Just had lunch with Lei Lei 2 hours ago at The Curve. Luckily he came to kill some time for me. The food..... never been good.

The taste is still ok for this plate .... Still have space for improvements. But there is something really 'not right' with this plate. Where's the pork??? What? No pork aH ?...... Feels odd eating chinese 大炒(almost like mamak, but no teh-ice and no TV) with out pork in it. Imagine eating pizzzza with no cheese, weird right ?

Feel so sorry for these little prawns. So young and innocence.... In their age should still in the school studying or learning something what thier parents tell them to (what am i talking about? Just prawn only mah). In Lahad Datu is still consider 'Under-age' to be on the plate.

Anyway, Lei Lei is so happy after he bought a micro-oven ( M.Owen? ). Now he can Bake at home. What? AhTak can cook but Lei Lei cannot Bake lah? He do can make some nice cakes, the only one i ever tasted in the chees cake he made last Chinese New Year, and due to some technical problem, he can't make any here in KL. And we start discussing what should we 'do' with the oven other than cakes. Well there are hell lot more we can't do with it. Like ......... and ....... also ...... maybe.......... See !


And we somehow linked to Lahad Datu after the foods we are talking about. Since next year the Chiew Chung Mum brothers and sisters are interested to join us at my Uncle Beach. Was a good one last year.


See .... this is Wide Sky open Sea ( 海闊天空 ) Damm I missed the pictures with Fei Loong rolling on the sand right after he see the beach. You guys will know who is Fei Loong later.

The Beach..... The Sky .....Perfect !!! .... If my dad is not reading is this blog, i would love to have girls jogging on the beach with bikini. HAHAHAHAHA. But by that time it almost started to rain, so the picture doesn't look great here. I haven't see any sea after I landed on KLIA. I've been raised at the beach, original beach Boy no joke, and you have no idea how much I missed the nature. No buildings more 30 feet, no BEEEPP BBEEPP and BOOOOD BBOOOOOOOOD, no HAZE !!, no trafic light, no trafic jam, no 10 to 10 working hours, no selling Mac, no 'money not enough', no LRT, no phone calls, no this , and no that ....... Relaxed. I'm sure I can finsih that whole ice-box of beer if my dad wasn't there making food for us. Luckily still can smoke lah, but my dad pura pura didnt see it, 'no eye shit clear eyes die'(無眼屎乾凈盲).

Some City boy trying to conquer the Kampung Coconut Tree, 上車. Hhahahahah. Look like stupid monkey..... Me and the rest that's not climbing can only laugh and laugh and keep on laughing looking at those idiots....HAHAHAHAH. No choice, my uncle challenge these City boys, just want to make them 上車 actually. And my Fei Fei Suk Suk got them !! hahahahaha

Ah jel and Ah Lei trying to support Fei Loong at the center. I have no idea what if Fei Loong fall on them with a ~90KG Sukma Heavy-Weight-Taekuando-Champion body ....Anyone wanna guess ~?~?~?
A: Dead
B: Half-died
C: Alomst Dead
D: Non Of the Above

The guys seems to like my dad's cooking alot.
ME :"Ui! Where is the Oil and Honey ???"
then my dad come out from no-where.
Dad:'Hui ~~ No Need oil one, Just barbeque like that can!"
ME :"Sure or not" No oil oh, never try."
Dad:"Hah !... This i didnt teach you ler~.. Go away! Dun ka-ka cau-cau here!~"
Then my dad start making magic with the chicken wings......
Result? Looks at those faces in the pictures.

The no-need-oil chicken wings, six-packed-togehter hotdog (Sen Wah insist he wanted these, flip thru the whole lahad datu for these, horrific-sized hotdogs they are).

好 X FEEL ah !!~~~~~~~ Wooden house on the sandy beach. My grandma sitting at the front door. Good feel ~~

i spent only 5 mins digging on the beach and this is what i got. The rest spend the whole afternoon digging get only some ultra tiny small to the max ones.HAHAHAHAHA. This creature is a relative to oyesters, we called it 沙白。But I don't like to eat any seafood. So I offer to John Chin. Just seconds before i finish me offering words, i saw the creature already finely grind in his mouth. Easy to cook anyway. just throw it on the barbeque device and wait for it's shell to open. Full of juice (or it's just seawater?), chewable yet tender, and ......great taste of the sea.

Ah Jel on FootBall. Obviously he know what he is doing.

Ah Lei on FootBall. Obviously don't know what he is doing.

All well packed and ready to home. And these F4 ask to take a picture "something like that one le". Guess I see this picture in some CD covers before.

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