12~16. So far I havent tried anything better than this is KL.

Then go home. And sleep.

Actually is a few episodes of 我猜我猜我猜猜 before I go to sleep. hehehe.


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