He called ....

Yes, this is Balak. I think I can a really write a long article about this guy. But I want to make it short here.

Ok, start with me being assign to sit beside him, at that time i still call him 'Chen Wei Lik', but correct spelling is 'Chan Wai Lak', I guess. But both of us been silence for few hours. Cause I am a transfer student. From TTSS Kota Kinabalu to SMC Lahad Datu. So everything and everyone is stranger to me. While I am still day dreaming, this guy show me a Dunhill in his pencil box, and whisper:"It's my brother's, let's go toilet...". Then I say:"Sure...".

It was then we become some sort of friend.

Most of the time after school we will fork out some money to buy cigarette. We tried Marlboro, Marlboro Light, Marlboro Menthol Light, Dunhill, Dunhill Light, Kent Panjang, Pall Mall, Salem, Salem Light, Peter Styleverson,555, Lucky Strike, Gudang Garam, White Horse...... and other. Sometimes if we are short of money, buy will buy those 'batang-batang' ones.

Location of our smoking sessions: Anywhere parents and teachers can't see !. We started from school toilet, then after a while we realise that we need some hide-out for after school sessions. Then we discovered this bridge! It's located somewhere near one of our friend's house(Ah Bill, will bout him later). It's above Tabanak river, and below it was a small river bank just enough for a few people to hang-out. So we hang-out there for a few months, before we start to hang out in Ah bill's house.

Eeemm... Then we start to play basketball. I played basketball since I am 12~13, so I ask Balak to join me, since we don't have much to do in the afternoon, other than smoking.But we can't smoke all day, right? And that's it. Start to play basket. He is no good at all in basketball. HAHAHA, he can jump! He can hang himself over the rim like nothing ! OMG ! I can hardly touch the rim that time ! But anyway, he still suck playing basketball. And for some reasons we end up playing for the school team together. So after that go thru alot of competitions, play basketball every afternoon.

Then I start to teach this guy here and Ah bill to play guitar. And we all love Beyond ! I think we should be able to finish all Beyond's songs. Normally me and Ah Bill will play guitar and Balak sings....No choice, he has the best voice among us. We actually have a live band performance for our graduation ceremony.

Ok, I think i will stop here for Part 1. Wii continue some other day for Part 2.

PS:Balak called me last night to chit chat abit. So that makes me kind of want to write something bout this guy and the days we had. He will be visiting KL again somewhere end of this year. He visit me and others middle this year also. Pictures available :::: Here::::


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