I am warned last night by 'them', no more pictures of them in my blogs. So you guys won't be seeing any of my friend's picture here for a while. Also, they complained that so far I have only wrote stupid things about them, so today I decided to write something stupid bout me.

Only to find out that till now my life is a total failure by the time I am writing this.

But anyhow, I had a nice chat with '2 of them' last night. Should be the most 'productive' lately. We talk about almost every topic that a man will think of, when they are in this Golden Age (age of 25). What have you done till you are 25? Honestly I don't know or perhaps I haven't done anything yet. Haven't got a Car of my own yet. Where as most of my friends around have already got a car at-least, some even got house. Damn, I really have no idea what have I done for the past 25 years. Gold medals I got in hi-schools? I don't even remember where I put them. My studies ? Piece of shit. Somehow got a nice job now selling Apple, but money still not enough. Why ? I don't know.

Alot of people might think that life is great at the moment. But have you thought of getting better ? NO? better think of that.

We talked about girls (as in getting a girl-friend for long term relationship, wishfully a woman to build a home with), and end up talking bout money. I mean, get real buddy. You got to have some extra money for dating right? LRT is money, makan is money, movie is money, gifts are money, patrol is money, parking is money. I think no girls can live 'date' with you 365 days at home right? As soon as you step out of the door, we are talking about money.

'He', think that be able to feed yourself and your girlfriend is the basic need for a girl. Most of the girl they don't really mind if you can't afford to buy them LV or have dinner in some hi-class restaurant everyday. 'The Feeling Of Safety' is the first requirement. When we were young we would not think about this, at that phase we only think of 'Happy Now', never thought of Marriage, or having kids and getting them into schools. When one come to the age of 25, the whole view of life will change. Girls will think of things like, Would this man be able to feed me? Would he be able to give me 'Home Sweet Home', would this man be helpful when I need him? Not how handsome or cute is that guy. When you all come to the age of 25 you better have this in your mind. And man on the other hand, 'Is this the woman I wanted to build a home with?' Alot of guys including me myself been always trying our best to make our girl friends happy, but when it comes to money, how many birthday presents or valentines say present can you afford? 1 ? or maybe 2? Get real, these girls have never asked for gifts, they deserves it. For me, gifts are the appreciation of love. She has been there for you all the time, when you are sick, when you are down, call her and she will be there. You have to show them that you love her, a gift of appreciation comes. doesn't have to be very expensive. They just want to know that their love and care of you is received. You think they can't live without your LV hand bags or diamond rings? You are wrong. They don't need those shit to love you. All they want to know is that the man they loved worth loving for. 'The Feeling Of Safety'.

But don't push it too hard lah , don't freak out the girls out there by telling them you are looking for a wife, i guarantee you the girl will run away if you tell her that in the early stage of dating. Take your time. You need time to understand your partner, she too need time to determine if you are the man that can protect her. And your girl friend's reaction is very mirror to look at who you really are.

::: I once had a really good chance for it. I toke it for granted. Hope you guys will think of your 'future wife' before you think of yourself. She told me that love is all about 'giving'. How much do you have? Would you be happy to do it? I don't have much at that time and I never thought of doing that, at that time. So I missed a chance that God have given to me. :::

My view is simple. Lovely wife will take care of the kids, kids that are proud of their dad ( which is me, AhTak), a house to cover them and never put them in hunger.

At almost the end of our mamak session. We realized that our dad was so great ! Always been taking care of all the bullshit that come along.
My dad have done all that above. I am very proud of you dad, your steps are what i want to follow. You have show me all of the possibilities of how life can be so great being your son.

Never too late. The Challenge has yet been start till you finish reading all this and get back to work.

PS: Lei, you don't sounds good last night. Sorry if me and 'him' have said something bad. We just want to share this with best friends we had at the time. It's very hard for us to share anything with anyone now. 'He' also wake me up from my dream last night. So many things that I have never thought of. I am happy that to have you guys around me to share all that with me. It's what keep me staying here in KL. Make me sound so gay lah, XXX XXX XXX ah ..... hahahaha ~~~~ Yo, cheer up ! Great to have mates like you guys in my life ! hahahaha.

As I promised, I make myself stupid today. hahahahaha. !

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