Thougt i can sleep whole day at home, still ended up in KL.

Attended some 'direct sales' today... Man, really dislike it.

So call:"we are not doing direct sales, this is different!"... "See, you don't see any product till now (after 30mins talking)".

Well, there might be alot of people are doing this and make alot of money, but i guess I am not that kind of 'Lucky Guy' as they are., who can make 'RM30000' in a month, driving a Subaru Sti at the age of 23, or what so ever lah.

You know what guys, not everyone are into "Fast Cash". I would say thanks if you offer me 'chances' in my life but, TRY DON'T BUG ME !!!


Dinner At Lei's house tonight, but is total failure !

Lei : Getting the ingrediants and doing some helpings over the kitchens.
Tak : Have the Lamb being marinate, frying the beef, and Japanese Toufu with souce.
Sen Hua : Selecting the meat and frying the lamb.

Really failure from the beginnig till the end i tell you!

The beef we bought from Giant. Bad. This piece of meat might be good, but definitely not for what we are cooking tonight.
We are cooking 'streak'.... we agree to have all 'western' tonight'. So we come out with 'beef-piece-of-meat', 'lamb-oiece-of-meat'. and also Campell Soup. Additional With japanese toufu of mine, which we cant finish last week.

Sen Hua dealing with the lamb. He is trying cut out the meat from sticking to the bone. Easier to tear it apart when eating.
And cut some line on the meat, easier the 'chew' and the meat wont flip while ffrying it, Sen Hua says.

This is Sen Hua dealing with the lamb.Again. Supriced ! he actually know how to hold a knife ! hehehe
He wanted to cook us 'Dry Curry Lamb' at first, but maybe he cant get the recipe from his dad and caceled it. HAHA, who knows ?!?

Marinating the beef with some soya souce, little bit of rice wine, some powder, and little bit of garlic. Simpe yet is the best way to have meat being marinated....i think

Lamb In the Pan.

Me and and Sen Hua with each a frying pan in hand.

The 2 seems to be very happy washing the pans....

2 Man trying to figure out what is the best way to chop garlic...

My "Japanese Toufu with hell a lot Souce". Kind of easy to do actually.

1. Take out the Japanes Taufu from the freige.
2. Slice it nice nice and display on the plate.
3. Leave the toufu alone and go make the souce.
4. Heat up the pan with some little bit of oil.
5. Put in hell alot 'Little Onion' and some little bit of sliced garlic.
6. Wait till you see some golden garlic!
7. Put in the mixture of water, oyster souce, some powder, some little of soya sauce.
8. Wait to boil.
9. Stir abit.
!0. Put the souce ontop of the toufu.
11. Done !

hehehe .... Was so easy done !


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