Do I need a CAR ???

Some serious topic to talk about today. Car. Anyone of you guys my age haven't own a car yet ?~ Please let me know if you don't, so we can make a club or something.

Talked to my dad about this ffor so long. Since all the time before I come to KL i drive. Used to share with my dad, so i can only drive to baasketball court after he return home. Or sometimes drive out to drink if he is not using the car at night. Anyway, life got better after my dad bought my sister a car when we moved to Tawau(a gift for getting all A's in her SPM,something i wil never be able to do).

But how a car would be useful for me in KL ? HHmmm...... My dad throw this question to me. I really can't think of any 'useful' reasons.

1. To go out drink with friends. ( ALL of my friends owns a car.)
2. Fetch Leng Lui ??? ( Please dun agree with me for this one)
3. Drive to work. ( i can walk to office in 15mins)
4. Go here and there ? ( Where to be exact ? )
5. To own a car. ( ..... more on ego,面子問題 )
See !~ I dont even have a proper reason to own a car ! And somemore based on my pay it's not easy to own 1. But anyhow, they all are so kean on persuading me to get a car. For: .....

1. To go out drink with friends. ( Sometimes they are so malas to fetch me.)
2. Fetch Leng Lui ??? ( Would be alot more easy to go dating.)
3. Drive to work. ( if rain how? If people to time to send me home how? )
4. Go here and there ? ( No need to depends on my friends to send me )
5. To own a car. ( ......... still more on ego,面子問題)

Well, It's all up to me anyway. Wont be asking any help from my dad loh ....Coz i think he wouldn't be happy if i ask him to buy me a car for Reason No2. I am looking at this:

Its affordable.... Somehow I've been able to 'tell myself' the car look nice.....
AnyWay... this will have to see how is my savings by next year..... Haih ............


  1. c a r c a r said...

    carcar is here :)

    myvi leh?

    i sponsor full body skirting :P just kid lah!

    slowly lah... is good to list out those point to think carefully. it required long term commitment.

    you still can walk to setapak, yes?

    AhTak said...
    walk ah ? .... too far ler, rather stay at home sleep... hahahaha.

    Dun worry ... will find my way to Setapak, on Public Transport.... hehehe
    Anonymous said...

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